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Most of the people who wanted to join the coaching of UPSC and want to fulfill their dream as becoming an IAS officer. So one of my friends also wanted to go to Delhi and join a coaching institute. But he didn’t know about the IAS coaching cost.

So how much does IAS coaching costs? Students spend an amount between 150,000/- to 260,000/- Rs for a year for UPSC -CSE Coaching and their first priority is to become an IAS officer. Also, People moving to another city can expect the amount of 120,000/- to 150,000/- year for accommodation and food depending upon the tier of the city. So the total amount is between 4,00,000 to 5,00,000 Rs.

To get in detail about this topic on IAS coaching cost let see the fee structure that I have produced with my small research on the internet. In this blog, I have listed out the top 10 coaching fee structure. You can read them below.

IAS Coaching Costs: Fees Of Top 10 Coaching Centers Of India.

Name Of Coaching Institute Courses Yearly FeesOfficial Link
Dristi IASGeneral Studies (P+M) –
GS (P+M) + History / Geography (Optional) + CSAT + Essay + TS (Pre) + TS GS (Mai GS (P+M)
History / Geography (Optional)
CSAT+Essay+TS (Pre)+TS‐GS (Mains)+Interview
1,20,000/- 2,04,000/- RSDrishti IAS Fees
Vision IASGeneral Studies (P+M)-
CSAT + Other Courses and Optional Subjects -Interview
1,70,000/- 2,20,000/- RsVision IAS Fees
Vajiram & Ravi IASGeneral Studies (P+M – CSAT + Plus Optional Courses+Interview1,60,000/-2,41,000/- RsVajiram Fees
Rau’s IASGeneral Studies (P+M) – Optional exams + Test Series +Interview1,75,000/- – 2,58,000/- Rs Rau’s IAS Fees
Chanakya IAS AcademyGeneral Studies (P+M) – Extra courses 1,92,000/ –
2,37,000/- Rs
Chanakya IAS
Khan Study CircleGeneral Studies (P+M) – Test Series+ Viva+ Optional1,57,000/- 2,54,000/- RsKGS Fees
Elite AcademyGeneral Studies (P+M)- Integrated Course- Optional1,81,000-2,31,000 RsElite Academy
ALS CoachingGeneral Studies – Optional1,71,000/–2,36,000/- RsALS IAS
Chahal AcademyGS Main Paper-I, II, III, IV+
Essay + GS Prelims + CSAT +
Prelims Test Series +
Study Material (hard copy) +
Current Affairs Magazine
65,000/- 1,35,000/- RSChahal academy
Shankar IASGeneral Studies – CSAT – Opational1,10,000/- 1,58,000Shankar IAS
Ias Coaching Cost(Fees) With Gst Included

I have not mentioned the location of the coaching institutes as these all are most popular in India and people mostly prefer them as their choice. Most people in India prefer to go to Delhi for the IAS preparation so I have almost included all the fees structure of Delhi based coaching institute.

But there is no change in the fees according to the location. All the coaching institute charge same fees.

Now you may have got an idea about the fee structure that you have to pay for your IAS coaching at the coaching institute. But wait that’s not all I will share one more thing with you so don’t go anywhere.

Accomodation And Food Cost For IAS Coaching.

Mostly people between the age group 21-30 go to Delhi and all other megacities for the IAS coaching or UPSC coaching. Now her I have not mentioned the other exams like IPS, IFS, IRS, etc and 24 services because mostly 90% of the students prefer IAS their service.

Living the Megacity especially which comes under Tier -1 cities category is not so cheap. And mostly the more problem is faced by those who are from small town as they have to pay more about 20% -30% more.

Accomodation Cost

The first thing when aspirants go to new city is do is find accommodation or room where he/she can stay for whole year comfortably. So as per my point of view you should apply these things when you are about to take admission in any coaching institute.

  • Research:- Nowadays everyone has access to the internet. You can search the room for accommodation where you want to live as per your convenience. Make sure it’s not too far away from your coaching institute. And the rooms should be soundproof so that you can study well and has all the general requirement you need.

To help you I have listed out some websites that provide information about PG rooms according to your need.

  1. Magicbricks.com
  2. 99acres.com
  3. nestaway.com
  4. Zolostays.com
  • Make Calls:- From the above websites, you can have the idea of the amount that you have to spend on your accommodation. But still, you can make a call to the owner and reduce the price will some negotiation by doing this you can save a couple of thousand rupees for a year.
  • Find a room partner:- It is very common to get a room partner in if you want to take PG as your accommodation. As lakhs of aspirants go for coaching every year. You can either approach a landlord or take the help of social media to find someone to be your room partner.

After gathering some information what I have to calculate is that you will have to spend about 60,000/- Rs to 90,000/– Rs in accommodation for a year in Delhi. However, the price can on the lower side of your share the room with someone.

Food Cost

It is very much important to get the right food if you are staying in a different place and environment. To get the best food you can ask the old aspirants of your institute to get the info.

They will give you an idea about the place where you can get the best quality food at affordable prices. Before you do anything here are some do’s and don’t you can follow.

Things you should Can Do.

  • Search on the internet for the best mess or tiffin center near you. Pick the highest-rated ones.
  • During the initial days you can try food from various places and later decide which one you liked the best.
  • Try to get food someones who cooks from home not from the restaurants. Because it may har, to your health.

Things You Shoud Not Do.

  • Don’t eat include oily food in your meals cause this will harm your health.
  • Don not pay full amount at the time while you order the food on the monthly basis.
  • Don’t order food from the restaurants or mess who do not provide home delivery.

Now let’s find out how much you have to pay for your food on a monthly basis and its total cost. The total cost is between 60,000 /- – 82,000/- Rs for a year. But the expenses can go on the higher side.

Study Materials cost

If you join any coaching institute they will provide you some study materials to you but other than that most of the students purchase several books buy their own.

What books most students prefer for IAS coaching?

These are some most popular books that students prefer to buy. But the problems is not all coaching institute provide these books due to that the aspirants need to buy them sepratly.

And if they purchase these books they will have to add a couple of bucks in their budget. But that’s not the problem because buying books is a time investment.

Stationary Cost

You should not forget the other important study materials that you have to buy separately like study tables, blank sheets, and other stuff which will cost you around 5,000-10,000 rs extra

As I have given you the detailed ideas of the IAS coaching cost now you have the idea about how much you will be going to spend to start the journey to become a civil service officer.

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