Slow Internet Speed While Studying Online

Facing slow internet Speed while studying online, Right!

There’s nothing new in this as I also faced this problem. To solve your problem, I came up with ideas that you can use to make your internet speed fast!

To get full information here, I have written some points with explanations that can help you out.

Things you can do to improve your internet speed while studying online. These tips will also work if you are using a fixed-line, wifi, or mobile internet connection.

Get A New Router.

Slow Internet Speed While Studying Online
Image from amazon: Tp-link router

Getting a new router if your internet speed is slow is the first thing you can do.

If you are using a 5-6 years old router, it’s time to change whether you like it or not, but as time passes, the technology becomes advance, and due to that, the devices become outdated.

You can buy a router that supports the latest standards of 802.11ac as this supports the latest band of 5ghz speed

If you want to buy a new router, have a look at this affordable one. This TP-link router got amazing reviews and has four antennas. Click Here To know Its Price.

Use aluminum Foil.

If you don’t want to invest money in your router and recently bought a new one you can increase its range using aluminum foil.

Yes, This work!

While you study suppose you are far from your laptop you can use aluminum foil to boost the connection speed if you are using a laptop, desktop. or even a smartphone.

you can watch this video to do so!

Buy Wireless Range Extender.

Image from amazon; Tp-link WIFI Range Extender

When any relatives or family members come near my room, I had to go downstairs to study in my brother’s room.

Due to this, I have to change my room many times, and when I do so, the internet speed get’s very slow due to so much distance between the router and my device.

To fix this problem, I had to buy a WIFi range extender for that. This really increased the WIFI range, and now I can use my device at any place in my home.

But I made a mistake and bought a WIFI range extender that only supports 2.4Ghz, but I had to buy the 5Ghz one. But everything is okay as I only use a 30 Mbps plan.

Okay, if you want to get rid of slow speed, you can buy this WIFI Range Extender. Click Here

Upgrade Your Internet Plan.

Upgrading your internet plan is also a great option if you are facing slow internet speed.

While studying online, we need to attend online classes, watch videos and read the text. All that content can be only be understood if we watch them in high quality.

To quality be clear, you need to have at least a wired internet connection of at least 20-30 Mbps.

If you are a mobile internet user, get a 4g sim if you are not using it and buy plans with longer validity as this costs much cheaper than monthly plans.

Kids Use Broadband Legends Use Fiber.

If you are using broadband then it’s time to change it as comparing the prices of old broadband plans with fiber internet connection fiber connection is way lot cheaper and fast.

So this would be a big reason for your slow internet connection of yours because broadband connections are not so fast enough.

As in India, the average broadband speed is only 52.02 MBit/s which is only 5 Mbps per sec. However, this is average speed, but I had horrible experiences with broadband usage.

Change your internet provider to fiber connection and see a huge change in your internet access.

Check Your Mobile Internet Connectivity.

If you use a 4G sim to access internet there is a possibility that it may not get the signals properly.

Also I have seen my old phone that sometimes the sim card does not respond or it is not properly fit in the gap given in the sim slot. Try switching the sim positions if possible.

If there is any maintenance by the company itself you cannot do anything at that time you can recharge you second sim card.

Switch Your Sim Internet.

Taking about India here the average mobile internet speed is only 8.5 Mbit/s which is 1.06 Mbps after our country has the second largest internet user in the world.

However you can switch you sim card if you are getting very low internet speed.

For this you can see your family members or ask your neighbors which company sim card they are using.

Close Background Applications.

Background apps take lot of power and and internet consumption especially the they are updating in the background you can close them manually if you have lot of running software’s in your pc and applications in your smartphone.

Also try deleting apps that are not required suing you study like games and many utility software’s are there which consumes the space.

Switch To Gaming Mode.

Nowadays most PC and smartphone comes preloaded with this software you just have to add your application in this game boosting app of software and then add your application which your use for studying or watch videos like YouTube.

It will boost the app you are using and suppress other app from working at the background.

If you don’t have any app or game boosting software you can download it here.

Limit Clients In WIFI.

While using WIFI you can limit the people who are using to fix the problem of slow internet while studying.

As more people who use your WIFI will decrease the speed or split it among people. Set you client list up to 4-5 people if you are using 10-15 Mbps connection.

Also if someone is downloading very large file you can see reduction in speed at your device. For that you can setup their bandwidth limit.

Change Your WIFI Password Frequently.

Most people do not change their WIFI password frequently due to that if you have given the password to someone they will distribute it to other’s as well.

And you figure out to that your internet is slow.

Make a habit of changing your password frequently because this will not only increase you internet speed but your connection be more secure.

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