If you are a student and reading this, you may be looking forward to investing your money somewhere that can help you build your bank balance. Today in this article, you will know about how students can invest money?

Most students spend all of their money during their school and college days with friends. But saving money is also very important as it helps you in your tough times.

Taking about the present time there are multiple ways that a student can save money all thanks to the internet.

For that, I researched, went to some of the forums, and did some market analysis to help you make a good investment for great profit.

Here are some of the best platforms and things that you can invest your money as a student.

1.Buy Cryptocurrency.

How Students Can Invest Money

After internet cryptocurrency is the next big thing to the world.

Imagine if you buy a crypto of a one dollar today and within five years your money has multiplied up to 1000x times.

Don’t agree with me have a look at this example.

Bitcoin Price

The great thing is that you can invest a small amount of money and let it sit for a month or year it will definitely give you profit.

When bitcoin was first launched in 2009 it was worthless and the first purchase was made to buy 2 pizzas for 10,000 bitcoin.

And now with one bitcoin you can have a tesla. And no wonder the CEO himself is encouraging others to buy crypto currency on his twitter account.

How Students Can Invest Money
Bitcoin Price Then Vs Now

After reading this all you may be thinking weather is it legal to buy cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are legal in most of developed and non developing countries. Countries like Japan, USA, China , India, France Germany etc. are using cryptocurrencies.

For more information click here to check weather in your country cryptocurrencies are legal or not.

Not only bitcoin there are more than 4000 cryptocurrencies in all over the world from where you can buy crypto.

How to buy cryptocurrencies if you are a student?

You can buy cryptocurrencies using any exchange or with a digital wallet, there is no way you can buy cryptocurrency directly from any person.

To buy bitcoin or any other crypto you should follow these general steps.

  • Choose a cryptocurrency exchange, sign up and make an account. For that, you may be asked to submit your name, email, contact number, and date of birth.
  • Next, you have to submit your ID proof, bank account details, and tax information or identification number.
  • Many exchanges take the time of 2-3 working days to activate your account, so be patient.
  • Once your account has been created, you are now ready to trade or buy cryptocurrencies.

Things you should be aware of

  • The first and important point is no one can predict the price of any cryptocurrency.
  • The prices may hike or decrease anytime, so invest at your own risk.
  • Invest for the long term to get a decent amount of profit.
  • Buy coins or crypto which is at low price such as Ripple, Tron, Stellar it gives a good amount of return.
  • Don’t invest all of your savings on it.

How much a student should invest in buying cryptocurrencies?

As a student, you can invest between 5000-7000 Rs(100 USD) if it is your first time buying cryptocurrency. However, if you want to be on the safer side, you can go with a Minimum investment of up to 700 Rs ($10) and try to earn a profit from it.

2.Reseller Hosting (Invest On Web Hosting And Rent It.)

How Students Can Invest Money

Reseller hosting is not new for those students who all are into website designing and developing. But it may sound new to students who are new to this coding and developing field.

As more and more things are becoming online people are getting their business and services on the web.

Also, presently most multinational companies hire candidates from a computer science background, so this clears that students with knowledge of programming and coding tend to have more job probability of getting a job.

Not only on hosting you should invest you money on digital platform’s because that is the future.

Taking about the reseller hosting let’s see how can you buy it and how you can rent it out to others so that people can use it.

To know more about reseller hosting in detail click here.

How to buy hosting and resell it?

To buy any hosting which you can rent it or sell it at higher price you need to do some research.

How Students Can Invest Money
Reseller Hosting plans

To save your precious time, I did some of my own research from where you can buy reselling hosting from.

Here are some best platform that you can buy reseller hosting.

  • Resellerclub.com
  • Bigrock.com
  • Inmotion.com
  • A2 hosting.com

How much you need to spend and how much you can earn?

If you are a student, then a reseller hosting business would cost you nearly about Rs 10,000 -20,000 ($150-300) yearly.

But doing so can double the money in a year or less.

