Laptop or smartphone which is better for students

If you are a student and looking forward to buying a laptop or a smartphone for yourself, this article is for you, and you will find relevant information here in detail to choose which gadget you should buy as a student.

But as of my opinion and trend which I have seen personally after reading some blogs and social media post about Laptop or smartphone which is better for students?

If you are 15-16 years old or elder, you should buy a laptop because it has excellent advantages over a smartphone. Such as it can run powerful software and programs. Students can get technical knowledge such as coding, designing, and editing stuff much more quickly.

Why are laptops better, and why should you buy them as a student?

Laptops are better because they provide better functions and usability options compared to smartphones.

A laptop can run high-end software.

If you choose to buy a laptop, it can run software like photo editing, video editing, and sound mixing software.

Also, you can use a lot of software for coding, web development, and software development. Which compared to smartphones, you won’t be comfortable doing it on small devices.

Bigger display.

As a student, if you have taken any online courses subscriptions or watched many youtube videos, laptops provide better comfort for watching videos than smartphones.

Laptops have significant advantages over smartphones if you are watching videos on them such as.

Having a bigger screen means you can watch videos from a far distance and experience less eye strain.

Laptops can be upgradable easily.

Smartphones come with two operating systems. One is android, and another one is IOS. You cannot downgrade or upgrade without the actual and official update sent by the company itself.

Meanwhile, in laptops, you can choose to downgrade or upgrade the os as per your demands and increase the physical ram to do multitasking easily if you need chance this makes and Laptop better devices than smartphones.

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Which device you should prefer for your child if you are a parent?

During the pandemic, in my home itself, everyone has purchased a new smartphone for themselves to work from home and for their kids to study from home.

But most elders are concerned about their children as they have become addicted to smartphones. Not for studying but to play online games.

This makes a smartphone more additive than a laptop as kids can use it at small paces, such as while sleeping, eating, or any such activity.

But to use a laptop, you need a table or desk also you cannot take it to every place. Parents can also easily monitor their kids what they are doing on the device, which is not possible on smartphones.

So if you are considering to buy a new device for you child for studying purpose buy them a laptop instead of a smartphone. However, it would cost you money, but this is worth buying.

Which is more harmful for students laptop or a smartphone?

In simple words, smartphones emit much more electromagnetic waves than compared laptops. Also, people use smartphones closer to their bodies, while laptops are devices used at some distance.

So smartphones are much more harmful than laptops in terms of emitting radiation.

At what age students should get a smartphone?

The best age for students to get a smartphone is 12-14 years below. Students need to learn a lot about physical activities, increase their mental powers and learn new things. If you give a smartphone to your child from childhood itself, the chances are they will get highly addicted to it.

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