change college after 1st year

If you have just cleared your 1 year of college and looking forward to changing your present college, then you came to the right place.

Most students are confused that there are many things to do if they leave college in the middle of graduation.

But you can do it easily by doing the following this article till last.

Visit: to read guidelines about college admission.

Procedure to change college after 1st year.

To change your college after clearing 1st year you have to write a letter in the name of the college principal.

Here you will write the letter.

The Principle,

Name of college or university…

College address…

Sub: Application Letter to Change College

Respected Sir,

(Write the actual reason)
I am writing this letter to you so that I can inform you that I want to change my college because the study here is very tough and the teacher usually doesn’t come to the class and they don’t even know how to handle the students. 

In previous college my grade was A+ and now after seeing the result of my midterm, I came to know that I am not going to learn anything here. So kindly issue my transfer letter so that I can continue the process. Thanks,(Till here..)



Sec No and I.D. No…

Contact no…



But before doing that, make sure you have done sufficient research about your new college.

Whether it has the following things or not, such as:-

  • Good faculty.
  • Lab Equipments.
  • Over all passing percentage of students.

Compare it with your college if you find something is not up to the mark you can cancel your plans or find a new college for you.

Documents required to submit in the new college.

Once you have given the letter to the college now, it’s time to gather some important documents you may need to submit to the college.

You won’t find any difficult to do this because you have done the same thing a year back while getting college admission.

Documents required to get admission in 2nd year of college.

  • Original 1st year result.
  • Migration certificate(Only required if you change the university).
  • 10th, 12th markesheet.
  • Domicile certificate.
  • Id proof(Voter ID aadhar).
  • Transfer certificate.

Note:- If you change the college, but the university is not changed, you don’t need any migration certificate. But if you are taking admission to any other university, you can request a migration certificate by writing a letter to your college.

Here I have written an article on migration certificates in detail. You can read this if you want to know more!

Why do you want to change your college?

There are many valid reasons for students to change their college, but many of them hesitate to do it in the middle of the degree courses, but if you are experiencing any of the below things written below, you can change your college.

  • If the college is not providing proper education.
  • If students are more focused towards other activites and less towards the education.
  • If students are asked to pay fees to conducts educational tours and give presentation for no reason.
  • If students feels that courses are tough compared to other college.
  • If students took a certain course and they are not liking it after some time.

There are some other reasons as if I write them all it post will become a book, so I have written the most common ones.

How much it will cost to change your college?

The cost or fees of a college depends on a lot of the things such as:-

  • If you switch your college from private to goverenmet there will be reduction of 70%-80% in fees.
  • If you change your college from government to private expect the increase in 70%-80% in fees. And other expenses as well.
  • Leaving private college in 1st year and starting 2nd year in another private college of same affiliated university will cost you the same.

But some colleges are private ones and are very reputed their fees structure is costly than the newly open ones.

Can your change your college in any year?

If you are thinking of changing college in the 1st year or 2nd year, you can easily do it the procedure is the same. But changing college for no reason also has certain disadvantages as well.

Disadvantages of changing college

  • You have to make new friends which can take some time in 2nd year.
  • If you have changed the university there would be a slight change in the syllabus of the course.
  • You have make contact with the teachers which is biggest disadvantages because students who already cleared the 1st year are fimiliar with the teachers.

Advantages of changing college

  • You will get to know new people and make new freinds
  • If you have shifted to metro city then during placements big companies would hire you for job.
  • Chance of studying new courses.
  • New environment
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