How OMR Sheets Are Checked

OMR sheets are essential when an organization wants to conduct any survey or exam. But have you ever thought about how omr sheets are checked or how results are declared within a short period by scanning millions of answer sheets?

OMR sheets are checked using an OMR( Optical Mark Reader)scanner. The OMR scanner uses a beam of light to scan papers while the scanner is connected to the computer in which correct answers are stored in the form of a blueprint of vertical and horizontal lines.

The scanner tries to capture a similar image to correct omr answer sheet and hence provides 100% accurate results.

Steps how omr sheets are checked using the omr machine.

  • Step 1– First OMR sheets are collected in bundle as the scanner limit and ajusted into the machine.
  • Step 2– Then a light is passed above the sheet which measures how much light reflected from the lighter part of the sheets.
  • Step 3– Then computers tries match the reflected image with the correct image of answers and habce figure out the marks or result from the sheet.

The process scanning per page hardly takes 5-10 seconds or is much faster than new scanners in the markets have performance.

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What type of machine is used to check OMR Sheets?

OMR scanners are machines that are specially designed to recognize the data in the OMR sheets.

Watch this video about the omr scanner working.

How much does the OMR scanner cost?

Omr scanners prices can range between 30,000 INR to 10,00,000 INR price depending upon many technical things such as sheet checking speed, page scanning size, DPI, and error finding technology.

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Why Omr sheets are used?

OMR sheets are used because of the following reasons.

Due to its accuracy, there’s no error while checking the answers omr sheets.

Save times as omr scanners can check up to 50k to 100k sheets per hour.

Saves money as if answers sheets are checked manually it will require manpower which leads to multiple expanses.

Easy to handle as answers are present in one sheet only.

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Is there any mistake or error while checking the OMR sheet?

As you may have read above, OMR scanners are free from error and don’t make mistakes while checking the sheets.

But it’s up to the students or person who is giving the exam that how they fill the OMR sheet as filling the sheet wrong leads to rejection of the OMR sheet, and due to this, either your seat is rejected, or you may get low marks in the exams.

What are things not to be used on the OMR sheet which create problems while checking?

There are some materials or products if you use on omr sheets that can result in rejection.

  • Use of pencil can be reason of rejection in new omr scanners because they only identify the black or blue ink.
  • Use of whiteners.
  • Use of glue or gum.
  • Use of color pen.
  • Wrinkle or folding the omr sheets.

How to correct mistakes in the OMR sheet before you submit it for checking?

Mistake in omr sheets cannot be reverted or fixed one done but if make you have done these things.

  • Dot should not be bigger than the circles.
  • Don’t smudge the circle usig your finger or hands.
  • Avoid overcirculing the dots with hard hands because this may damage the sheets.
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