For example, if you have spent ($15) a month, it is hosting and getting 12-15 customers for web hosting. And charge $3 from each; you will get $33-45 in a month.

Things you should know about reseller hosting.

  • Not all students can manage it.
  • Person should have knowledge about computers.
  • This business is competitive.

3.Become A Producer.

How Students Can Invest Money

These days everyone is busy creating content, so if you want to earn money, as a student you can invest your money in content creators like YouTubers and Instagramers.

Here producer means you will bear all the expenses of video making in collaboration with the social media influncers.

You can do this with a group of friends and alone also that totally depends on how much you can invst as a student.

This thing is to similar to film production but here the budget is very tight and production cost is also very low.

What kind of content can you produce(Invest Money)?

As a student, if this is your first attempt, try to talk to someone who has already involved in this kind of business or, if not, find someone on the social media platforms.

So now it’s time to decide what kind of content you are going to produce.

Here are some of the personal opinions of mine that you can think about.

  • Short series– These include youtube short films and short episodes.
  • Video Songs – Songs like the cover, instrumental, original songs, etc.
  • Vlog videos – Videos related to day-to-day life.
  • Informative videos – Videos about any place or city that contains knowledgeable content.
  • Review Videos – Gadget reviews.

How much money do you need to spend?

You can expect to invest money between Rs 5,000 – 10,000 ($100-200) on your first investment.

It can also be done thru splitting the expenses by contribution of 3-4 people. Later you can share the profit with each other.

How you can earn money by producing videos?

The only way you make money when people watch the videos, and I mean many of them. To make this happen, you need to work with those who have a decent number of subscribers or followers.

As starting from the scratch or with new people will take some time but your investment will also be less.

If you are a student, you can either hire someone to make a video just by paying them or do it yourself. But during school and college hardly you may have time to shoot videos.

Not only that after shooting you have to edit videos after that which also requires a lot of time.

If you don’t want to get over these things you can invest money and the second person will look after all of the things like shooting, editing, SEO and all other stuff.

Once the video is uploaded on a platform, you need to wait for some time as your content should get at least 1 million views to earn a decent amount of money.

Factors that responsible for making money on YouTube and Instagram.

  • Number of views.
  • CPC or country of viewers.
  • Number of monetization method used.
  • Sponsorships

How much you can earn by doing this?

Well as I told you earning is calculated by the number visitors have see your ads on purchased a product of your links.

On average, you can earn Rs 30,000 to 40,000 ($500) from a million views on YouTube earning can also be increased or decrease depending on the source of the traffic.

4.Rent Your Gadgets.

Use of gadgets is at peak now as everyone of uses electronic gadgets you can take an advantage and run your business online.

So everyone uses social media these days and most commonly uses Instagram and Facebook. But do you know what is common of them all is photos and videos.

What type of gadgets you can rent?

  • Camera –Think about your college or school; everyone has an Instagram account, and they obviously post photos on their account, so as an investment, you can buy a DSLR camera and rent it to people for the day.
  • Laptop Most people use smartphones to use applications and utility software, but any online exam or high-level editing requires laptops.
  • Gimble – Gimble is another gadget used for video making make videos look professional.
  • Go Pro – Used mostly by bloggers for YouTube videos it is compact and shoots video with 4k quality.

These gadgets are just examples you can try to research what things are popular in your area.

How much you need to invest?

Here in this table I have mentioned all the prices and given their best buy links that you can click to buy it online.

Gadgets Price
DSLR Cameras30,000 – 50,000 (Check out Best camera here)
Laptops25,000 – 50,000 (Check out best laptops here)
Go Pro30,000 – 40,000 (Check Out best go pro here)
Gimble8,000 – 10,000 (Check Out Best Gimbles)
price for buying gadgets

Things you should know about.

  • Take a small survey of your area whether this kind of business is popular in your area or not.
  • Advertise locally and use social media to gain customers.
  • Invest only in one thing while starting this then if you gain profit from it you can choose to buy a new product.

