Once you have completed your education in any school or college and if you want to go for higher studies you need certain documents. These include your results, transfer certificates, character certificate, and most importantly, migration certificate.

Today you will know about how to get a migration certificate easily from your present school or college?

A migration certificate is given to those students who want to pursue their higher education from a different education board or university. If you have not received your migration certificate yet, you can write an application or request online to get it from where you studied.

Uses of migration certificate

Migration certificates are most commonly used when you take admission to a new school or college, especially if you are from any other board or university and join any new school board or university.

A migration certificate is a single sheet of documents with a seal and some important numbers or information related to your previous place where you took your education.

For example: If you are studying in any CBSE affiliate school and you want to change your school and want to take admission in state board like (Delhi Board of Senior Secondary Education) for that, you need to have a migration certificate along with another document. The same thing applies to college universities also. And vice versa.

Note: If you change school or college affiliated to the same board or university, you don’t need any migration certificate.

Who issues the migration certificate?

School boards and universities such as CBSE, ICSE, state boards, and various universities issue the migration certificates for each student. Students get their own migration certificate, and while taking admission in any school or college, they need to submit the original certificate and other documents.

Can you apply for a migration certificate in the 1st or 2nd year?

If you are studying in any college want to leave it due to certain circumstances, you can leave once you get the result of a particular year. For that, you need to apply to your college or university to get it.

This process can take some time because it’s hard for the authorities to make an individual migration certificate, but you can expect it within 1-2 weeks.

How to apply for a migration certificate?

Online method

You can apply for the migration certificate online by going to the official website or your education board or university you belong to.

Just search for the official website such as.

Offline method

The other way of getting your migration certificate is by writing a letter to the authorities. It is straightforward, and below, you can see the format of the letter for application to get your migration certificate.

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The Registrar or head of the school or university
_____________ (University Name, School board name),
_____________ (University Address , school address)

Date: __/__/____ (Date of submission of the letter)

Subject: Application for migration certificate


My name is _______________ (Name) and I am a pass out student from your esteemed University, school with Roll number ____________ (Roll Number, enrollment number). I am writing this to request you to issue a migration certificate in my name kindly.

As I completed my _______________ (Course name) from your University with all examinations cleared. I need to apply for admission for _____________ (Masters/ Course Name) in _________ (College/University) for which I will be needing the migration certificate.

Therefore, I request you to issue the same as early as possible to continue with the admission procedure without any delay. I shall be obliged.

I request you to kindly consider this is as genuine and help me by doing the needful.

Yours Truly/Thankfully,
__________________ (Signature)
__________________ (Name),
__________________ (Contact number)

What if there’s no migration certificate, or you have lost it somewhere?

No school or university in India doesn’t provide a migration certificate to their students. If you didn’t get your certificate, you apply by using any one method given above.

If you have lost your migration certificate, you apply for the duplicate one, but you need to pay the required fees to get it. It can cost you somewhere between 300-500 Rs.

Do you need a migration certificate if you do a correspondence course?

The answer is yes, It does not matter if you got admission to regular, distance, or correspondence courses if you are from another university or board it is mandatory to submit the migration certificate during the time of admission.

Usually, 12th class students require the migration certificate after they pass out from school and then they have to take admission in college.

Do you need a migration certificate to study abroad?

If you are planning to study outside of INDIA you may not require the migration certificate. However, you can keep it with your transcript and other important documents because who know if you may need them at some point in time.

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