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Writing answers in the exams is an art if you do it correctly you will get sure success. Taking the CGPSC mains exam answer writing this is not different than the UPSC exam answer writing. But many aspirants don’t get proper information on answer writing of CGPSC mains Exam.

So how to write answers in cgpsc mains? To write accurate answers in cgpsc main exam, first of all, analyse the question very well. distribute the question into parts and write answers according to them. You can use flow charts, diagrams map to enhance your answers and increase the chances of getting full marks.

To know more about this topic I have done some research and findings on how should you write answers in cgpsc mains exam. To be good in answer writing you can read below.

Tips To Write Answers In CGPSC Mains.

The best tips you can follow to write answers in cgpsc are follows.

  • Know What Is Asked In Question.
  • Write Answers in Upto The Points.
  • Be Broadminded.
  • Make the use of Keywords.
  • Write Positive and Negative Both the points.
  • Don’t end your answers with Negative Conclusion.
  • Use The Right Facts.
  • Underline the important terms.
  • Present your Answer very well.
  • Use Simple Language.

Let know about each point in detail.

1.Know What Is Asked In Question

Before you attempt any question or write answers in CGPSC Mains look at it analysing that what is asked in the question. If it is of 2 marks then make sure you don’t have to be too descriptive about it.

Some students write anything if they don’t know about the topic don’t do this because this will make your impact bad in front of the person who is examining your paper.

For example :- Mention the importance of Indus Valley Site "Lothal".

This is a 2 marks question which was asked in the CGPSC 2018 exam.Let’s see how you should write a appropriate answer in CGPSC main exam.

Answer:- Lothal in the Indus valley Civilisation made the significant importance such as city planning, art, architecture, science, engineering, pottery, and religion.Their work in metallurgy, seals, beads and jewellery was the basis of their prosperity.

This is the best answer you can write for two marks question and per the marks increase with questions you can add more details to it.

2. Write Answers in Upto The Point.

Don’t write unnecessary details in your answer only write those points which are relevant to the question. Remember you are writing a civil services examination to write answers according to a civil servant mind set.

Don’t start your every answer with an introduction unless it is for 10 or 15 marks. Those all are essay type question because it demands in-depth knowledge about the particular topic in the question.

3. Be Broad Minded.

Sometimes you may get question relatd to some situations and for that type of question you have to be abroadminded person.

Means while stating you answers you should think about every possible way and cover every detail what has been asked in the question because that’s what a civil servant mind should be.

You should Include the problem-solving ideas in your answers because when examiner check your answers he/she should think that these answers are written by a future administrator.

4. Make The Use Of Keywords.

Here the keyword term means the focus point of the questions. You should include every keyword which has been asked in the question. In this way, you never get deviated to write answers in Cgpsc mains.

Keywords can be anything such as name , place , or person which has been asked in the question. But do not use more the 1-2 times because this way it will take more space.

Using keyword will help the examiner to evaluate the answer better and fast. hence he/she will not fill that the answers are irrelevant to the topic.

5. Write Positive and Negative Both the points.

When question is asked about your opinion about any of the topic you should write a neutral answer. I know there are many students who belong to a certain political group but never reflect it while writing any civil service exam.

You should always be a neutral person and never write the topic which have only positive points only.

A civil servant should not be based on anything and he/she should have a sound mind and write answers accordingly.

6. Don’t end your answers with Negative Conclusion.

Using a negative conclusion in any of the answer will cut off your marks in the CGPSC main exam. Whatever you write in the exam but the end of the answers should always end with a positive or forward looking answer.

A civil servant should always have a positive attitude towards every problem. If any solutions are asked to you in any question you should give positive feedback as an answer.

7. Use The Right Facts.

When writing an answer related to any subject you must include fact in you answers. The fact can be anything it may be a number, place, quote or anyone’s name.

But it should correlate with your answer and use the facts to make an impact in your answer.

You can use a data from economic survey or a report in your answer so that while reading the answers the examiner feels that you really have done some hard work.

8. Underline the important terms.

Underlining the important keyword will save the examiner time while checking your answers. You should definitely use this trick to your answers.

Remember I told you to make the use of keywords in the 4th point. To underline the important keywords so that while checking your answers the examiner doesn’t have to find the important terms.

Do do this on every answers of your’s especially the shorts on which comes between the 2-6 marks range.

9. Present your Answer very well.

Presentation of your answer should be your top priority to get good marks in cgpsc main exam. As due to shortage of time most people ignore the answer look attractive.

To make your answer presentable you can do following things.

  • Use tables where the question is about to differentiate between two things.
  • Use two pens while writing your answers black and blue. Use any one of the colours to underline and highlight the keywords.
  • make use of headings and subheading while writing the answers.
  • us points, graphs and maps to justify your answer whenever it is needed.
  • Cut the wrong answers or spelling mistakes with a single line dash.
  • use short paragraphs and while writing you answers and keep a good distance of words from each other.

10. Use Simple Language.

Many students may use high-level words which hardly few people can understand. To make you answer readable use simple English don’t use those words which we all have studied in the Shakespeare plays.

To write Answers In CGPSC Mains you should use simple english which you amy generally use with other people. Also try to use bookish language will also not work here.

The CGPSC wants those people who can express their feeling in their own words about a particular question. Writing a bookish answer will not get you a job in CGPSC.

How should you write your answers?

You can watch this video for practising purpose to write your answer in cgpsc mains exam. This video is from path IAS academy.

You can join any mock test program near your area if you have or you can search it online on the google.

How to get a sample questions to practice for CGPSC MAINS?

There is a lot of websites available on the net but as per my recommendation, you should use these website to practice and write answers in cgpsc mains.

  • Insights of India:- Although is website is highly used by the UPSC aspirants but here you can get the daily questions to write and upload it on this website. This site has a community of a lot of people and exam aspirants which can share opinions to help each other.
  • chhattisgarh.pscnotes:- This website is also great for those who to get the content of chattisgarh only . This site has great resource of notes related to Chhattisgarh.
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