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Have you ever thought about how much a pen weighs and why you should know this? If you read this blog post, you will learn everything about pens and how they will help while you write. So let’s see first how much does a pen weigh.

A standard ballpoint pen weighs around 20-25 grams, a gel pen weighs approximately 30-40 grams, and a fountain pen weighs nearly 50-80 grams. The weight of a pen can vary depending on the materials used to make it and the amount of ink present on it.

Read further to know about various pens and their weight.

Types of pens and their weigh.

Generally, there are three types of pens that people use for writing. Below you can see a table of three types of pens and their weight.

Type of penStandard pensMedium range pensExpensive pens
Ballpoint pen10-20 grams 30-40 grams 50-60 grams
Gel Pens20-30 grams40-50 grams50-60 grams
Ink pen or fountain30-40 grams50-60 grams60-70 grams
Different types of pen weights

For more information about pen weights, you can see the box of the pen or wrapper you will get an idea about the weight of the pen that you are using. Also in e-commerce sites in the descriptions section, the details of the pen are given in grams.

Factors of pen weigh.

  • Use of material(body) – The standard pens have plastic body whearas if you go for expensive ones you will can get metallic body. The body of the pen weighs around 10 grams.
  • Quantity of ink used – Ink used in refills also makes the pen heavy in expensive pens you will get 1.5 times more ink compared to a regular priced pen. Also the quality of tips used is premium in several expensive pens. Ink as its container weighs between 5-6 grams.
  • Extra added weight- In most ink and fountain pens extraa weight is added inside the bottom of the pen. To make it havier. Extraa weight added or cap weight can be somewhere 10 grams.

Does pen weight affect writing speed?

A lightweight pen can be used for speed writing. This primarily includes ballpoints and gel pens, and heavy pens such as fountain and ink pens are used for slow handwriting. Due to that, fountain pens are mainly used to make writing good.

When I was in 4th grade, the school has made rules to write with a fountain pen. It was prolonged to write with that, but we used that for 2-3 years and later switched to ballpoint pens and gel pens.

As per my personal opinion, using a heavy pen affects your writing speed, making your handwriting better. But it is not recommended to write for long hours using heavy pens as they are mainly meant for slow writing and are generally used by adults for signature and document writing.

How to measure weight of a pen.

To measure the weight of a pen, you can use a digital weighing scale readily available on the Amazon store at a significantly lower price.

Why the extra weight is added to the pen?

Mostly weight in pens is added to balance it. As in a fountain pen, 70% of the weight is near the top side due to the presence of nib and gripping materials, so to balance it extra weight is added in the bottom to make it balance so that it doesn’t discomfort the writer.

There are other pens as well which are made as collectibles and their weight is more than 100 grams.

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