Is it fine to keep the laptop plugged in

Using a laptop while charging is one of the common mistakes that we people make, but does it affect the performance or cause laptop damage, or is it OK to keep the laptop plugged in all the time?

Using a laptop while plugging in does not affect or lower the computer’s performance; instead, it increases the performance due to some default settings. However, if you are doing any light work, it is recommended to use a laptop with a battery, and works like editing or gaming can be done while plugging it in the socket.

How much should you charge your laptop?

If you use the laptop on an average of 8-10 hours daily, you may charge your computer 2-3 times, but it’s not the proper way to set it.

Laptop batteries have an average life of 500-600 cycles. This means that you can fully charge or discharge it 500-600 times, then the battery will start losing its power output(potential) and stop work.

But instead of fully charging(100%) and discharging it to(0%), you should set it to 90% and remove it to 35%-30% so that the battery cannot complete a cycle and increase its life.

How long can you use the laptop without battery power?

Depending on the laptop or battery, if it is new, you can use your computer to charge it 2-3 times daily.

But if your laptop is old and you are unable to get an original or compatible battery, the only thing you have left is using the computer using a charger.

It will not do anything to your laptop, but it can heat it a few degrees more like the performance increase. Other than that, there’s no effect on the computer.

I have been using my laptop for the past 2-3 years without a battery as I am not getting an original one.

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Is overcharging your laptop good?

Taking about present technology, there’s nothing like overcharging once the battery is fully charged to 100%. The storm stops taking or drawing current, and in some gadgets, it automatically turns offsetting.

So you don’t have to worry if you left the laptop plugged for a long time but don’t do that too much because charging the new battery several times can decrease its life due to heat.

When you use a charger, the energy the laptop draws is from the socket, and once you turn it off, the power it will draw from the battery.

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Can you plug in your laptop in low voltage.

Usually, laptops are used with 60 watts chargers, but some fast charging laptops are 80-90 watts. If your connection voltage(around 100-240 Volts) is low, still laptop work.

But don’t use the laptop without a battery in low voltage because it might damage the circuit board or cause some hardware issues.

Does plugging in laptop for long damage chargers?

The answer is no. As laptops work with low electricity, the charger can’t get damaged on its own, but I have observed heating issues in the charging adapters of many laptops.

How to protect laptop chargers from getting damaged?

Here are some simple tips that you can use and apply to protect your laptop chargers.

  • Alwaus use original charger in your laptop and if you buy a compatible one make sure it has the same mount of output watt that your laptop uses.
  • Never keep your laptops charger on warm place because it decreases the slef life of electronic products.
  • Use chargers on 3 pin sockets instead of 2 pin sockets.
  • Don’t strech the laptop cable too much while using it because it can loosen tcharging pin inside the laptop.

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