Many people don’t know about the State Civil Services Promotion hierarchy and how officers get promoted to the higher post. The state civil services are also known as Provincial Civil Services popularly known as “PCS“.

 State Civil Services Promotion

Every state has a public service commission for the recruitment of the officers to a particular department. The recruited officers have to give the exams in several stages and an interview to get qualified for the job.

Here we will discuss the State Civil Services Promotion hierarchy but before looking at that let’s see the class of the services and post that a State Public service commission offers.

The State Civil Services Promotion hierarchy starts from the deputy collector then SDM, Additional Collector, District Magistrate, Commissioner, Deputy Secretary, Deputy/Joint /Additional Directors, or Assistant Commissioners. The topmost post for state civil services officers is of chief secretary of any state if they start their career at a very early age.

Class Of ServiceClass Of Post
Deputy Collector (SCS) Class Ⅱ
Dy. Superintendent of Police (SPS)Class Ⅱ
State Accounts ServiceClass Ⅱ
Commercial Tax OfficerClass Ⅱ
District Excise OfficerClass Ⅱ
Assistant Registrar Co-op SocietiesClass Ⅱ
District Organiser, Tribal WelfareClass Ⅱ
Labour OfficerClass Ⅱ
District RegistrarClass Ⅱ
Employment OfficerClass Ⅱ
Area OrganiserClass Ⅱ
Block Development OfiicerClass Ⅱ
Food OfficerClass Ⅱ
Project Officer Literacy ProjectClass Ⅱ
Assistant Director of Public RelationClass Ⅱ
Principal, Panchyat Secretary Traning InstituteClass Ⅱ
District Woman Child Development OfficerClass Ⅱ
Chief Instructor(Anganwadi)Class Ⅱ
Assistant DirectorClass Ⅱ
Superintendent(Institutions)Class Ⅱ
Project Officer(Child Development Project)Class Ⅱ
Assistant Project Officer(Special Nutrition Program)Class Ⅱ
Area Organizer (MDM)Class Ⅱ
District Commandent Home GaurdClass Ⅱ
Assistant Director of Local Fund AuditClass Ⅱ
Chief Executive Officer, Janpad PanchayatClass Ⅱ
Subordinate Account Services OfficerClass Ⅱ
Superintendent District JailClass Ⅱ
Assistant JailorClass Ⅲ
Assistant Labour OfficerClass Ⅲ
Co-operative InspectorClass Ⅲ
Transport Sub-InspectorClass Ⅲ
Excise Sub-InspectorClass Ⅲ
Commercial Tax InspectorClass Ⅲ
Assi.Superintendent Land RecordsClass Ⅲ
Naib-TehsildarClass Ⅲ
Co-Operative InspectorClass Ⅲ
Details of service and post type of State Civil Service

Now you may have know about the posts which state civil service offers and next you will learn about the promotion of a State Civil Services Officers.

State Civil Services Promotion hierarchy(Deputy Collectors).

The State Civil Services Promotion hierarchy the starting post in any state psc is for the post of deputy collectors. Once you get to the post of deputy collector how will get you promotion and how much time it will take to become a class 1 officer.

If you cleared the State Service exam at the age between 23-26 years than the chances are higher that you can get to the post of chief secretary in state government. But for that you have maintain an excellent job profile.

Details of post and their years to get promotion

Deputy collector

In-State Civil Services Promotion hierarchy the Deputy collectors mostly assist the District Collectors. Most of the deputy collectors are in probation period and they have to submit reports and do a lot more things.

SDM(Sub Divisional Magistrate)

An SDM has to look after all the Law, land-related issues also they are in charge of disaster management. An SDM is the topmost officer of any subdivision they have to work for about 5-7 years to get promotion to ADM.

ADM (Additions District Magistrate)

ADM is service/post which most of the IAS officers get during their probation phase. But for State civil services officer they have to cover log journey to get this post it take 10 years to come to this post also they become IAS during this time.

DM (District Magistrate)

For IAS officers it take about 6 years including the probation period to become a District Collector or DM. You can double the time for State service officer to get to this post which is about 10-14 years.

Commissioner Or Secretary In Any Department

After a state government officer becomes IAS he/she no different than other officers selected from UPSC. After promotion from the post of DM they become a commissioner of any division or a secretary of any department like eg;- as Development Board, RERA and etc.

Addition Secretary

After serving 5-8 years as an IAS officer you will get a promotion to the post of an additional secretary in any state ministry such as the education department, Finance department, etc.

Chief Secretary

For State Civil Services Promotion hierarchy the officers if they have cleared the exam at early age 23-25 years of age they can become a chief secretary of any state with a good service record. It is the highest post they can get from the state services exam.

Rest the person who has cleared the UPSC and early age can become a cabinet secretary in central government. The post of the cabinet secretary is the most highest post in the government job in India.

So now you know about the State Civil Services Promotion hierarchy.

Time Scale of officers

In State Civil Services Promotion hierarchy the officers the officers posted as the deputy collectors. After 10-14 years they promoted to “IAS” cadre.

They enter “IAS” at the Junior time scale and the rest of the promotions are as similar to IAS.

Time Scale for IAS officersPosts
Probation Phase(First 2 Years)Chief Executive Officer of Zila Parishad
Junior Time Scale(Time Scale for 4 years.
Additional Deputy Commissioner/Additional District Magistrate
Senior Time Scale( 4+ years of service life)District Magistrate
Junior Administrative Grade(9 years of service) District Magistrate / Joint Secretary of a ministry of the state
Selection Grade(12 years of service)District Magistrate/Special Secretary of a Government department
Super Time Scale(16 years of service) Additional Secretary or Secretary of a department
Higher Administrative Grade(25 years of service) Principal Secretary of a department
Apex Scale(minimum experience of 30 years)Chief Secretary of any state
Cabinet Secretary Scale(30+ years)Cabinet Secretary in the Central Government

As per the rules of UPSC the state service officers have to give a written examination and interview to get promotion as a “IAS” officer. Previously the promotion were given on the seniority basis.

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