Smartwatches are among one the popular gadget at present. The majority of users of smartwatches are between 16 – 25 years old. And at this age, more people use technology than others.

smartwatch allowed in exams

But schools and colleges have different approaches to using smartwatches inside the campus, which we will discuss today. So let’s first know about is smartwatch allowed in exams?

Smartwatches and smartphones are not allowed in exams because it can be a potential gadget for cheating. However smarwatches and gadgets are banned in many asian and European schools and colleges but they are allowed in some western countries.

But during exams no institution will allow a gadget to be used while you sit in the exams.

Why are smartwatches not allowed in exams?

Students are prohibited from wearing any digital watch during exams or tests because anyone can cheat easily. Smartwatches have a storage unit, and it contains a big screen that students can easily use to see answers and cheat in exams.

How students can use smartwatches as unfair means?

Smartwatches run on android or any other operating system, and it does more than just telling you the time.

The function of smartwatches that students can use:

  • Students can save document file as a PDF format and use it to see answers.
  • Media files such as videos, audio can be saved which contain any informative video.
  • PPT and text files can aslo be save that contains any information related to exam.
  • Using applications such as calculators students can cheat in exams like mathematics and numerical based questions.

Students can do these three things, and that’s why smartwatches are prohibited in every exam.

What type of watches can students wear in exams?

Students in school and college can buy a simple-looking watch that contains any analog dial or digital dial(smart bands) but not more than that. But don’t buy a look made up of gold, silver, or any other jewelry item.

To make things easier for you here are five best barnds of watch that you can take a look or even buy them from amazon.

Most schools and colleges had strict rules to wear jewelry, but some allowed it too, so ask before you wear any to the authorities.

The price range of simple analog watches can be between 1000-2000 INR but don’t invest more because there are high chances of breaking it during sport or any such event.

You can check out branded simple watches that are best for students at amazon.

Can students wear smartwatches in schools and colleges?

Many schools and colleges do not allow the use of gadgets on their premises. Most smartwatches have similar functions to smartphones, and due to this reason, they won’t allow.

However, there’s no such ban or restriction for students to take their smartphones and laptops in many Western countries, but this can be seen most often in India and many South Asian countries.

What consequences can students face if they wear a smartwatch?

The first thing that an institution can do is take the device from you. Or they can even call your parents if you knowingly bought the watch hiding from them.

If any student use a smartwatch during exams to cheat or take help as an advantage they can get punishment for cheating and not be able to sit on exams for an year.

When students should wear watches?

Is compelety a personal decision but in my opinion a student should always waer watch because this way you can know the value of time and organise things accordingly.

Other than that if you are in 7th or 8th class this is the right time to purchase a new watch for yourself. But don’t spend too much money on it as I told you above 1000-2000 INR is more than enough to buy a new watch.

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