Start Answer Writing Practice For UPSC Mains

Taking about the UPSC mains exam the most difficult thing for any aspirant is answer writing. And as soon as the prelims exams are over aspirants Start Answer Writing Practice For UPSC Mains. But most of the new students are not fully aware of the answer writing.

So How Answer Writing Practice For UPSC Mains? New aspirants should start preparing answer writing practice once a week when they start preparing for UPSC (10-12 months) and then increase till they to it daily. Whereas old students can delay as they have some experience they can focus on other things and start it (8-5 Months )before the mains exam.

Although this is not complete information as many aspirants don’t know when to start, where they should start and how to Start Answer Writing Practice For UPSC Mains.

So i have made a complete guide on this which you cab read it below.

When To Start Answer Writing Practice For UPSC Mains?

This is the most crucial part as many student’s don’t think about it due to their focus on the prelims exam. No doubt prelims is the most difficult part to clear the upsc. But the marks which is important is from the mains exam.

If you are a new aspirant or old one both have to make a separate plans in order to practice answer writing.

For New UPSC Aspirant

New aspirants should start writing answers at the early preparation because there will be hardly anytime once you qualified the prelims exam.

The Full Upsc preparation takes about 12-18 months by a new student so start writing your answers today itself if you are reading this to prepare for your exams. Study some topic based on general studies and after completing 1 or 2 chapters from Polity or history you can begin answer writing.

Here What should you do.

  • The UPSC CSE notification and form generally comes in the month of February. So before one year, you should be clear for attempting this exam.
  • Don’t just directly jump into answer writing practice for that you need to complete some part of the syllabus. You can study polity or economics first to Start Answer Writing Practice For UPSC Mains.
  • Now it time to write the answers by your own you can take the help of any book or solve the previous year question paper. But do not spend more than half an hour daily.

Other than that you can get more questions from a website like Insights of India, IAS baba, IAS score and Drishti IAS. As per some UPSC toppers from past previous years, they took the name of Insights of India in some of there interview that I have seen in their interview so you can also go there.

For Old Aspirants

It is very sad for aspirants those who cannot clear the UPSC Cse in their first attempt. But never loose hope with failure you get experience and confidence to clear this exam.

Some students also reappear for the exam if they had not got their preferable services such as IAS or IPS. I think these aspirants have a great advantage over the new students.

For them giving UPSC CSE exam is like any other job as they have the confidence to clear the exam once gain with good marks.

But don’t have overconfidence on yourself as many other aspirants do handwork to qualify this exam and to compete with them you have to certain things to start answer writing practise for UPSC Mains.

Old students can start answer writing practice when they qualify the prelims. You will get 4-5 months to practice answer and during this time you will also have to focus on those things which you were weak on your last exam. for example – your personality, time management etc.

Where to start answer writing preparation.

There are two ways which you can choose for answer writing preparation for UPSC mains let take a look on those two methods.

Offline Mode

The offline method means coaching or mock test provided by certain coaching. If you are a coaching student then you probably give a CK test every week or 10-15 days. Mock test is usually included in the coaching fees structure nowadays.

Other than that if you are not taking any coaching classes then you can still join the mock test exams for prelims and mains both.

The cost or fees of mock test depends on the coaching you join but the average price is between 500-700 Rs per subject. The fees can go low or high as per the type of coaching is concerned.

Online Mode

This is the best part what I like about online mode because online platforms take very less or no fees for answer writing preparation. Also, the best part is you can join many communities and share your ideas on answer writing.

These are some online platforms that you can take a look to practice answer writing.

  • Insights of India:- I personally love this platform to practise answer writing. You just need to go to this site every day and get the questions to solve. Also, you can upload the answers and get reviewed by the teachers and other people who use this platform. You can also take paid mains test series starting from 13000 Rs.
  • Drishti Online Mains Test Series:- Drishti IAS is one of the top coaching institutes of India and the test series comes the price range between 12000 Rs – 15000 Rs. You will get all the materials at your doorstep send your solved answers by mail or post to get checked by the teachers.

First off all go for the free test series just type on google “UPSC Main Mock Test” and you will get you free websites. Once you are really confident enough that you can write more answers then buy a paid test series.

Sample of topper Answer Sheets

This is the mock test papers giver by the UPSC CSE All India Topper Rank -1 Kanisk Kataria. This mock test was taken by Vision IAS before the UPSC CSE mains exams.

You can have a look on some of the answers and how he wrote before getting success in the UPSC exam.

Start Answer Writing Practice For UPSC Mains
Start Answer Writing Practice For UPSC Mains
Start Answer Writing Practice For UPSC Mains
Start Answer Writing Practice For UPSC Mains
Start Answer Writing Practice For UPSC Mains
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