Since the pendemic has started, the ways of getting an education have changed a lot, and among them, the most used way to get an education is online tutoring.

But does online tutoring worth it? Or is it a waste of time and money?

Online tutoring has recently started in the past few years, and it will take time for people to get used to it. However, online tutoring is not meant for kids and teenagers, but it is worth it if you are an adult.

Let’s see some more things about online tutoring in detail so that this thing can be more clear to you.

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Advatages of online tutoring.

  • More students — Getting education online is cheaper compared offline classes this is because in most online classes teachers can add upto 100 students. As it is not possible in every school to teach 100 students in one room.
  • Time saving – Students those who travel far from their home to attend classes for several courses by learning online they can save their travel cost.
  • Study at home – Online classes can be attended from any where you just need two things a device and internet connectivity and study at your home. This can be a huge advatge when it bad wheather or you are unable to travel to your school or college.
  • Cost effiecient – Compared to traditional teaching methods where students have to go tp classes. Online classes are cost efficient or it is an one time investment on device and internet charges.

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Disadvatages of online tutoring.

  • Device dependent – Online classes are device dependent which means if there’s any technical issue with your device you may not watch or take classes online. Due to this you need to see technical maintainance of your device.
  • Not meant for kids – Kids and teenagers especially the age group of 5-14 years needs education with proper guidance. Physical classroom needed to teach and interact with them for overall development.
  • Less discipline – In online classes there’s no time limit set. Students can quit or leave classes with or without permission of the teachers they can lie about some technical problems and get out of the class easily. This mostly happens with students of age group between 5-14 years.
  • Less social interaction – Social interaction can’t be achived online for this you have to meet lot of people and at the young age if you don’t do this you may hestitate to talk to others when you face multiple things like interview,debate, discussons etc.

How effective the online tutoring is?

Effectiveness is based on students that how much he/she paying attention to classes no matter if it is an online or offline class. But for younger students, online tutoring is not much effective as most of them are not serious related to studies.

Talking about those who all are preparing for competitive exams aged between 16 – 24 online tutoring is a great tool for those people also who are unable to join coaching classes as most videos are available free on the internet.

How much should you pay for online tutoring?

On average, the fees of online tutoring are less compared to what to get on private tuitions. Suppose you pay 1000 INR per subject in online classes; the costs can be reduced to 30-40% percent as there’s no expenditure on travel.

Based on this, I have listed fees of online tutoring, which I have found on online social media p platforms, and some prices listed are my research work.

  • Class 1st – class 5th – 1000-1600 INR per month(All subjects).
  • Class 5st – class 8th – 500-700 INR per month(per subject).
  • Class 8st – class 10th -700-1000 INR per month(per subject).
  • Class 10st – class 12th -1000-1500 INR per month(per subject).

Fees based on classes given a minimum duration of 2 hours per/day.

These are the fees that most tutors take to teach online. These fees may fluctuate as inflation increases or decreases; this is the lowest I could research online.

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