Should boys use sunscreen
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As a boy, you will agree that most of us don’t have a proper skincare routine. And we also don’t use many cosmetic products compared to girls. But this ignorance can damage our skin, and today I will discuss should boys use sunscreen or not?

Boys and men should use sunscreen because it protects the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays, prevents tanning, sunburns and make our skin healthy throughout the day. You can use a good Sun Protection Factor(SPF) sunscreen daily to avoid any other skin-related issues well.

When should boys use sunscreen?

The best time to use sunscreen for boys would be before going to school or college or playing any sport. You can apply the cream in the morning after taking a shower or bath between 9.00 am, and 10.00 am.

You have to only apply sunscreen once during the daytime. Also, keep in mind that whether the weather is too hot or cold or it is raining outside, ultraviolet rays from the sun still hit you.

How much should sunscreen be used?

You can take peanut size cream on your hands and gently massage it on your face; for better results, wash the face before using sunscreen with a good cleanser.

What happens when boys don’t use sunscreen?

I have never used sunscreen before, but as pollution and dirt have increased too much, my skin started looking dull from the past few months. Meanwhile, I didn’t know about Ultraviolet rays, which is the main factor that damages the skin.

So my sister suggested I use sunscreen as I travel a lot due to college and other activities, and for almost 2-3 hours, I have to be outside. So my skin started tanning, and it has become too dark also.

So I researched this on the internet, and I found that if you don’t use sunscreen, you will face problems.

  • Sunburn.
  • Skin tanning.
  • Acne problems.
  • Darken acne spots.

These are some common problems for more info you can visit: here

Is sunscreen for boys different than what girls use?

When I closely read about the ingredients used in sunscreen for both men and women, I did not find any difference between both, and hence you can use any sunscreen for you. It’s just various brands that put the label or image of men and women on the products.

How to choose a sunscreen for yourself?

To choose a suitable sunscreen for yourself, you must know certain things like:-

  • Your skin type (oily, dry, sensitive).
  • If you already suffring from any skin diseases.
  • How often you stay in sun based on that you will choose the SPF type.

Before buying any cosmetic product, most people don’t consult a doctor because doing so will cost money. Still, for better results, I recommend you consult a doctor and have some tests before applying any skin cream, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Look at the SPF.

The higher the SPF the better it provides protection from ultraviolet rays. As per the food and drugs administration  “As the SPF value increases, sunburn protection also increases”.

If you stay long outdoors buy an SPF 50 or above sunscreen and if you travel a lot use sunscreen with SPF 30 and so.

How much does sunscreen cost?

The price of sunscreen starts from Rs 200 and goes up to Rs 800 and more depending on the brand. The prices of sunscreen mostly depend on SPF the more the SPF will be the higher price you have to pay.

For example, The average price of SPF 30-35 sunscreen of 50ml is around Rs 180 and SPF 100 is around Rs 300 for the same quantity.

Which is the best sunscreen for boys?

Before buying a sunscreen you can do online research and read reviews, before and after use if you are purchasing for the first time. However, here are some of the best sunscreen brands that you can buy from amazon.




These are the three brands that I like the most however you can buy another sunscreen from amazon if you want.

Is sunscreen waterproof?

Some sunscreens are water-resistant not fully waterproof and they are effective up to 30-40 minutes in water.

Can we apply other creams before applying sunscreen?

Yes, you can apply other creams on your face before applying the sunscreen but make sure to keep a 20-30 minutes gap.

Should we use sunscreen daily?

Once a cream suits your face you can use them daily and talk sunscreen you can apply it on daily basis.

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