So guys, if you live in a hostel and figuring out how you can make a maggie in a hostel in a simple way using some everyday products around us, then make sure to read this entire post.

Make Maggie In Hostel

Note: While making maggie with electrical equipment, do not touch them with wet hands. Use a plastic comb or a wooden stick to on-off the switch.

Here, you will know how to make maggie using simple things. If you don’t have a stove and kitchen equipment, you can use any one of these five ways to make maggie in the hostel for you are your friends.

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Bucket Maggie.

While using a bucket, could you not put your hands inside it? The water should be super warm, and you should not touch it. If possible, don’t use plastic buckets and boxes because warm water will deform their shape.

Ingriedents you need.

  • Bucket.
  • Hot water.
  • Small tiffin box.

Steps to follow

  • Warm some water in bucket.
  • Now take a small tiffin box and pour some water on it.
  • Now crush the noodles in half and put it in the tiffin box and add masala and slat as per your requirements.
  • Put the tiffin box in the bucket by air tighting it and let it be there for 20 minutes.

Immersion Rod maggie.

Immersion rods are super dangerous can give a shock when you touch them or make them burn. So first, heat the water and remove the rod.

Ingriedents you need.

  • Immersion rod.
  • Water.
  • Bucket or container
  • Steel Tiffin box.

Step to follow.

  • Put the water in the bucket.
  • Now wait some time untill the water get superhot.
  • Now put the maggie with some water.
  • Wait for 10-15 minutes untill its cooked.

Plastic bag Maggie.

Cooking food in plastic is not suitable for health only when you have no option left.

Ingriedents you need.

  • Two plastic bags one big and one small(zip seal).
  • Water.

Steps to follow.

  • Pour some warm water in big plastic bag.
  • And then put the maggie with some warm water in small bag.
  • And now put the small bag in inside the big bag for 15-20 minutes.

Kettle maggie

Ingriedents you need.

Steps to follow.

  • Pour water in the kettle.
  • Now add some vegitables and boil.
  • Then add noodles and spices.
  • Cook for 2-4 minutes.

Rice Cooker Maggie.

Ingriedents you need.

  • Rice cooker.
  • Vegitables.
  • Sauce.

Steps to follow.

  • Add water in rice cooker.
  • The add all the things inclduing noodles and vegitables.
  • Cook them for 15 minutes.

Electric Iron Maggie.

Cooking food on electric iron is very slow. So while cooking the food, you should have patience.

Ingriedents you need.

  • A aluminium or steel pan.
  • Electric iron.
  • Oil.
  • Water.
  • Vegitables.

Steps to follow.

  • Put the pan on iron by up doin it up side down.
  • Now add some oil.
  • Fry vegitables.
  • Add water and then mix all spcies.
  • This will take long atleast 30-40 minutes.

Why can’t you cook food in stove at hostel?

Most hostlers eat from the mess or get their food from the tiffin services. Students who live in hostels cannot prepare their food using a gas stove or induction because it will divert them from their studies.

And many hostels have this rule too. The tips that I shared with you are to cook noodles or maggie can be done using simple things and don’t need any extra utensils to cook.

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