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12th class marks are essential for each one of us, but not everyone is bright enough in academics and can secure good marks in their board exams. If you have recently passed out 12th class but got fewer marks with less percentage, I will share some tips with you to increase the 12th class percentage easily.

There are three ways you can increase 12th class percentage. The first one is giving improvement exams for the same board you are in. The second option is giving an open state board examination. Thirdly, the last option is to give the NIOS(National Institute of Open Schooling) exam to improve your 12th mark.

But there should be a solid reason why you want to increase your 12th class percentage. Let’s take a look at some of the common reasons.

  • To become eligible for any entrance exam like NEET, JEE.
  • To get admission in any specific college where they have certain percentage criteria.
  • To be eligible for any job after the 12th.

I think there are most important reason above I have mentioned.

But that’s not enough to know more about this topic and help you better understand. I have briefly explained the three ways that can help you to increase the 12th class percentage.

Note:- Improvement exams are conducted every year but suppose if you have passed the 12th class in 2021. To improve your percentage you have to sit in the exam of 2022 which is almost one year.

Make sure only to attempt the exam if your marks are less and also you are confident enough to do better in the improvement exam.

Otherwise it will be a waste of time, and money.

However some state boards re-take 12th exam after 2-3 months of the final exam for those who all are did not secure much marks in last exam.

This way students can save a year.

Increase 12th class percentage from CBSE board.

For those who all have passed 12th CBSE examination can give improvement exam.

Things you should know about CBSE improvement exam.

  • Anyone with less percentage can give this exam.
  • You can choose either one or more subjects to give this exam. It is not compulsory to attempt all the subjects it totally depends on what you choose.
  • You cannot take the subject in which you have failed for improvement of marks.
  • Forms are available from the month of July after the 12th results are fully declared.
  • To get forms to reach out to your school and get all the information there.

For more information read the official notification on CBSE – Here

Watch this video on CBSE Improvement Exam

Increase 12th class percentage from ICSE/ISC board.

ISC school student also do the same if they are not satisfied with their 12th marks. However the procedure is little bit difference.

Things you should know about ISC 12th percentage improvement exam.

  • You can choose one or more subjects to improve your marks.
  • You have to submit a written application letter to your principle to sit in the improvement exam.
  • The the principle of of your school will register you or enroll you to sit in the exam if you fulfil the certain criteria.

Watch this video on ISC 12th percentage improvement exam

Increase 12th class percentage from the state board.

Hence, there are 29 states in India, so each state has its own state education board and multiple government schools.

You can find out here .

So if you want to increase 12th class percentage there’s no problem you have to follow the same procedure as i told in CBSE and ISC board.

But people who don’t want continue in CBSE and ISC boards can also give exam as correspondence course to increase their 12th class percentage.

Things you need

To give re-examination of 12th from any central board to school board you need to submit some followiong documents to school.

  • Migration certificate which you can get when you leave your school.
  • Transfer Certificate.
  • 12th original result.
  • An application letter for changing board.(option).

This is the best option among all other options because if you have secured 50-55 % in CBSE or ISC board, then states the board is comparatively easy to secure marks as the syllabus is quite easy and short, the central board syllabus.

Increase 12th class percentage from state open board.

Most of the students don’t prefer open school certificates to have. Because they have many question in their mind regarding the authenticity of the open schooling certificate.

They think that open school certificate won’t get them admission in a good college.

But that’s totally wrong with open school certificate you can get admission/jobs same as you can get from other boards certificate.

On open state board you may need requires the same documents if you changing you board same as the above.

Increase 12th class percentage from NIOS.

NIOS is national level open schooling platform for those who have who want to complete their schooling in less fees.

But this well known platform for those also who want to increase their marks of 12th class.

But as compared tp state board NIOS does not have that much centers for exams. so if you live in small town or any remote place you need to go to state capital to give your exams.

How this is also an easy option to increase 12th class percentage easily.


Basically in education boards does not matter but as they are various boards the quality of each one is different. The most difficult one is ISC> CBSE >State board>NIOS>State open boards.

If you are comfortable you can give an exam on any of the boards but if you want to get good marks or increase it I would suggest you go for the state open board examination. They can increase your percentage very well.

How much it will cost for you to give re-examination to increase your 12th results?

Open schools and state boards do not charge more from students if they want to give improvement exams. However you can expect the 5000-6000 Rs if you want to give improvement exam after 12th.

Can you sit in Exams like NEET/JEE if you have open school 12th certificate?

Open school certificates have same values that other school board has however students may not have same experience as they study in a regular school compared to open schooling.

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