5.Become A Broker.

Okay this is interesting and most of us have did this in school or collage and I am still doing it now.

So a broker means a person or a middle man between buyer and seller. Now how you gonna invest in it let see.

Example:- You buy a laptop from someone at 20,000 and fix the small issues in it like upgrading ram, cleaning it and fix minor software issues which cost you around 5,000. And sell at 30,000 it to someone locally by putting ads on websites like OLX, Facebook, or sharing it on WhatsApp.

Here are some ideas for a broker that you can do in your school or college.

  • Sell events passes.
  • Sell books.
  • Gadgets.
  • Vehicles and much more.

However, to become a broker requires some skills like you should know how to communicate with people and also know how to sell products.

Now I can not say anything about the investment here because it totally depends on what type of product you are selling. But make sure you don’t be in a hurry and buy or sell products.

Because you may sometimes get damaged things and avoid any legal trouble, always take the buyer’s original receipt and show it to the seller while executing a deal.

6.Buy Shares.

This is a common and yet effective way for investment. When people think about the investment, the first thing that would have stuck on their mind is investing it on buying shares.

As a student you need to be at least 18 yrs old to open a demat account.

Now how as a student, you can buy any company’s share online. Here are some tips that you can follow.

  • Make a pan card.
  • Open a bank account.
  • Id proof.

Here you will get to know about how can you an demat account.

But one thing is sure that to buy shares, you need some guidance. For that you can watch YouTube videos, read articles and blog posts to gain some knowledge in this field to take help.

Watch this video to open your own demat account online.

How much should you invest in buying shares?

If this is your first time, don’t invest too much in buying shares as there is no minimum limit set, but to be on the safe side, you can invest between Rs(1000 – 10,000) $10-150.

But it takes time to multiply your money, but it is among the best ways to invest your money in the long term.

7.Invest In Food Bussiness.

Investing in the food business is an amazing thing, and if you got lucky, you could make a good amount of money.

To open a food outlet you need a good amount of money and this thing can be fix with getting partners.

As back in the year 2015 my four friends had open a small restaurants which gave them a good source of income. I enquired them then and they told me that they had invested amount Rs 60,000 in total (Rs 15,000 each).

And after paying all the expenses they were getting a profit of 18,000 thousand per month. Means each one of them was getting Rs 4,500.

And after 4 months they go’s their money back and in the month 5th they were getting money with no investment.

So now you have know the idea now it’s time to implement it.

But wait! Things you should know before jumping into this.

Things you may need to open a food business near your school or college.

  • Look for a place with low rent.
  • It should be located near any busy place if not you need to spend money on promotion.
  • Get a good chef with helpers.
  • Get good quality food items.

But opening a business can have both positive and negative points, so you have to be prepared for both.

Talking about this if you earn profit from it this could be also great career option for you.

8.Invest On Passive Income.

Passive income means you don’t have to work regularly for making money you can earn money even when you sleep.

As some of the above also comes under the passive income but real passive income are as follows.

Types of passive incomeInvestment you need to do
Blogging(Rs 5,000 – 10,000) $100-150
Online store(Rs 10,000 – 15,000) $100-200
Write EbooksZero investment
Make online coursesZero investment
Make Applications and websites(Rs 5,000 – 10,000) $100-150
Types of passive income you can do

These are some of the examples that you can do it your college life as a student but make sure if you don’t know any of these things just do not jump into it.

First of all gain knowledge and implement it.

How much time do you have to work for earning passively?

Well to earning passively online it will take yo around 3-4 months to execute your work online the wait for 4-5 months so that your content need to go viral. You can use make paid advertisement to make quick money.


Every student should think about investing their money in a way that can help them in their bad time. If you get failure don’t get demotivated learn from it and make it correct next time. If you think that you need help from some go ahead to ask them.

At what age students can start investing mone

As a student there is no age limit to invest your money but practically you can do it when your age is 18. Because as per the government rules you need to have an back account of your name to buy or sell any thing and safe your money.

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