While filling any recruitment or entrance online exam form, we have to upload our photo and signature on the dashboard. But most of you don’t know how to do that and go to any internet cafe to fill the form by paying some extra money.

Here in this post, you will know about two straightforward ways of converting or compressing your photo’s using a smartphone or PC to make your image of a small size.

How to crop your photo using PC.

This is the offline technique, and I use it a lot for cropping photos while filling any form. You need one software, and that’s it.

The software name is PAINT. It is very readily available in the Windows operating system. Similarly, mac also has a program named PAINT X. You can use any of them to crop or compress your photo.

So I commonly use PAINT as I have a Windows-based laptop, so I Will tell you how you can crop your photo.

Step by step process of cropping and compressing an image using PAINT.

  • Step 1 – Open paint by going to windows option or searching in the search bar of your computer or laptop.
 crop your photo
  • Step 2 – Now go to File option and click on Open. Import the image.
 crop your photo
  • Step 3 – Using Resize option change the pixels size. The ideal size of pixels for using it in online forms is Horizontal “150” by Vertical “210”.
 crop your photo
  • Step 4 – Once you don that now you can click file option and the go to save as and choose the image type. Here image type shold always be jpge as it is supported by every browser and recommended by many exam boards.
Note: Do not untick maintain aspect ratio option.

How to crop your photo using an online software.

There are various online programs on the internet that you can use to compress the images, but some best platforms are given below that are most frequently used by other users.

Here you can see below I am using resize pixel online software to crop the images quickly. You have to upload a photo, and then multiple options will appear before you, and you have done some simple editing and downloaded the image.

 crop your photo online

What should be the ideal photo size for online forms?

photo size for online form
The actual size of the image for filling up forms.

The ideal photo size for filling online forms is 150 px horizontal and 200 px vertical. Here px means pixels. The photo size should be between 40kb – 50kb in terms of data size.

What should be the ideal signature size?

signature size for online form
The actual size of the signature for filling up forms.

The ideal signature size for filling online forms is 200 px horizontal and vertical px vertical. Here px means pixels. The signature size in terms of data size should be between 40kb – 50kb.

Important tips you should know while filling online forms.

Save your photos on cloud.

If you use your photos and signature frequently, it is recommended to upload on any cloud photo storage platform such as Google Photos, Drive, Dropbox, or even in Digi locker.

Doing so will be convenient for you if you are on the go, download the photos and fill any online form.

Don’t upload old photos.

Make sure you don’t upload photos that are more than six months old and have only limited copies. Because if the exam board asks to bring several copies of that image, you will be in trouble.

Keep the signature same.

While uploading the signature, it must match your actual signature, don’t use a fancy signature while giving an exam. When the examiner or invigilator asks you to sign on the attendance sheets, you may forget it.

Instead of using a fancy signature, you can write your first name generally in place of signature.

Fill the details as per your 10th marksheet.

While filling the online form the name and date of birth should be filled as per the 10th class results instead of Aadhar card, Driving license, and Pan card. No matter if the details don’t match.

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