Making notes is not an easy job. People struggle a lot to make good notes and they also waste a lot of time. As we all know notes are important for us in many ways.

How much time does it take to make notes

Most of the students don’t even make notes for there exams and due to this, they either get low marks or even get fail. Making notes is a time taking activity but it helps you to score better marks. Also saves time before the exams.

For people who may wonder about how much time does it take to make notes? My answer would be…

To make notes we cannot set a time-limit but for an average chapter with 10 pages, it will take you around 2-3 hours to make notes for the whole chapter. It means you will spend about 18-20 minutes for each page to do it. With a chapter with 10 pages, you can summarize the chapter in only 2 pages with your notes.

Let’s see some other points that you must consider on.

Ideal Time for Making Notes

Taking about the ideal time limit one cannot set it. You may take 3 hours to a minimum of 1 hour for completing one chapter. That completely depends on your concentration on the subject.

There are some points that you must consider for you to make your notes

  • Type of subject:- Depending on the type of subject it may depend that how much time to will take to notes of those particular subjects. As per my knowledge and what I have experienced while making notes. The quickest notes will be made of Science subjects and time taking subjects are History and geography.
  • Environment:- Then the other factor is the environment where you are making notes at school and colleges we make quick notes but the notes we make at home take time to do.
  • Source:- I found this really amazing that while you make notes with a book it takes more time than if you are making notes from your teacher in class. Also if you studying from any online class then it takes less time than from the textbook.

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What’s your note-making strategy?

You may make notes wrong for a long time. Everyone has a different strategy for studying and if you develop your own and get the success that’s awesome for you.

People who don’t know about making notes can see various types of notes makind styles.

Cornell Method

This method was developed by Cornell University in the year 1950. And this is one of the most popular note-making methods among the students.

Basically you have to divide the paper into two parts the right column should wide and the left one should be narrow. On both sides, you have to write the following things.

How much time does it take to make notes
Cornell Method Of Notes Making
  • Right Side (the “outline” column):- In the right column you have to notes and description about the topic.
  • Left Side (the “cue” column):- This site contains important terms of keywords and concepts.
  • Bottom side:- In the bottom side it contains a summary of the chapters and important ideas you got.

Mind Maps

Visually representing information – by using bubbles, lines, boxes, or other visual markers to represent relationships, sequence, and importance – can also be an effective note-taking tool.

How much time does it take to make notes
Mind mappind ideas

Mind maps are best for visual learning you can make many things to represent your information on any topic such as:-

  • Lines.
  • Boxes.
  • Bubbles.
  • Tree.

You can use any one of them to represent you notes. Mostly i use mind maps to make the timeline in history and geography subjects.

As per my personal opinion i use only two method of notes making. Other than that there are notes making techniques which i don’t use at all.

Are you taking too much time to make notes?

If you are taking too much time to make your notes than you are doing something wrong. Either your strategy is not good or maybe your focus on studying is getting distracted.

Most people make these mistakes when they make notes and cause of that they waste their time.

  • Copying everything given in the book is not notes.
  • Not understanding which is the important topic and studying everything.
  • While making notes you may make it without even reading it.

How to make notes from a textbook?

Making notes from a text book will take your 1-2 hours with a dedicated concentration in your studies.

This is most commonly done by many students taking notes from the textbooks. You may make note just copying it down to your copy or sheet but before doing it make sure you have to do all these things.

These tips will only applicable when you make notes at home. In school teacher just say and you write well that’s not note making that’t notes taking. Most people get confuse on this.

  • First of all, read a chapter fully until you understand everything.
  • Secondly, try to figure out from which part the most questions have been asked.
  • Then Write down the topics on the blank sheets and start note-making. you can use the Cornell method as if told you in above.
  • Write all the key points in your notes and make sure to always revise them once you complete it.

Always remember while you make notes always use A4 size blank paper and try to write one side. Keeping the other side blank will help you in the future to update something.

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How to make Notes from a video?

Making notes while watching a video is fun. The best thing about this is the teacher who is teaching you to give instructions on how to make notes on that particular subject.

The time you may spend while making notes from the videos are more. Because it depends on the length of the video if it is of 30 minutes then you may take 30-40 min to make your notes and if it is of 2 hours same time would be spent by you.

It does not matter whether you are watching life or uploaded the video you will easily make notes. However, you need the help of some reference books while doing it because in most videos some topics and definitions could be missed by the teachers.

Use the same A4 size papers for making notes also you can use color pens and highlight to make it eye-catching for important points to memorize them.

Things you must have while making notes.

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Making notes from a newspaper?

Mostly people who make notes from the newspaper are preparing fro the civil services exams. And too many exam aspirants pay attention to newpapers alot as it contains all the dynamic aspects for the exam point of view.

But you should not spend more than 1-hour reading newspapers and making notes from it. Rather than you can buy a magazine to read.

Making notes from newspapers depends on how you read it. first of all, read pay attention to only those news which have the following things and which are related to the exam.

  • News that contains schemes and new policies.
  • Ignore news such as accidents and local crimes. Don’t make notes of them just read.
  • Raed editorials, research, sports section they are very important.
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