I am a 90’s kid. During my school days, there were only two notebook brands. Navneet and classmate that was popular among the students. So let’s remember those early days and look at which notebook is best in Navneet vs. classmate.

Navneet is not a new brand. It was started in the year 1959. Before the release of a classmate, this notebook was taking all over the education sector.

In the year 2003, classmate a subsidiary to ITC limited was introduced to the market. It gave tough competition to other local and national brands. The main reason why it becomes so popular is because of creative branding ideas.

These two companies not only manufacture notebooks but other stationery products as well. From Pencil to pens, everything you can buy. So let’s focus on the topic now, “Navneet vs. Classmate.”

Navneet vs Classmate what to choose

Let’s take an example of an a4 size notebook of both the brands and decide about Navneet vs. Classmate between which one is better.

Navneet Notebooks

Navneet vs classmate
Navneet notebook

People widely used Navneet notebooks during the ’90s. Almost all of us have used these notebooks once in school and college time.

Navneet notebooks have good page quality and have even lines. It is much better than local brands. As per the price is concerned, it is 10-20% costly than the local brands.

Taking about the color of the pages, it is not completely white. It has a pale yellow texture to it. But these notebooks are best for school and colleges student.

Navneet vs classmate
Navneet notebook page

Classmate Notebooks

Classmate notebooks are best to use for writing in school and college. The main reason why this notebook has become so popular is its branding and images on the cover of the notebook.

If you remember, there’s a picture on the top in every notebook, and about that particular picture, info was given on the next page. I think looking at it, Navneet also tried to copy it. Also, on the back page, there was a fact page where many facts were written.

The pages of a classmate are the best to write anything, and if you have used it with a fountain pen, the results came out to be good unless you have good handwriting.

Price comparison between Navneet vs Classmate

There is very slight or no difference between the prices of these two notebooks. If you buy it from an online or offline store, you will get these at the same price point.

Classmate notebooks are 2-3 rupees expensive than the Navneet and other brands.

PagesPriceSizeBuy Now
Navneet17250A4Buy Here
Classmate17253A4Buy Here
Prices of most purchase notebooks of Navneet vs. classmate.

Classmate notebooks are a bit expensive than the Navneet notebooks, but in terms of quality, I think classmate is better.

Which is the best notebook to use Navneet or classmate?

In my opinion, the best notebook is a classmate; you get the best pages with great quality. You can use this book if you are at school, college, or any age.

Also, if you want to buy some local notebooks, that absolute go for that. Many local notebooks in the market can give tough competition to these brands. But due to lack of branding and advertisement, they fail to do so.

There are some other stationery items that you can buy from these brands. But before buying anything, please check the prices.

So hope this article “Navneet vs. classmate” on would help you select the notebook brand you are looking for.

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