Do you know how to get a job in the parliament of India? Well if you don’t know then in this blog post I have shared all the information related to this topic.

As you may aware about the parliament that it consist of three bodies.

  • The president of india.
  • The Lok Sabha.
  • The Rajya Sabha.

But very few people know that you can also get a job in the parliament house in any three bodies. But to do that you have to read this article very carefully to how to get a job in the parliament of India.

People who are already working in any state or central government body can only apply for the in the parliament of India.

The selection is done on a deputation basis or a re-employment basis and a person should have proper knowledge and experience in the previous job he/she has done.

Types of Jobs In Parliament.

As I told you The parliament consists of three bodies the present of India, Rajya Sabha, and Lok Sabha. And to get a job in the parliament of India these three have there individual secretariats offices from the notifications are published about the jobs.

The several job that a person can apply parliament of india are.

  • Clerk/Lower and Upper Division.
  • Librarian.
  • Cook.
  • Office secretary
  • Deputy Director.
  • Manager.
  • Security Guard.
  • Stenographer.
  • Stenotypist.
  • Accounts Officer

There are many post which i have not mentioned here because in the parliament there is office for every deparment.

But in all these posts the most common among them is for security. Because almost every person we want to work for here is either a minister or VVIP people like Hon’ble President and Prime Minister.

Procedure to apply.

As per my analysis and research on this topic. If you apply for want to get a job in the parliament of India you have certain important and essential eligibility conditions. Let’s see all of them in detail.

  • You should be a government employee or have experience of a minimum of 5 years to get a class 2 or class 3 jobs.
  • Selection is done on a deputation basis or a Reemployment basis.
  • The more the experience the higher will be the chances to get the job.
  • For security officers in the parliament of India is it is compulsory that a person should be the regular employee from the state police/ intelligence bureau/cabinet secretariat and etc.
  • The selection procedure will be based on ACR/APAR of the candidates..
  • The selection is based on scrutiny of the applications and the interview.

Step to apply for the job in the parliament of india.

The notifications for jobs are published on the three respective websites. have a look at them to get a job in the parliament of India.

Step 1. Go to Official websites.

There are three main websites that you can take a look on to get the latest information about the job in the parliament.

President Secretariat

Lok Sabha Secretariat

Rajya Sabha Secretariat

The above three websites are the official government website from where you can see the latest job notifications. Beware from the fake job sites they will just waste your time rather than giving you the information that you are looking for.

Step 2. Look For the job role that fits you

As you can see in the image below about the information about the latest jobs notification. To know the details click on the links to know about the eligibility criteria.

how to get job in parliament of india, lok sabha notification image.

Step 3. Download the forms

After opening the link you will see a pdf file will be open about the job notification that you have clicked on. Read all the important eligibility criteria that you full fill.

Also please note that at the end of the document you will get a form to fill so you need to print that out and send it to the given address.

Salary and other important things about the job?

The salary depends completely on the job profile or post. In the notifications, there are jobs from level 03 to level 11 or level 12 also. Here is some jobs type with there pat scale.

PostBasic salary
Executive Officer 15600-39100
Junior clerk5200-20200
Security Assitant35400-112400
Basic pay scale in the job post in parliament of india.

As you can see above there is some post name with there basic pay. However, I have not mentioned the grade pay here as there are many more post are in the original notification.

But with this, you may get an idea about how you will get paid. On average if you apply for junior clerk you will get between 11000-15000 thousand rupees.

How these are jobs are different than other government job in india?

Now after reading about this topic “how to get a job in the parliament of India”. Many questions may have arisen in your mind. That why should you apply for the job in the parliament of India if you already a government servant.

First of all is yif you have good  Annual Confidential Report (ACR)/Annual Performance Assessment Report (APAR) then you can apply for the job at higher post.

You will get to know about the parliament and get to work under VVIP persons of indian bureaucracy.

Also you may get a chance to meet ministers and higher official like Chief Secretary sometime.

No need to give any kind of exams or study anything for the posts here. But there will be an interview related to the job you are interested.

Above all, if you want to job in the parliament of India in any three of the offices. Then first do research about the job role look if you are fulfilling the criteria or not. As there is no sense to apply unnecessarily to waste the time.

Thank you…..

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