reduce eye strain while studying on a computer

Nowadays, I spend most of my time in front of my computer while studying because most of the video lectures are coming online nowadays. But as I spend more time in front of my computer, my eyes strains. I am sure you are one of those who feel the same. But don’t worry, I figured out some of the solutions after some research.

So how to reduce eye strain while studying on a computer? You can use a pair of eye strain glasses or use some software like Flux, iris tech, or eye saver to filter the blue light and make the screen dimmer so that your eyes cannot strain. If you don’t want to use all these things, then take proper intervals and blink your eyes frequently while studying on your computer.

After searching for a while on the internet, I have some products and software that can help you fix your problems if you face eye-straining problems.

1. Get Protection Glasses.

We face eye problems or eye-straining due to blue light coming out from the computer screen. You can get a pair of glasses to block the blue light. You may have seen some people using yellow glasses while using their computers.

You can get your Blue Light Blocking Glasses at an eyewear store near your or at an online store.

But don’t get fooled by getting cheap glasses because the glasses are specially designed for blocking lights. If you the cheap ones, they will only contain a simple glass lens and only come under 500 Rs- 600 Rs.

When I found on Amazon, the average price for Blue Light Blocking Glasses was between 3000 Rs – 5000 Rs.

You can have a look on amazon.

These glasses are specially meant for use while studying and working on the computer.

Buy Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Computer Glasses Anti EyeStrain Headache

2. Taking a Break

People who use computers for a long time without taking any breaks are putting pressure on their eyes. You can split and an hour into two or four for studying.

Try to take intervals while reading every 20-30 minutes once you are done studying. Look at some far object or take a walk if you feel any eye strain. This will solve your problems.

You can also schedule your pc to sleep after every 20-30 minutes to keep account of the time.

3. Make Fonts Bigger

In many computers, we use a default size of the text to read. You can make it bigger by changing your fonts to medium or large in size. This way, you can read things away from some distance.

While watching educational videos, don’t you theater mode or normal mode as we watch youtube videos. Double click on the video to make it full screen. Use the buttons to do so.

4. Adjust Your PC Screen

Sometimes due to the screen is not properly configured, you may feel eye strain in your eyes. This happens due to some of the colors in the pc is not being adjusted properly.

Fix these things to improve your pc screen better.

  • Brightness:- Due to high brightness you can feel some time headache or condition of dry or wet while using your pc. This also happens when your PC’s brightness is too low so that you need to struggle to see things properly.
  • Contrast:- Setting up the contrast to an ideal limit can help you to relieve your eyes from getting pressurized.
  • Saturation:- Saturation means the colors that you on your computer screen. You can lower it while studying or change into Black and white when reading documents.

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Positioning your monitor

You can keep your monitor at your arm’s length away. And keep in a table or desk which as ideal height so that you can see it comfortably without stressing your head or eyes.

5. Use Anti Glare Screen Protector

You can use an anti-glare screen protector in your laptops and Pc to reduce the reflection, and it also helps you protect your laptop. Applying this to your laptop will protect your screen from dust and give a matte look to it.

You can see the current prices by clicking here by going to amazon

6. Use Softwares

Many free, as well as paid software, is there on the internet. I was using a software name Flux previously when I was using windows 8. But when I upgraded my laptop to windows 10, the feature came preinstalled in it.

This feature is known as “Night Light” you can find it either on the search bar or in the notification bar on our laptop. To use Night Light, you have to do the following things.

  • Type “Night Light” in the search bar and click on it.
  • The you will see some settings that you have to configure.
  • Strength:- Set strength upto 50 as this is the ideal setting.
  • Then On the schedule night light.
  • And set the time when you use your laptop frequently or let ir be as default.
night light settings reduce eye strain while studying on a computer

I don’t want to recommend any paid software to you, but if you don’t have windows 10, then you can download flux for free here.

Tip:- You can also enable reading mode in your smart

7. Take Rest

This may be a big reason why you sometimes feel pain in your eyes while studying on a computer. Either you have not rested properly, or your sleep cycle is disturbed.

Most people get so much into the computers that they sometimes forget that they have to rest for a while.

No matter what but at least you should sleep about 5-6 hours as an adult. Most people use their phone before sleeping or going to bed because this may be why you are facing this problem.

8. Consult a doctor

If you have pain or eye strain when your not even using any screen or computer, you should definitely see a doctor because you may be using your mobile and computers in access.

This can be turned into serious eye problems if you don’t see a doctor in time.


I hope that the things I have listed above may help you. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know.

Actually, this problem of eye strain is increasing day by day among people. The major reason is that everything is changing into digital mode due to that we are spending more time using our phone and computers.

If you reduce the usage, I think you will get rid of your problems shortly.

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