Civil services exam is among one of the toughest exams not in India but all over the world. People try very hard to clear this exam in their first attempt.

prepare for Civil Services Exam after 12th

To prepare for the civil services exam you need to do lot of hard work. With out proper hard work and dedicated study the exam will be not be craked.

So in this article, these tips are for those people who all are dreaming to be a civil service officer and want to serve their country. The tips I will be share will help those who want to prepare for Civil Services Exam after 12th class.

We know that in our school life the most important class was the 10th and 12th class because of the board exams. And on the basis of these two certificates, our career is decided.

After promotion from class 12th many students start preparing for entrance exams, many go aboard to higher studies and many go for business to become rich. But for those who have made their decision to become a civil servant they should follow these tips.

So what you need to do to prepare for Civil Services Exam after 12th?

To become a civil servant officer after 12th first of all get a bachelor’s degree from any recognized university. Gather study material for UPSC and do side by side studies for both and collage and UPSC. You need to start reading newspapers and well get NCERT books to clear all the basics. Most importantly follow the syllabus don’t go out of it to prepare for Civil services.

Best Bachelor’s Degree Courses You can take to prepare for Civil Services Exam after 12th.

The best college degrees you can choose to do with the preparation for the civil services exam is of humanities.

Humanities Subject

In the humanities, there are many subjects you can choose after the 12th. But the best suitable subject or stream I would say is Sociology other than that you can do a BA in political science, Economics, etc.

These subjects are very beneficial as they are directly related to social service especially the sociology subject.

To get admission in any college you must have at least 50% in your 12th class.

Other Subjects

If you have an interest in learning other subjects or want to take the science stream then it’s no problem. You can take whatever subject you like but compared to humanities the science stream requires more time for dedication and study. As here you have to deal with practical, assignments and projects.

Why you should prepare for Civil Services Exam after 12th.

#1. You will get 3 years of time

Taking about the exams if it is of UPSC or any State PSC exam it takes about 1 -2 years to prepare for the exams.

Every year more than 2 million people (20 Lakhs) give UPSC and 2 Million People give their state board PSC exams. So from these huge numbers only few hundred people get seleceted. This is because the huindred people have made a stategy and stuying for a long time to get to the top.

If you start your preparation after 12th std itself you can clear this exam very easily. Most students 1-year gap to prepare for the exam of civil services after they get graduated. You may take also a gap after your college but you will be 1 to 2 step ahead from those who started studying after college.

#2. All the Syllabus Will be Covered.

We know how vast the syllabus of UPSC and State PSC’s exams. Some State PSC doesn’t have optional subjects like in CGPSC there are no optional subjects for the State Service Exam they conduct.

But in UPSC is the syllabus is too much and only a few people have covered this and they are those people who may are giving this exam for several time.

Almost every subject you have to learn in the civil service exam like.

  1. History
  2. Geography
  3. Political Science / Civics
  4. Economics
  5. General Science – Physics, Chemistry & Biology
  6. Environmental Science
  7. Sociology

Other than that there 25 optional sujects from that you can choose one.

To cover this many subjects you need time and after watching many interview and reading so many blog posts i can say that only few people have covered this in 1 year.

So that’s why I am telling you to prepare from 12th class onwards so that you can cover all the portions. You can have a look at UPSC Syllabus.

#3. You will be exam ready

Most people afraid that they have not fully prepared for the exam. Due to this they become anxious to this and cannot clear there exam with good marks.

If you start your preparation early then I am sure you will not be afraid to give an exam for the first time. Who knows you may top in the exam also.

Now you know the reasons behind your preparation after 12th.

How to prepare like a pro for civil services exams after 12th.

So let’s discuss the study plan that you need to follow for 3-4 years for the exams of civil services.

You know the syllabus is vast but breakit down in three years will make it shorts and increase your chances to get selected in you preferred post.

Don’t worry abou the your college studies because you don’t have to spend more than two hours daily for preparation of civil services exams.

Also if you feel that your collage education is getting affted by the preparation than you can shorten the time period. So let’s jump to the tips.

Get the syllabus

You need to download the syllabus for the perticular civil service exam that you are preparing. If you want to give UPSC (Civil Service Exam) Go to the official site and download the syllabus first.

Same you have to do if you are aiming for State PSC exam go to the official site and download it.

It’s better to get printout of the the syllabus make sure to get atleast 2-3 Copies of it so that it can help you later.

Make sure you keep your eye on the changes in the syllabus. However, the UPSC and State board make very minor changes in the syllabus in 4-5 years. But for major changes, they will release the notification a few months or a year before the official announcement of the exam of that particular year.

You don’t have to start your prepararion right now first make a strategy and properly analyse the syllabus.

Get the Study Materials

You don’t have to purchase all the books at a time. That will be the most stupid thing to do. Rather than purchasing books, you can read from your old books.

If you have studied in any CBSE board school than you will have more advantages as civil services exams follow the NCERT syllabus for the general studies.

Instead of buying books you can read from your old books or borrow from your friends if you don’t have any. Now I don’t recommend purchasing any books because during college we have to spend a lot of money on that particular thing.

Watch Interview Of toppers

During your college days, you don’t have to spend more time studying civil services. However, you can know it in detail.

Previously about 5-6 years ago people use traditional ways to get an education but now mostly everyone uses technology to solve their problems. We see a video or read an article to find solutions to our problems.

You can do the same by watching strategies to make for the civil services exam. You can also watch a certain video given by the toppers on the youtube.

Now you know what to do once you made your decision about preparing for civil services exams after 12th.

Now lets’s see how you can divide the three years of your college for preparing for this exam.

Preparation for 1st year

In the first year of college if you start preparing for the civil services exam you first need to manage your schedule. In college, the environment will be completely new for and it will get you to become stable with your daily routine.

Study-only one hour:– During the 1st year of college, I recommend you just read for one hour or complete any one chapter from the NCERT books. The books you need are from 6th to 12th class so is very easy to complete all the books in one year if you read one chapter daily.

You can also skip days if you have any important exams related to your college. Because a college education is also important without this degree you cannot sit in any of the exams.

Preparation for 2nd year

Once you get promoted to 2nd year of college you can now start make notes that you have studied in the previous year.

Start making notes with the Static part of the syllabus. For example first start with the chapters like history, geography, scince and then more to subject based on dynamic parts.

Now this time you don’r need to pay attention for the current affairs. The current affairs portion will only be asked from only past 1 year. So you have time atleast 2-3 years to sit the exam.

Preparation for 3rd year

Talking about the third year of collage this may be the final year for most student except the engineering students who have more 1 year to graduate.

Anyway, this is the last year of the college most students have to deal with a lot of things such as seminars, Projects. Assignments etc. you can skip the last two months and dedicate your focus completely on your college education.

Once you get a graduation degree you can start your journey now to become a civil servant.

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