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If you are looking to buy second-hand books, then you came to the right place. Here you will get to know about everything about used books and how you can buy them easily. Also, I will tell you some of the tips that can help you buy second-hand books at a meager price.

The main aim is to help you buy second-hand or used books at as low a price you can and tell you about what are things you need to check before buying used books.

So there are certain things that you must check before buying a second handbook and on what factors your price is set. They are given below.

  • Condition of the book – look for the torn pages , front page , back page and hard cover.
  • Publishing date of book – check the publishing date of the book don’t buy if it is more than 2 years old.
  • Check if anything written on the book – look for the execises and short answers if it is complete or not.

These are the three things based on which you negotiate the price with the person selling their books.

Now let’s move on to some other important things you should know about before buying second-hand books.

How to buy second-hand books?

You can buy second-hand books easily from the three places and if you know some other places,, let me know.


This is the priority or option for every student. You can get books from your school itself for that you need to contact your senior students.

As they are promoted to the next class, the previous classes’ books don’t much matter for them. So if you contact them early before the new session of your school/college begins, it would be beneficial for you.

They can easily give you books from the previous class. Sometimes they would sell it, but mostly, they will give it free if they have a big heart and know you personally.

But make sure to ask those who don’t have a younger brother or sister in your class. If they do, they will definitely pass the books to them. So it’s not worth asking them for the book.

Second hand marketplace sites

Second-hand marketplace sites are a great place to buy second-hand books. But the one thing I don’t like is that people who sell their products in these places keep their prices really high.

Due to this, the buyers need to do a lot of negotiation to lower the prices. The other major reasons are that some people post fake products on these sites.

I have seen many people who lost their money while trying to purchase goods from these marketplaces.

You should always meet the person personally and check the three main points I have told you about when you buy a second-hand book.

Also, if someone is trying to make you pay in advance, don’t fall into this trap; otherwise, 90% of the chances are losing your money.

Here are some of the sites where you can easily buy second-hand books.


You can also get second-hand books from the stationaries, but not everyone sells them. It is hard to find a shop that sells used books.

However, please buy used books from stationaries because they sell books that are in good condition. This is why they need customers to buy their books each to make a good relationship with them they have to sell nice products.

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Depriciation rates of second-hand books?

Depreciation means the reduction in the price of products over a period of time. Each item or product has a different depreciation rate.

Academics Books also have depreciation rates, and these values are based on how someone has used them. Generally, books have depreciation rates of 40%-50% in the first year, and in the second year, they can easily go up to 60%-70%.

For example, if you have purchased new high school books for 5000 Rs and next if you want to sell them according to the present depreciation rate of books, the selling price would be between 2000 Rs – 2200 Rs.

As I told you earlier, if you are in school or college, don’t buy more than 2 years old books. Because every 2-3 years, new topics or change syllabus done by the education boards.

Do some websites really provide cheap books?

This is the biggest scam that many websites do in the name of giving free or donating books. Now I am not going to declare any name of the site. But you can check using a simple trick to verify if you are getting fooled or not.

The scam is doing is on delivery fees. If you see book price zero, then there’s a scam. Because doing so, they add overall book price and delivery price in the delivery fees.

Are used books refundable?

It’s up to you whether you read the policy before purchasing the used books that they have a refundable policy or not. Generally used books do have a refundable policy or return policy because they already are in bad shape, make wear and tear, and no one buys used books two times.

Tips to buy second hands books are lowest cost

Here are some really amazing tips that you can do to save your money and get the books at a meager cost.

  • Buy books from big cities – In big cities specailly in metro cities and teir 1 and teir 2 cities you can get used books at low cost then compared to a small town or city. This is because due to more number of students get education from the metro cities only.
  • Buy books in KG(Kilogram) – You don’t belive right! Yes if you buy books in Kilogram it will cost your around 65 Rs – 70 Rs. But that can be only possbile if you buy books in bluk. Minimum you need to puchase at least 10 kg.
  • Buy xerox copies – Some stationaries sells xerox copies of the books at 1/4 th of the price of original book.Do this only if you not getting original books because in copied books you may find a missing page very commonly.

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