Is a 14-inch laptop good

If you are planning to buy a new laptop and that too with a 14-inch display, then you may have some serious questions in your mind. So this post can clear your all major doubts regarding 14-inch laptops.

So 14-inch laptops are a perfect option for those who need a portable, lightweight laptop. You can choose any configuration of ram, SSD, and chipset that you want. Also, 14-inch laptops are less expensive compared to 15.6-inch laptops in some cases.

Note:- Some laptops are referred as 14 inch but they actually have 13.3 inch display.

Which screen size laptop is best for students?

In my opinion, the size of a laptop depends on how students want to use their computer.

For example, someone likes to study on a big screen, so they prefer a 15.6 and other purposes such as watching movies and gaming for all these things students mostly prefer 15-inch laptop.

However, as a student, if you travel a short distance a lot such as from home to college then the library, etc. It will be more convenient to buy a 14-inch laptop while you travel.

Difference between 14-inch and 15.6-inch laptops.

There is no considerable difference in hardware in 14 and 15 inches laptops. But if you increase 1 inch, the physical features of laptops change a lot.

But to make you understand better, you can see the table below.

14-inch laptops15-inch laptops
Lightweight, easy to carry on bag, easy to travel.300-400 grams heavy, usually needs a laptop bag to carry due to its size.
Price is less due to screen sizeCosts are 2000 INR – 3000 INR more.
The repair cost of these laptops is 10-15% more.It can be repaired at any store.
It mostly comes with SSD (Solid-state drive)Both HDD and SSD Options are available.
Ideal for studying, doing projects.Ideal for everything.

Is 14 inch laptop expensive?

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The price of any laptop depends on many things such as generation and type of processors, ram used, type of storage device used, graphics cards, and screen size. So we cannot say that size of the screen decides the price of any laptop.

For example, if you look at the price of an i5 11th generation laptop with a 14-inch display, it will be more expensive than an i5 8th generation laptop of 15.6 inches.

You can check from these links here – 14-inch laptop 15-inch laptop.

Are 14-inch laptops upgradeable?

Similar to other laptops, 14-inch laptops also have the same sockets to upgrade the rams and storage devices. But as they are more compact, you need an expert to change or upgrade all these things.

But if you do this on your own, it can go wrong for you as compact laptops have small components, and they are costly.

Best 14-inch laptop brands.

All brands have their 14-inch variant of laptops, so as per your requirements, you can buy a laptop brand you like. But most commonly, people use laptops brands, you can see below. Click the link, and you will be redirected to Amazon.

Best laptop brand for 14-inch laptops.

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