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If you want to create your own study space in a small room you may face a lot of problems with that. I personally think that no matter how small your room is if you manage some of the things carefully you can make your study space even in a small room.

So How to create a study space in a small room? Study space for small rooms can be created easily by getting the proper size of tables and chairs. You can have a custom made table and chair to fix your problem. Also if you have a window in your room try to use that as a source of natural lighting and keep your table near it.

But what about those people who have a bed in their room it takes all the space as we know if we use the smallest size of bed for a single person is about 6f x 4f.

Why you need a study space?

I have personally noticed this nowadays due to a lot of distractions focusing on education is a little bit hard.

Most of us need a study space because to concentrate more carefully and it also gives us privacy when we read. otherwise, if you read in an open place either the kid’s in the house will disturb you or the parents like your mother will ask you to bring something from the shop.

You need privacy for studying especially if you are in higher classes or preparing for any recruitment or entrance exams.

What does a small room mean?

Here, a small room means there’s hardly any space left after keeping some of the things like a small bed. There’s no measurement for that as every one of our cases if different.

People with small rooms either study in their living room or a place where they have a desk or table.

There may be some other things like Almirah or showcase which most of the students have in there room and due to that, you may feel your room is small.

Tips to make your own study space in a small room

Creating your own study space may require you to invest some money on things like

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Lamps
  • Stationery products.

Step 1- Remove unnecessary things.

You can remove things like almirah, showcase, stools and other furniture which you don’t want in your room and they may be consuming lot of space without any reason.

You will see a huge change if you remove those things and will surely save some space in your small room.

Step 2 – Keep your bed at corner.

You may have seen that most people keep their bed in between the room. If you do that you are wasting the space and that may be a reason why you feel that you room is out of space.

Keeping your bed at corner will give you some extra space for study area. and you can keep some extra things in your room.

Step 3 – Use the window.

If you have a window in your room utilise it properly keep your study table near it so that proper lighting comes during the day while your study.

Exposure in the natural light help us to focus and concentrate on the work.

Step 4 -Get the right furniture.

The main problem is with small rooms is that you cannot buy any size of the study table or chair to use it in your room. You have to be particular about the size and buy the smallest furniture so that it can fit in your room.

You can also make a custom made furniture for your room in according to your budget. But sometime it may cost you more than the premade ones.

How to Create a Study Space Without a Desk?

If you are facing problem with placing a desk in your room don’t worry. You can get a foldable desk or ask a carpenter to do this job.

For this you will need some products like a plank and some hinges to make your job easier.

You can do this DIY but you will need some carpentry skills and some tools like drilling machine and all. So it’s better to hire a carpenter for this job.

If there’s more shortage in your room then you can use you bed as a chair while studying and place your table with hinges near the bed itself.

Things you can do to utilize more space in your room?

To utilize the space of your room you can install a bookshelf made of plyboard on the wall. With this, you can keep your books there or may make it like a small library.

Get a whiteboard – for you to write the day-to-day task there. Write a to-do list or important news that you have learned today.

Powers sockets – you may need a power outlet near you to study space so it’s better to have a one near you study or keep a laptop or desktop while reading online.

Make a nice study environment at home

To make a peaceful study environment at home you need to do several things.

Make Your room soundproof

Making your room soundproof will not only reduce the background noises coming from outside. you can use polystyrene near your doors and to seal pack the doors.

You can buy soundproof panel or use some clothing do do this.

Ambient sound

Get a small aquarium and place it near study space the sound of running water help you to be calm and make your focus better while studying. you can use your phone to listen to peaceful sounds.

Light source

In a small room, if there is a window then you don’t have to worry about the light during the day time. But if there is no window you may need a permanent light source for you.

This can be fix using a small LED bulbs or a tubelight in your room. But always use a table lamb while you read in your room because if you have dim lights that may cause stress to your eyes.


Have a small room will not create much problems if there is little space than you can utilise it in by doing some smart ways that i told you above.

Remember people who go to other states take rented rooms. In one particular room 4-5 people stay and prepare for the exams such Civil services , SSC, etc.

You can also watch some youtube videos to get an idea.

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