How To Study After Work?

After a long tiring day for most of the people, it’s very hard o focus on their studies. The most common question among them is that how should they manage their work with their studies?

So how to study after work? To study after work you have to make a schedule first, follow that schedule, do smart study, make your study sessions shorter revise what your study and most importantly focus on what and why are studying. With these things, you can study after work.

But that’s not all to study after work you need to follow some tips and tactics that you can do to get more time for studying.

If you are a full-time working person, part-time or a jobless the tips which I am going to share with you will help all of you. You have to opt for some smart study tips to do it.

1. Relax And Be Stress-Free.

It’s very important for you to relax before studying after you came home from work. I know that there me be workload on many people who have a daily job.

But you have to lose all your stress before you go to your study table. To make yourself relax you can do exercise or yoga. Watching some comedy tv shows for half n hour before you study anything will also help you to make your mind sound.

With a relaxed mind, you can easily get the topics and clear them easily with fewer doubts. If you take stress while studying not only you will waste your time but your syllabus will not be covered.

2. Make Short Goals

Whenever your study or start it for the first time the most important rule you should follow is making short goals. Short means slike studying a topic like for example (Prehistoric period). You can study one particular topic on your first day.

Later you can revise it and once you clearly remember all the major important information. you can also increase your goals on a daily basis.

Actually, when we come from a job we are already tired so to reduce the stress you can make your study time shorts by making your goals short.

3. Revise on the spot

People who all are in the job have to remember things related to their work and other personal things.

So simply if you study will not work unless you revise the particular thing on the spot. Means once you finished with any topic you should revise the topic on that particular hour.

The next day when you start studying revise the topic that you have read yesterday. This way the chances are fewer that you will forgot anything.

Also, revision is very important so you can take a single day in a week to revise the topic that you have studied full week after you come from your work.

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4. Multitasking

Mostly aspirants who live on PG and or in a shared room have to do multitasking like cooking, laundry, shopping, etc.

If you live with your friends that’s fine you can split up the work between yourselves. But what about those who live alone they have to see their work as well as look after their households work.

So before you study make sure you have all your cooking, cleaning done. Also try to the complete all the jobs before you sit in your table to study.

5. Plan For The Next Day

Without any plan, it is very hard to follow the schedule. You can make use of reminders on your phone in order to get notified of the work you have.

For the next day, you can plan what subject you are going to study. Once you finished with the present-day of your reading. And everything is finished like revision and mock tests.

You can make the list of topics that you will study the next day. Hardly it will take 5-10 minutes to make it. Using sticky notes is recommended for this thing

6. Make A Group

In your office or workplace, there may people who all are preparing for some of the exams like UPSC, State Psc, SSC, etc. You can be friends with them and later form a group so that you can both can share the ideas of preparation of the exam-related things.

If not in office you can find people around your house who all are preparing for some of the exams go talk to them share and get ideas with each other.

If there are no people around you who all are preparing for some of the exams. You can join various groups on the internet on platforms like Quora, Facebook. etc.

But beware of social media groups as some of them are made for business purposes or promotions only.

7. Watch Videos, Read Blogs

Youtube has almost every video on it about any topic you search on it. You can utilize youtube for watching any video related to your course or subjects.

Other than that read blog like this which you all are reading right now. This can help you yo get many ideas and also will solve your problems on how to study after work.

If you want to spend some money you can go for taking any online courses. Like Udemy or Coursera in these courses, you don’t have to worry about making schedules or to-do lists.

In the course they make a daily target and take test and mock test which helps you to evaluate yourself.

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8. Utilize The Holiday

In the weekend’s most people go outside and enjoy with their friends you can do that for a year. But try to avoid this during a few months before your exams.

As people going outside can open up your mind but try to avoid this during the main exams as you may don’t have time for the rivisions.

Use sunday and saturday the most and try to give online tests for the courses you are preparing for. You can easily get previous question papers and also there are many website on the net who provide free mick tests.

Just go to google and type you exam name and then type “free mock test” or “question paper download“. You will get what you want.

9. Don’t Do Extra Time

People who work for extras time so that they can earn up extras money to purchase some of the luxury products or to stable their financial background. You can do this whole year but prefer not to do it when you are really dedicated towards your aim.

For those who are in a part-time job they can do some other job to earn some money. Those who already are in 9-5 job they should not do extra time in office because it can be a hectic for you.

And doing extra time will only make you stressed out and no energy will be left to study after work.

10. Work From Home

This is a trending topic nowadays that if you are into some freelancing type of work and use computers than you can go for work from home option.

By working at home gives you the flexibility to study at whatever time you want. Also, you will save a lot of time as you don’t have to do preparation to go to your office.

But this option is only for who have mostly laptop or pc with them other than that you can do a lot of work with your smartphone also.

Things To Avoid If you work

Never Study at work

This is my personal opinion if you are in any professional job like banking, finance, accounting, etc, or even in a part-time job. You need to maintain the separation from your work with studies.

If you try to mug up those two things you may get distracted and not only the time will be wasted the you make loose end on the both sides.

In day a job if you try to study at your workplace maybe you can cover any small topic within a small time limit. But if you don’t do the revision that the chances are you are more likely to forget a topic.

As after studying any topic the first revision always takes time and it moves around self evaluation and you may also forgot some of the important things.

So as per my knowledge you should always separate your work and study time.

Hiding From The Seniors

Remember the first thing if you do a private job or work and you main aim is to collect fund for the further education or what ever may the reason is. You should first inform your seniors about this.

Most people take interview before hiring people and they ask them about their future plans. So when they ask you this question you should directly tell them that ” I am studying for UPSC CSE exam and after five years i see myself as a DM of any particular district.

This will work for you as you are clear and made transparent about your future plans.

Who has the advantages of this situation?

The people who had appeared in the exam 1 or 2 times has great advantages for those who are freshers.

Especially those who have cleared the recruitment exams like UPSC , State PSC and other State and central government exams but had not secured the top rank prepare for these exams as well.

They may in Class 3 or Class 2 post and want to increase there class of post has 50-60% more advantages than the new ones.

If you are in any private sector job than the atmosphere there is completely different than the government sector.

Due to that the people who work for government being at the lower post know and get experience to how to deal with things.

Other than that those who are all preparing for entrance exams rarely do the job.

Should You Take Coaching While Working?

There is myth among the people that without getting a promper coaching they cannot clear any exam.

Well that’s completely not true as due to lot of distractions people prefer coaching institute to study so they can get a environment to read.

Other than that you can leave the option of coaching if you think that you can crack the exams with your preparation.

People who work can go for the option of online coaching and as it is very affordable. There are many options such as emi which is really very good for people those who earn three digits salary.

Get Motivated

Exams are the small phase of our lives so when you get less marks , fail or did not got selected in the exam don’t loose faith.

If you get fail try to cover all the areas that you are weak and make sure not to hesitate for taking help from others. You have to, first of all, think about why are you giving the exams.

Understand your study style you may be doing some of the things wrong an due to that your getting less marks or not getting selected in the exams.

Also try to improve your personality be happy don’t think about your results whether you will make it or not rather than preparing well for the exam.


So I hope the tips I shared with you will help you to study after work or after coming from a job. There are many tips I shared about my work and some may not depend on the situation.

You can tell me in the comment section if you feel any of the information is not working for you.

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