How To Run 25 Km In 4 Hours

I know 25 Km sounds longs to cover in 4 hours, but every forest exam aspirant has to go thru it. And after some deep research on the internet, I read 10-15 articles on running, and here is the most helpful guide that I could create for all my forest exams aspirants friends.

Here I will be talking about the CGPSC ACF Physical exam in which the physical test is critical. Here the selected candidates have to complete 25 km in 4 hours. These tips will also work for women. The distance has been set to 16 Km for them.

So How To Run 25 Km In 4 Hours? Start covering a shorter distance of 3-5 Km/hr during your initial practice. Then increases 6-8 Km/hr in 2-3 weeks. Once you achieve the target of Covering 6-8 Km, you can easily cover 25 Km in 4 hours.

To get into detail about this topic, you can read the tips you need to follow to cover the distance of 25 km in 4 hours.

How to get started To Cover 25 Km in 4 Hours?

Covering 25 km is not a joke. It can cause a lot of injuries if you do this without making a strategy. It’s not a casual morning walk. You’re doing this to compete with other people. It’s better to take any elder’s suggestion or consult someone who has already cleared this exam.

How to practice for it:- Everyone should have a habit of doing a morning or evening walk daily. If you are one of those lazy fellows, then start working on yourself right now.

Make a habit of daily jogging. The best time is to get up early between 5-6 am and then go for 1 hour walk or jog.

Keep It simple:- On the very first day, try to cover the small distances. I go jogging with my uncle every day, and on the first day, I covered 5.5 km in 1 hour. Your distance could be more or less than me but remember, don’t lose hope.

Make a schedule:- If you are one of those who never went jogging for long, then it’s time to become serious. It would help if you made a plan or schedule to follow it and have a great output.

For example:– In the first week, as I said, complete short distances. The from the second week, increase it by 1-2 km per/week. Do this until you cover the distance of 6-8 km/hr. In this way, you can easily cover 25 km of distance(8 Km X 4 hrs = 32Km).

To be on the safer side, I have increased it to 8 Km because not all people will cover the distance with constant speed and distance. You have to maintain your speed between 6-8 Km/hr. If you go below 6 km/hr, it will be tough to cover the distance.

How To Train Yourself?

Things you need to train yourself.

Make A Goal

On the very first day when you start your training, the first thing you should do is to run a particular distance.

The distance may be 3 km. Don’t worry about the time here. Just focus on covering it anyhow.

Increase your goal every week. You can increase it by 1 km per week but not more than that.

Long run

Once in a week, cover long distances such a 10 – 15 km. Don’t worry about the time. This is just to build your stamina.

This will increase your stamina and make you ready to cover long distances with ease.

But remember, during you do this, you may need a lot of energy you may get exhausted, so as I said, do this on the day before you rest. So that your muscle can relax a bit.

Increase Your Stamina

Do cardio exercises to make your stamina better. Strengthen your core to get extra push while you run.

Eat rich fruits and green vegetables that have nutrients and that good carbohydrate-rich food help you provide you with energy.

Other than that, I take ashwagandha powder daily with a cup of warm milk, which can increase stamina.

Speed It up

Now, once you can cover the long distances, it’s time to speed up and watch the time. It would help if you focused on time as your only goal is to cover 25 km in 4 hours.

You have to keep the pace with regular intervals run with a constant speed for about 5 min then decreases the speed let your muscle relax a bit for 5 min. Repeat this for an hour but do not sit or take a rest while doing this.

Relax Your Muscle

Keep one day of the week to relax during the first few weeks. You may feel a lot of pain due to the wear and tear of your muscles, mostly in the legs. This will affect those people more who haven’t have done any physical exercise for years.

Gear You Must Have

The thing you will need to complete with others during the physical test.


It would help if you had proper running shoes for yourself to compete with others. I personally Lotto Vertigo running shoes. You could buy these from amazon. These shoes are one of the best running shoes that I have purchased until now.


Using a tracksuit gives you extra comfort, and you can easily run for a longer time. Don’t wear tight clothes as they can cause you discomfort while covering long distances.

A tracksuit with breathable cloth material can make your body cooler while you run. Here are some best tracksuits you could find on amazon.

Pain Relief Spray

It would help if you had a pain spray in your pocket every time you do any activities that include the wear and tear of muscles. While jogging or running, there may be a chance that you can get hurt. to avoid or reduce the pain, you should buy a pain relief spray

Things To Do On Physical Test?

This will be the most important day for you as on this day you don’t have to use any of the new products, as IGive details of the gear that you should buy and use all the old things on your main physical exam day.

What to do before race?

  • Be hydrated drink plenty of water and a day before so that your body can retain as much water it can. It will help you when you sweat out while you run.
  • Eat light breakfast and do not eat fully just remember you are eating to gain energy.
  • Have a protein bar or chocolate with you. The sugar in the chocolate provides you energy.
  • Wear light clothes and don’t buy anything new to showoff people.
  • Visit the venue or place at least 30-40 min before the exam has started. Don’t forget to take you all the important documents with you.

So I hope these tips will work for you and you can easily clear your physical test. Good luck!

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