Should Students Play Pub-G Or Not

When Pub-G mobile was released no one knew that this game will become so much popular. I was one of those people who use to play the pub-g a lot 2 years back. But somehow I had to get rid of this game as I was Investing too much of my time on this.

So Should Students Play Pub-G Or Not? PUBG is a game which can be played above 13 years. As a student, you can play this game but should not go deep into playing Pub-g all the time. This game contains violence So be careful while playing it. As investing your time more than 2 hours can affect your education, health, and mental activity.

So now you know whether you should play PUBG or not but many people are doing this due to some other reasons that you read below.

Reasons Why Students Play PUBG

The first things are obviously the popularity of the game. This game has become popular all over the world and every person who played video games once in their lifetime has played this game. But that’s not we are going to talk here.

There are many reasons other reasons why a student is got addicted to this game not only this but other online multiplayer games. And they are.

  • Peer Pressure By Friends.
  • Hype in Social Media.
  • Availability Of Mobile Phones Easily.

Peer Pressure By Friends

If you are among those people who want to quit playing games for a long time but you are unable to do this is because of your friends. As everyone plays online games these days it is very hard to leave it.

The main reason is that students think there’s nothing to do except this as everyone play this game you may think that why should you be alone and you jump on to this.

Also, another reason that students may think is that if they will not play these games they will not look cool and other students in the class will not talk to them and all. This is what peer pressure is.

These problems are mostly faced by the teenager’s age group between 14-18 as a lot of hormonal activities going in their mind.

Hype In The Social Media

In social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, And most importantly Youtube. There are several people who promote playing online games and they live stream and get money by a feature named “Superchat”.

People send money to their favourite YouTuber when they live stream and their names get on the top. Due to this most of the people, the age group between 18-25 also gets involved in this as they see a potential source of earning.

Now I am not saying that earning money online from playing games is not good but do this once you have completed your schooling or college.

Availability Of Smartphones Easily.

Due to the decrease in the prices of smartphones, anyone can buy them now. And at presently everything is been done thru using the internet. Most students ask their parents to buy smartphones in the name of online education and they start playing games on it.

As a parent, you should keep an eye after your kids as do not let them involve too much into gaming.

Why shouldn’t Students Play Pub-G Too Much

If students spend too much time into playing games then they may lose interest in their studies. On the other hand, they will be a loner who doesn’t want to be socially active. Other than that the most common reasons what is seen are.

According to this video on an average the age group between 18-26 years in United States spend 4-5 hours playing online multiplayer games. With all this time you could learn a set of new skills in a week or month.

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