Students who live in hostel face a lot of trouble to access their internet. Especially those who live far from the wifi tower or antenna due to this they get less coverage of wifi and struggle for good internet speed. In this article, I will tell you about how to increase your wifi speed at hostel.

how to increase wifi speed in hostel

To increase your wifi speed at the hostel you need to find the place at your room where your PC, Laptop, Smartphone catches the signal best place your device there to get the best speed. Or you can spend some money and use an external high gain adapter or a wifi repeater to increase your speed.

One of my friends got admission last year in the IIT Jodhpur and his room was far from the wifi tower so he was unable to get a good speed at his room. So I shared my tricks with him which I did in my home when the wifi speed was too low.

So a few years back my brother to a new wifi connection for his shop and told me that I can access the internet for free. But the main problem was I was not getting a good signal in my room due to he was using a 150Mbps Router.

Now I can’t tell him to change his router so that I can use the internet well because he got a new one recently. So I did a couple of things that fixed my problem of getting good wifi speed and I shared it my friend and he also got rid of his slow wifi speed.

Before you read further make sure your chack a few things in your laptop so that you may save the money that you may purchase when you read things any further.

Reason 1:- Check Your Wifi Driver.

If you frequently don’t update your laptop there are chances that you may get less speed in the hostle. People who don’t often update their device drivers end up purchasing new components for their computer. But they rarly know about updating their device.

Reason 2:- Check For Daily Limit

Some college campuses provide a data limit to each and every student. This is frustrating that first, you have to log in there then you get 2-5 Gb of data daily. Also for hostel students, the authorities may block some sites that they use to go out of the box. As you may exhaust your daily limit you may get a slow internet connection in your hostel room.

Here’s what i did to incraese my speed

1. Find The Best Spot

If your room finds the best spot where you receive the best signal of your wifi. You can do this with your laptop and smartphone also. But i would recommend doing this with your laptop as it as more powerful wifi adapters than the smartphone.

Now you place your device to place where you get the best signal make sure to get a constant speed if there’s any fluctuation in the ping then you may get a weak wifi speed.

By doing this you may have to reagrange your things in your hostle room so it’s better to get it done when you visit your hostle for the first time.

Also if you share your room with others then you can convince them or make deal to use the rent in shifts. Or even you can download their files if they need anything.

But what if the you college authorities change the wifi tower or router far from your room or you may change it due to some other reasons for this you have to follow the next step.

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2. Get a Wifi Range Extender

In hostel you can buy a wifi range extender for getting a good wifi speed. But for that you first may take persmission from collage authorities to use it. Otherwise if it get stolen you cannot complain about it later.

Wifi range extenders are great to increase the wifi speed but they can bluk to your pocket. if your don’t want to spend too much money on buying it alone then you can ask your friends to contibute some money to purchase it.

But with range extender you need a power socket to plug it and use if you don’t have empty socket in your hostel room then you can use power extension cord.

I know this is pricy but you can really improve your wifi speed with it.

Here are some Wifi Extenders that you may take look.

How to increase your Wifi Speed at Hostel
  1. Tp-link Wifi extender is one of the best-rated products online and you should buy this product for the following reasons.
  • Contains 2 Antennas with MIMO to give you wide coverage.
  • Adjust the coverage of your area.
  • Contains Ethernet Port.
  • Price is very affordable Only 1399 Rs/-

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2. Netgear Wifi extender is also an amazing device that people have used often. you should buy this product because.

  • It supports 5 GHz with high-speed 75Mbps.
  • Just Plug and play
  • Best Product for gaming and streaming

Buy It Here From Amazon

But using wifi range extenders you need a power socket the main thin is you can use it all alone in the hostel. As your friends and other classmate might ask you or borrow this for there use.

For this there is another product that you can buy and it is best one so far i personally used it too.

3. Get a High Gain Adapter

If you don’t know about this than earlier I have told you about the adapters of laptops that are preinstalled in laptops and smartphones. They are good but the cathing Wifi signals are no that much good as compared to external wifi adapters.

You can use this product in your Desktop Pc too. These adpaters can be used via USB power source and installation also very much simple.

Keep your adpater near the signal source and you will see a drastic change in the signal boost of your wifi. Also speed will be incraesed.

Currently, I am using the TP-Link High Gain Wifi Adapter. Its price is very less and it has a good quality antenna to capture the signals anywhere from the room.

This adapter is affordable it comes under the price point under 800 Rs. This is worth buying and if you want to buy the same adapter with two antennas you can also go for that.


In hostels, they have some limitations in providing internet services to students. Because as you know people use the internet a lot and mostly some students do a lot of illegal stuff online to bully others due to that in the hostel they may track your usage.

also you should encorage your friends to not bully or tease any one online doesn’t matter wheather if it is a girl or boy.

Also if you take some of the products by contributing money make sure to discuss with others who are gonna keep that thing if no one is using that. otherwise, you will end up fighting with your friends.

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