So how much time do toppers study . Today i will give brief idea about that.

How much time do toppers study

Do you get fewer grades in the exams and want to achieve what toppers achieve in their mark sheet. So if you are an average student then this article will help you to get good marks.

And also I will tell you about the study plan that one of my topper friends use to follow back in school and in his college life.

So the first question that you may have in your mind would be how much do toppers study?

A topper student who tops in any exam spends about a minimum of 3-4 hours/day in studying. But they increase their study plans before 1 or 2 months of the exams. During that time they study for 6-8 hours including the revisions and mock tests

Let me tell you that you don’t have to increase your study hours suddenly if you read about 1-2 hours/day. But rather focus on maintaining consistency in your study.

How much time do toppers study

To become a top student in studies you have to do lot more things than just studying. And that thing is time management.

Toppers students study mostly in the morning or in the evening time in their tuitions.

Morning Routine

If there school timing is 8.00 am then they will wake up at 5.00 am. Follow the daily routine and at least spend 1 hour for studying or more than that.

Evening Routine

After coming from school they at least take a break for 1-2 hours then go to tuitions for about 2 hours. After coming home they spend 2-3 hours to complete the homework and revise what has been taught in school.

There are a majority of people in which I am also among them who study mostly during the exams not on a regular basis. And that is the main reason why we are getting fewer marks.

Now when I asked several people and researched this topic on the internet I found that consistency is the thing that can lead you up to the top.

Not only in the education but on the every aspect of the life.

How can you become a topper?

After call all getting good marks is what you need and for that you need to follow some tips if you really want to see your name in the tops of the results page.

Tips that toppers follow.

1.Start studying from the first day

Here the first day means the beginning of the school session don’t relate this with the first day of calendar year.

So if you are newly promoted to a class then you can take the advantages which most toppers don’t follow. As soon as you get your new books for the class try to study just 1 hour a day.

For the first week during your summer vacation, you just need to take a look at the chapters to get an idea about what you will be reading for a whole year.

You can also search about the new terms on google to get the idea small idea on those topics. And when you will study that school you will be ahead of others who have zero knowledge about it.

2.Make small learning schedules

There are some steps that people may not follow while making a schulde also they just make it so big that they can’t even follow it.

First of all, students make a schedule and include their whole daily routine in it. The only thing to mention in the schedule should be the study that it nothings more than that.

People write their morning routine, after school routine, evening routine which will make the schedule look complicated and confuse you to follow it.

However, if you include only study hours like how much you will study.

For example– morning 5-7 or evening 6-8 and the name of the subject that you will be studying for that day.

Only these information are more than sufficient to become a topper.

3.Study the toughest

We all have one subject in our life in which we face difficulties to study. Mine was mathematics what was your subject that you feel hard to read. comments below.

Anyway the point that here i am making is is if you study that particular for a constantly than you will feel easy to write answers in the exam and can get good marks also. But to do that either you need to join a tuition or seek guidance from some elder person.

Also, don’t let go of the easy subject such as GK or moral science as these subjects are easy to study most students don’t focus on that too. Due to that, they loose marks buy doing small mistakes.

Study plans for class wise students

There are lot of question in the mind of your related to how much students need to study to become a topper. So i have created a class wise study plan that it may help you to study.

I have distributed the class into three parts according to their primary, secondary, and higher secondary school types.

Before reading further please make sure that if your child studies below 6th grade then do not try to pressure them for studies. This time is essential for their growth and development whatever they study in school and homework is enough. Make a study plan for them is not as good as per my point of view.

6th to 8th students

Average study time :- 2-3 Hours/Day

At the beginning of the 6th class as per Indian schools are considered many new subjects that are introduced to students. To become a topper in these classes you can take tuitions if possible. Or just Two hours of daily studying will make you a topper.

Follow these tips:-

  • Aks doubts in the class.
  • Complete all the assignment given in the book especially in the NCERT’s.
  • Use the internet watch video on topics you don’t understand.
  • Complete the notes and maintain it properly.
  • Don’t try to read more the two subjects a day.
  • Revise properly before the exams.

I think these tips are very easy to follow and you can get good marks as well a decent percentage if you follow this.

9th to 10th students.

Average study time :- 3-5 Hours/Day

9th and 10th classes are the most important class for any student. Firstly talking about the 9th class most students take this lightly and think that next year they will have to give boards for 10th so they focus less on their education.

Secondly in the 10th class mostly parents, teachers and other near by people make pressure about board exams telling that this is the most important class of life and all that..

However if you take a look at the syllabus at 9th class it somehow more difficult than the 10 the class. Why is it so because you can prepare well in 9th and after coming to the metric class you will face the exam very well.

But students do mistakes here they don’t study in the 9th class and become serious during the boards exams. So to solve your problems here are some tips.

Follow these tips:-

  • Try to get the model question paper book and solve it from there.
  • Start Making Notes and maintain them properly.
  • Don’t leave tuitions if you have a habit of attending it from the lower classes.
  • Clear all the doubts in the school itself.
  • Give priority to each subject as all contain the same marks.

11th to 12th students.

Average study time :- 4-6 Hours/Day

Time is an very important factor for 11th and 12th class students. Personally speaking during this it very tough to control on yourself and only focus on studies. As we go through many hormonal changes in our body. And nowadays lot of distractions are there.

So at this time, it is very hard to take out 5-6 hours of time for studying. But you can spit the time period into three and divide with any three subjects you want to read.

After class 10th the subjects become fewer in number but large in the syllabus and if you waste 2-3 months of a session not reading anything can be very bad for your results.

If you complete one chapter in of any of the subjects reading fro two-three days then it’s more than enough for getting good marks in the exams. Here are some tips that might help you.

Follow these tips:-

  • The study, Revise, practice.
  • Start practicing answer writing.
  • Watch youtube videos on tips, hacks about exams.
  • Make concepts clear rather than memorizing them.
  • See topper videos, read their blogs if available.
  • Don’t waste time making projects or take part in events especially in class 12 if it does not related to results.

Toppers Study Tips

Here are some tips that you can look at which toppers of CBSE, ISC and state board students have followed.

1.Continuity in studies

Always study in continuation study on a daily basis don’t skip your daily time table or schedule made by you. Also, manage you tutions as well. Most people bunk the tuition classes which will ultimetly lead discontinition.

2.Study with taking gaps

We all know that almost no one can sit for longs hours and study. If you do then try to take gaps between each topic or every 45 minutes. This will not only help you remember things and not affect your health as well.

3.Start making notes

Many students don’t have habit of making notes. Notes help you in many ways such quick revisions and understand the topics well. Because few day before the exams you can not open the book and read the topics.

4.Get old question papers

Buy a previous year question paper book or download old questions papers from the internet. This will give you an idea about the topics from where the questions are being asked.


People who don’t do revision for any of the exams they will not get to the top. For revision, you need to read all the chapters, make their notes, and then only think of doing this.

At the end….

At the end, I will just tell you to follow the tips that I have shared with you. Some of them will work some of them well but don’t lose hope if you try and give your best in the exams one day you will succeed.

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