Lost Your Admit Card
Lost Your Admit Card

During the exams, the most important thing is the hall ticket or admit card. Without having it is very hard for the students to appear in the exam. But sometimes we make some mistakes, or while we are in a hurry, we forget to look after the important documents needed for the exam.

And today I will be sharing some tips related to your hall tickets and how you can fix your problems if you have forgotten it or lost it before the exam.

So what to do if you have lost your exam Admit card? If you have lost your admit card or hall ticket exam, you can contact the school or college authorities to get a duplicate card, but you get scolded by them for your carelessness. Other than that if you have taken a photo or kept it digitally you can use that too by printing it out.

But for some exams, you need only an original admit card to sit in the exam I know that’s not fair but on some exams such as in recruitment ones, there are high possibilities of cheating.

To know more about what should you do when you have lost your admit card for an exam.

1. Save Your Digital Copy

Nowadays every document can be downloaded online but the important mark sheets and admit card, results, and the degree should be saved in offline mode also.

Always save you admit card either in your smartphone or in any app which has a cloud storage feature such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Or One Drive.

All these Google Drive is a better option as you can easily access it with smartphones and most people use it. Other than the original format like PDF, you can also convert it to JPG Or PNG format and see it as an image in google photos.

This will help you in many ways, like when you forgot or lost, you admit card or hall ticket. You can download it to your device and later print it out and use it for the exam.

3. Keep 3 Copies In Your Bag.

I did this every time whenever I had my exam. Usually, the admit cards of the exam come a month or a week before the exam on the websites or in school or college. Most of us save only a digital copy and print it out.

Rather than taking out just 1 printout of your admit card, you can take the multiple print outs and keep it in your bag. As whenever you forgot your admit card, you can use the alternative one.

Also do not forget to take out the color printouts because it looks like the original one and during the time of checking it will be hard for the officials to figure out the original ones if you forget them to bring in the exam hall.

As I told you earlier keep 3-4 Copies of your admit card one is your bag, second one in your writing pad and the last one you can keep in your practice box or purse.

4. Talk To Authorities

You can talk to the school, college, or exam center authorities if you do not have your admit card or hall ticket with you. But remember in some exams especially the recruitment exams and entrance exams that I have given there is no possibility of providing a duplicate admit card to the aspirants.

But considering the same case with your school or college they provide a duplicate admit card easily by taking a small amount of fees which is between 20-50 Rs.

That is why you should always check everything before you leave for the the exam.

At the end

I hope that these tips which i have shared will help you in your exam and you will not forget your admit or hall ticket during your exam.

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