These tips will help you out whether you are at school or college your teacher will surely get impressed by you. Are you ready to know the tips that help you on “How To Impress Your Teachers”?

Okay, so, first of all, you need to find out why you want to impress your teacher. Based on that, I have mentioned some of the causes below.

  • You want to make your good image.
  • Your teacher is angry with you.
  • To get help in a particular subject.
  • To get you a favor in any competition.

These may be the things that I have personally overserved my friends during my school days. However it is good for you only to make impress your teacher rather than making them angry at you.

So now let’s jump to some tips that you can follow to impress you teacher.

1.Greet Them.

Greeting your teachers whenever you see them is a good thing but make sure do it with taking their names because sometimes 2-3 teachers can meet you so greeting with just “good morning sir or mam” will not work.

Instead you can take their names such as “goodmorning Satish sir or Alka mam” will make them think they all got wishes from you which will give a positive impact from you.

Also, avoid greeting them several times a day. Greeting them two times a day is enough if you are a student who studies in a higher class.

2.Sit in the first.

Sitting on the first bench is always great to impress your teacher and help you understand the topics better.

If you sit on the first bench you can have a direct eye to eye connection with the teacher.

Also, during the class, teachers mostly pay attention towards the back of the class because of lack of attention, or backbenchers mostly make noises during the class.

3. Help them to make your classroom silent.

The most tough job for a student is make the classroom quiet which not most teacher can do.

This is a great opportunity for you to impress your teacher and if they just joined the school it will make a great image of your in their eyes.

To make your class quiet, you can request your friends, if they don’t listen to you, tell them this formula to impress them as other classes will not make an effort of it.

4. Ask them questions.

Asking questions to the teacher is a good thing. I don’t know why most students are afraid to ask questions. They think that they get embarrassed or people make fun of them.

Think about why an institute hires a teacher to provide you the knowledge and clear the doubts. If you are not asking your teacher questions, this is a good indication that you are trying to learn something.

But ask relevant questions to the subject most student ask question of chemistry to a physics teacher if their a teacher is not present or absent due to some reasons.

Don’t do it this will make a wrong image of your in other mind.

5. Submit your assignment before anyone.

You know about first come first get know so you have to implement this with your assignment, homework’s and projects too.

This thing can really impress your teachers if you do it on short period of time.

Also you can take help from them if you not getting any answers or unable to find anything they will surely help but don’t expect it during the middle of exams.

6. Remind them about the previous class.

A teacher takes a lot of classes in any school or college, and due to some of the days, they get tired and forget some of the things that they had taught you in the previous classes.

Also if they teach you the same topic make sure you them to recall that they had already covered in the class. This way they will save their time and teach you the next topics.

Every time you do this with your teacher this will make a good impression of yours.

7. Get good marks.

Who don’t want to get good marks in their academics. If you study well you don’t have to do anything else for making a impressions.

To get good marks in any subject you have follow these simple rules.

  • Don’t skip classes.
  • Clear your doubts.
  • Read full chapters in detail.
  • Take help from teachers.
  • Join Tuitions if possible.
  • Revise at least 3 times before the exam.

If you get good marks, you can bring smiles to many faces, including your family members and teachers.

8. Complete your homework in time.

Homework looks like it is a burden given to you, and I also thought the same when I was in school. But if you complete it can help you in many ways such as.

  • It helps you to get answers of your own.
  • Make you understand the topic.
  • Create new doubts.

Also, presenting homework in time makes you a good student, and also, don’t hesitate to have written wrong answers or answers that are not fully satisfactory. Ask for help from your teachers.

9. Present in their extra class.

Extra classes are worth attending as mostly students are in hurry to get to their house after the last bell. If you ever got an oppertutunity to attend any extra class in your school or college do it.

Attending extra class helps you in many ways like.

  • Helps you to build the student teacher relation.
  • You get a quit environment to study.
  • Get to know extra things about school and other teachers.

These things are really helpful for a student and to make your impression on others.

10. Make your parents praise them.

Tell you, parents, if a teacher is helping you out or teaches really well in the class like how they work really hard to make you understand a topic.

Also, when there’s a parent-teacher meeting, make sure to go with your parents if possible only if you are on good terms with the teacher to appreciate in front of your parents.

11. Giving them gifts on any special occasion.

Special occasions like Teachers day, Annual Functions, Farewell, and other events are great to give treat to your teachers.

For that, you can Collab with your friends or other classes to contribute money and decide on a nice gift for your teachers. As a gifting option you can give a pen, a bouquet any clothing material to them.


Now these are some tips that you can follow in your day-to-day life to impress your teachers. Keep in mind that some of it work or some may not because it’s on the behavior of your teacher and you.

However be positive and study well everything will be fine.

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