Should you watch tv during exams? Most people asked this question frequently whether they should open up their tv or not when they have exams in a few days or even in ongoing exams.

watch tv during exams

According to a study mentioned in the telegraph. Watching Tv before the just before the exam can boost up IQ level up to 6 points. And it’s also better than the last minute revision.

So that depends on you and the preparation of your exam. As per my point of view watching tv is not a serious matter during the exam.

Yes, you can watch tv during exams if it helps you to refresh your mind. You can watch your favorite movie, drama, sports anything on the tv if it takes your mind off from studies temporarily.

Mostly it depends on various things whether you should watch tv during exams or not. Let’s see the various cases.

  • Those who regularly study and watch tv and do other activities.
  • Those who open their books only before the month of their exam.
  • Students who open their books in front of the television and act to study.
  • Those who always watch tv and still want to watch tv during exams.

So there are 4 cases as you can read above let’s see them in detail and what will be the consequences if you relate you to any of the 4 cases.

The one who studies well as well as watch tv during exams.

If you are among students who study on a daily basis and follow their schedule than you can watch tv during exams. But you have to make sure to watch tv at a particular time as evening or at the morning.

Mostly students can watch movies or drama series but I would recommend you watch the news and other infotainment channels like – Nat Geo, Discovery, History Tv 18, etc.

You can also watch your favorite web series on OTT Platforms but try to avoid them during the exam. Because this past year there was the last season of GOT aired on tv so it was very hard for me to not watch all the episodes.

If you once start a web series it is very hard to not watch all the episodes. So say a big no to web series during the exams.

Those who open their book before the exams.

Students who relate this with this will understand that most in the free time. They will do everything and anything except studying, and if you are one of those people than read this carefully.

If you are thinking to watch tv during exams or favorite show then keep in mind that if you do this during the exams get ready to get the fail mark sheet or demotion in the class.

You can either study and complete the syllabus for exams then you can think of watching tv and doing all other stuff during the exams.

Students who study in front of tv

These people are the special ones because they are masters in acting. I belong to this category as I have done this for several years from 5th to 8th class.

I use to complete my notes in front tv every year and my parents use to the thought that I was doing some kind of assignment. But that is the big reason why I am an average student as I got only average marks throughout my whole life.

The big reason behind this is due to lack of concentration I was just learning to get past not to get knowledge. So if you are one of those people then be careful.

So if you belong to this category then do not watch tv during exams rather than focus on studies.

Tv Lovers

A huge no to people who are searching for answers that should they watch tv during exams. If you watch tv for the whole year and think that somehow you will get a pass without doing anything then just leave everything and start searching for any business beside watch tv.

In the end, I just want to tell you that if you still want to watch tv during exams it’s completely your wish. But remember don’t regret after your result cames out and you fail in the exam.

What should you watch in tv during the exams?

You can watch mostly information based content especially during the exams. The candidates of civil services exams and other people preparing for exams watch tv to get information via newchannels.

You can see following content during the exams.

  • News Channels.
  • Sports.
  • Infotainment channel.
  • Biography Movie.
  • Documentary.
  • Historical films.
  • Sci-fi Movies etc..

You should not see following things during exams.

  • Web series.
  • Tv Series.
  • Comedy Movies.
  • Teen Movies.
  • Gore Movies.
  • Daily Soaps.


It’s completely up to to you weather to watch tv or not during the exams. I have shared what will be some cases the people can relate themselves to and take action according to that.

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