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College IDs are the only way for students to enter the college premises and what happens when you lose them. If you have lost your college identity card and are a new student, you may have a lot of trouble accessing the multiple facilities of your college.

Now, if you have recently lost college ID, it’s better to leave this article and focus on searching for it. Because it may be in your place, and you’re making google searches for it.

However, if it has been quite a time since you lost college id, then this post can surely help you out. I have shared some ways that you can use to get your Id.

If you are a new student in college and recently lost your college Id then it will be more trouble for you to use the college facilities if an ID card is required for that you must talk to your teachers for it.

Should you file a complaint for lost college id

For college ID, you don’t have to file any legal complaint like most people do if they have lost their certificates such as a degree or mark sheet.

But rather than going to any other place, you can complain or put a request in your hostel or pg where you live. Better you inform your hostel warden about this as they can search it for you or inform you of it is lost in your college.

Inform the college authorities.

Id cards are provided only once to students each year, and after losing them, you can complain about it in your college.

But for this, you can expect a time period of 1.-2 months. This is long because schools and colleges make ID cards for students in bulk, and they can’t make one or two in a short period of time.

Also, if they have given tender to someone, it may take more time.

You can inform the college by writing a letter that you have lost your ID card to give you a substitute card to let you access the college facility.

To know how to write a letter for missing

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Format of application to get a new college Id.

You can use this letter format to get your Id card back thru mail or by copying it and sending it thru e-mail. Remember to replace your name and


Your college name

Address of your college


Sub: Regarding Loss of college ID

Dear sir/madam

I want to report the loss of my college ID as of (date). While going back home from the workday before yesterday, a pick-pocket stole my bag, which also had my college ID card. However, I have informed my hostel warden and also informed the administrative department of the college.

It was a mere accident, and therefore, I request you to please issue a replacement of the same to me.

Thanking you in anticipation for your assistance.

Yours sincerely,

you name

class or course name

More better way to get college ID

This is my personal idea if you don’t want to write letters and complain about all these things.

As soon as you have lost your id card, you can do one inform the person who has signed your ID card. In most cases, this is done by the head of any department or college principal.

Make a copy of your ID at any stationery generally it will cost you below 100 Rs and get it signed by an authorized person in your college and save your time.

Check out id cardholder on amazon.

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