Making projects or assignments is not an easy job. It takes hours to do an awesome project as it includes hours of research, writing, and summarising things in a signal notebook.

But most people ignore making or designing the front pages of their projects. Remember, the first impression is the last, and if you make a really lame cover page,e it will negatively impact the person checking it.

In this post, you will learn how to make front pages for projects using free tools.

How to make front pages for projects on your own?

Here I will discuss two platforms that you can use completely free. However, you can use their paid version as well. But if you are only up to designing front and cover pages, you don’t need them.

Canva is an online graphic designing tool that you can use to design more than 100 types of designs.

Make front pages for projects
Sample Image: Frontpage for the project made using canva tool.

You can make a free canva account to make your own front page. Just follow these steps.

  • Make an account on canva.
  • On the search bar type the page size similar to you project page size. For example type “A4”.
  • Then you will see many templets choose any template and start designing.
  • You the type the name of subject on the desining page of canva to get similar project templates.
  • Make sure keep you design simple and use less graphics and images on your front page.

Read this: Make Awesome Front Page For Projects Online.

2. Edit.Org is also the same platform as a canvas. However, it provides a limited number of options to make the designs.

But you can use it for free, and it also provides high-quality downloads if you use it for educational purposes.

Make front pages for projects
Sample image made using

Steps to make front pages in

  • Open and register yourself.
  • Now in change size option choose A4 size.
  • Add images and text according you subject relevance.
  • And download the project.

There are other platforms in the market, but these two are the most used ones. But what I didn’t like about is that while there’s a copyright logo in the free version that appears when you download.

So my personal favorite is can because even in the free account, you can use a lot of designs and download high-quality I’m ages which you cannot do in

3. Photoshop

You can also make the front page on photoshop and other applications such as CorelDraw, but you need some experience for that. If you do not want to use online tools, then photoshop is the best option for you.

4. Ms-Word

Ms word is also an option for those who use it most often. I personally use google docs for writing anything on my pc. But if you have an installed version of MS-word, you can make your own front pages on this platform.

This video will give you an idea about how you can make cover pages or front pages on your pc.

Other than that, a website that I found is here. You can download free templates for making your front pages, but this is for personal use only, so do not sell these templates on any other platform.

Just download the temple from the website and replace the title with your name, and you are good to go.

What things you should include in the cover page of your project?

While making front pages for your school and college project, you should take care following things.

  • Use images relevnet to subject or given topics if you want to otherwise leave it blank.
  • Use a decent background color.
  • You should not use any fancy text font and use commonly used fonts.
  • Make sure set the size according to you project size.

What colors can you use on the front page?

You can use colors such as white, blue, yellow, and green to make it as background for your front pages.

Do not use very bright colors such as red, neon, and pink because it will look bad when the examiner sees it.

Which font to use for writing names on the cover page?

You can use the most common fonts used in computers, such as.

  • Arial
  • Roboto
  • Poppins
  • Source sance pro

Check fonts that you can use.

These fonts are straightforward to read, and most platforms use these fonts as the default ones.

Remember to bold your topic and names so that the person checking it can catch it up easily.

Is a handmade front page is better or a computer-Generated one?

It is up to the given assignment and depends on whether you want to make a front page using software or on your own.

But as per my suggestion if you are not great at drawing and your handwriting is not good you can use computer software to design your front pages.

But if you don’t have time to make front pages on your own, you ask for help from your elder brother, sister, or any friend of yours.

What type of paper you should use for printing your front pages?

Make sure to use a good quality paper if you want to make your front page better looking. Because if you use the same paper you have used to write the content of the project or assignment, it may not look fascinating.

You can use a high gsm paper such as a photo sheet used to print photos, it is glossy, and colors and letters look perfect when printed.

Click here to buy it from amazon.

You can buy these sheets from the printing shops for 10-15 INR per piece or buy them for amazon at a much lower price.

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