Is It Fine To Read Two Books For Exams

Are you among those people who study with two books at once during exams?

Many students think that if they use more books while reading or studying, they will gain more knowledge, but that’s incorrect. And in contradiction, if you want to increase your knowledge, you should read more and more books.

But wait, that’s all about the timing and place where you want to read the books. If you study at the right time, it will benefit you. So Is It Fine To Read Two Books For Exams?

It is fine to study with two or multiple books, but only when you have covered a particular book fully, including its revisions, question answers all other important topics. Then you can refer to a second book on the same topic and start making notes on a single notebook as, during exams, you can use it for revisions.

Should you read multiple books at once?

If you a student belong to a high school, college or preparing for any exam such competitive or entrance. These tips that I am going to share here should help you.

When you are reading a particular, make sure you read the whole topic, revise it once, and then move to next to read about new things.

Now, if you are not an adaptive reader, then if you read two books consecutively, you may hardly remember the things you have studied.

You may use a second book for reference but don’t dive too deeply there that you forget the main book only.

New students who are all trying to study any new topic should avoid reading any new book without having at least 60-70% of the knowledge about a particular topic.

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When you should not study with two books at once?

The mistakes that most of the students practice is during exams. They think that reading too many books increases their marks, but they are unaware of the consequences.

Suppose you are in 10th grade and reading about a particular topic in biology, for example, Photosynthesis. Now, as I remember, 10th class books don’t have much deeper topics and explanations about photosynthesis like, for example, “emersion effect,” which you will study in 12th grade.

But if you refer to any other book or use the internet to find photosynthesis, there is much to learn.

You can use reference books, but when you are preparing for the exam while making notes, not just before the exams, to mug up all the topics in your mind.

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Can reading multiple books affect your marks in exams?

Reading multiple can affect your academic marks in exams if you have not clearly understood a topic because two different books have various following things.

  • Langauge and use of complex or simple words.
  • Diagrams and pictures.
  • Exaplanation about a perticualr topic.
  • Length of a chapter.
  • Number of exercises(questions and assignments).

These are the factors that can determine how long it will take you to complete a chapter, and with that, if you are trying another book, things can go way crazy.

When you should refer to reading multiple books?

You can read multiple books when you want to know something deeper about a topic or do research for your assignments and projects. However, make sure not to divert from your main course when you read multiple books.

Sometimes when schools and colleges provide books to students, not all students can study those books. Some of them can find any other book on the same topic much more easily.

This is faced mostly by the higher class students who have changed their school boards or came from any other area where they study or got their education in their regional language.

They tend to go for books that have basic English, but that is totally fine for a short time but during the exams. Considering the syllabus, most of the questions are gonna asked by the main book referred to or provided by your school or college itself.

At that time, you should consider revising the main book. But to make it easier, you need to study any of the books, not multiple, two, or even a single book.

The tips that I will share will drastically change your percentage of marks, and you do very well in the exams.

Know why? – Reading multiple books is good for you!

How to use multiple books for exams?

You can use as many books as you want for your exams but if you do that in an organized way the only thing that you gonna get in the end is success.

Tips for using multiple books during exams. (Step by Step Procedure).

  • (Step 1)First reading of main book – Read the main book througly at first read it just you read any news papeer don’t pay attention going deeper on any topic.
  • (Step 2)Second reading of main book – The second time you read your book make sure to give time to each of the topic.
  • (Step 3) – Now you have covered the book fully but after this also you may not remember all the topics completly. To memorise full topic solve the questions given in book, search the answer and write it down in your own words.
  • (Step4) Reading the reference book – You don’t need to study the book fully or read it 2-3 time just go thru the topics once.
  • (Step 5) – This is the most important part now you have to make notes what ever you have studied on that two books. Make notes in your own words and summersie it well as during the examtime you read it you can recall things rapidly.
  • (Step 6)– Refer as many books you want but do add anything extraa than the given syllabus otherwise you will endup creating lot of content for your exams.


This was my opinion on reading multiple books at a time or during exams. I hope the things that I have shared here will help you out. Keep reading more articles on Also, let us know about what topics you need content on.

Thank you!

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