Is Chegg India Safe
Is Chegg India a safe platform

Chegg is one of the popular platforms in western countries like the USA, UK, Europe, and other countries. Most students use this platform to get solutions to their education-related problems. But there is another subsidiary company of Chegg that hires people to provide answers to students and are known as experts.

But few people have doubts in their mind regarding Chegg India, whether it is safe or not. Or it just another fraud site to scam people. So Is Chegg India Safe Or A fraud Company?

Chegg India is a completely safe and legit platform. It does not take any fees for joining. Also, it pays well to the experts. The amount gets automatically credited to the bank accounts of experts within the 15th of each month.

Why do people worry Is Chegg India Safe?

The most important thing why people worry about Chegg is what i think is giving personal details such.

  • Aadhar card with its password.
  • Pan Card.
  • Educational certificate or degree.
  • Bank account information
  • And other contact information.

Giving all these documents make some people curious about their privacy. But you should not get concern about it as they have mention in their privacy policy.

These information is taken because they have to validate and check you identity of yours weather it is true or not.

Problem with Chegg as Q & A expert

As an expert there’s no problem with the company rather you might face problem with users itself. To know more i want to share some personal experience of mine.

As an expert, your main job is to provide quality answers to students but some of the students knowingly give you dislikes on your answers.

Getting frequent dislikes for a long time can make your CF score low and as Chegg asks an expert to maintain the CF score of 85% and having a low CF score means revoking your account.

Remember, you mostly face problems when you attempt any wrong questions or questions, violating the Chegg honor code.

Is there any problem with payments on Chegg?

I have been working on Chegg as an expert for the past few months now, and so far, I did not find any problem in receiving my payments.

The best thing about payments is that Chegg pay you automatically 15th of each month. And amazing thing is that no matter if you have made 1 question or 100 you will get your payments.

There’s no threshold limit of payout so you may even get 100 rupees in your bank account.

Foolish Comis Reviews.

Well if you don’t know about comis review then you should know about it. Each a team of chegg reviews your answers by randomly selectin them.

For example :- if you have submitted 25 answers in a particular month they will review 5 of your answer and give feedback about it by mail this is called comis review.

If you don’t give answers as per their guideline they will revoke you account. As simple as that!

But I don’t know who reviews answers but they don’t apply their mind while reading it. As they expect us provide a step by step detailed answer for even a small question which contains true and false as an option.

Advantages of joining Chegg India

  • Payments done on time.
  • Support team works very quick to resolve your issue.
  • Scams are treated very seriously.
  • Good source of income some people make 1 lakh per month.
  • Flexible working hours you can choose your timing of work.

Disadvantages of Chegg

  • High volume of questions only comes at night according to Indian time.
  • Once account get revoked there’s no chance of getting it back or making new account.
  • The people who review your answers don’t have subject knowledge.(My personal experience)
  • If there’s is no opening for the subject you want you have to wait for months to get selected as a Chegg expert.

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