Are you looking forward to buying a second-hand laptop?

How much does a second-hand laptop cost?

If you are, then this post may help you a lot. In this post, I have mentioned how much second-hand laptops cost and can get them easily. Also, I researched and gathered resources from social media groups and forums to get the average value of second-hand laptops.

Second-hand laptops in good condition can cost between $500 – $800 with a depreciation rate of 10% – 50% of the original price. However, the cost can go higher or lower depending on the Condition, processor type, brand name, year of manufacture, RAM, graphic card, and other technical specifications.

This was the general idea to give you an idea about how laptops are priced, but to know more in detail, you must read further to make.

How much does a second-hand laptop cost(In detail)?

Here’s we will take the example of a MacBook and figure out what the should be the actual cost of it if you buy it second-hand.

So here we gonna take the example of MacBook Air 2020.

The actual price of the MacBook Air 2020 is $1249, and its specification is given below.

Specifications of MacBook air 2020
OS – Apple M1 chip with 8‑core CPU
GPU – 8‑core GPU, and 16‑core Neural Engine
Ram – 8GB unified memory
Display size – 13 inch
Storage – 512GB SSD storage
Macbook 2020 specification

As you read above, the specification is for the entry-level MacBook Air and now let’s evaluate how much the depreciation rate would be if a person buys a laptop?

Every product has its own depreciation rate, and it increases every year. Hence, laptops come under consumer electronics, and according to the federal reserve of tax and economy policy, it is about 10%-50%. You can read the official document here.

What is the depreciation rate of computers and laptops?

The depreciation rate of laptops can be determined thru the following factors.

  • Year of purchase – If you buy a second hand laptop of present year it would cost you somewhere between 10% – 20% less of the original cost.
  • Wear and tear internally and externally – If there’s any damage on the laptop and you have plan to buy it the cost will decrease eventually.
  • Replacement of part – In most laptops the part are replaced if damaged. If they are replaced with original parts then there will be not much change in the price and if they are replaced by compatible ones they cost will decrese.
  • Demand of product – Due to tremendous change in technology each year new laptop is launched and with it technology is also changed. So damand of the perticular product will be high for short period of time.

Also, to have a brief idea, I have made yearly depreciation rates for the laptop.

How old is your laptopDecrease in depreciation rateActual cost of second hand laptop (Purchase price $1250)
1st year10%-20%$1125 – $1000
2nd year 20%-40% $1000 – $750
3rd year40%-60% $750- $500
4th year50%-60% $625 – $500
5th year50%-70% $625 – $375
Depreciation rates of MacBook air laptop each year

So in the above table, I have mentioned the basic depreciation rate of a MacBook air laptop per year the new laptop will cost more, and the older it is, the price will go down.

In the case of windows laptops, the depreciation rates may increase because of too many options in the market.

How old is your laptopDecrease in depreciation rateActual cost of second hand laptop (Purchase price $1150)
1st year15%-25%$1000 – $900
2nd year 25%-40% $900 – $600
3rd year40%-70% $600- $350
4th year70%-80% $350 – $250
5th year75%-85% $275 – $230
Depreciation rates of Windows laptop each year

In the above, the prices are not exactly mentioned because, in most cases, the prices are negotiated between buyer and seller at these prices only.

Windows laptops have a huge market cap millions of people use them, so the availability of these products is easy.

How much old laptop can you buy?

As per the current situation in the technology field, laptops and computers are becoming outdated more quickly than in the previous 10-15 years.

And due to the latest software updates and programs that require high specification GPU or CPU, their need has increased.

So due to that, It is not advisable for anyone to buy a laptop that has a low configuration, such as an i3 or i5 processor with the old generation and which is more than 4 years old because these types of laptops will not support the present software and many applications that people use right now.

Who can buy which types of second-hand laptops?

Based on the present scenario, I have made three categories to help you buy a second-hand laptop.

So for that, I have made a table, and in that, I have mentioned the second-hand laptop cost, Ideal type of users, and laptop configuration.

Type of usersLaptop configurationsecond-hand laptop cost
Students and daily usersProcessor – i3 or i5
Ram – 4Gb – 8Gb
GPU – 2 Gb at least
$500 – $300
Working professionals Processor – i5 or i7
Ram – 4Gb – 8Gb
GPU – 2Gb -4Gb
$700 – $400
Gamers and editors Processor – i7 or i9
Ram – 16Gb – 32Gb
GPU – 4 Gb – 6Gb
$1000 – $800
Second-hand laptop table or various types of users

Which brands are good to buy as a second-hand laptop?

Taking about the brands, if you are buying your first second-hand laptop, you can go any of the below brands.

So as per my research and analysis, the best laptop will be those who buy more, so here are the best laptop brands that you can go for according to market share.

PositionBrand Name Market share
Laptop brands with total market share. (Data from

Many of you may wonder that why apple is not at the top of the list. This is why because apple makes luxury electronic products, and in the one MacBook cost, anyone can buy two Lenovo laptops, so that’s people go for buying Lenovo laptops.

And due to that majority of people buy less expensive laptops, in the result in the market, you can expect to see these laptops more than other brands.

Buy laptops with more market share have the advantage for you because you can easily find a service center or its parts.

So as per my recommendation, you buy laptops with more market share like Lenovo, Hp, and Dell. These three laptops are easy to find in the market, and you can also resell them without any problem.

Is a second-hand laptop worthy to buy and why you need it?

Second-hand laptops are only worthy of buying if you get a good deal. You can check out the above table to find the best price for a laptop you should pay.

Before buying a second-hand laptop, you need to ask yourself the following things first.

  • For what work you are buying a laptop.
  • What configuration you need.

Nowadays people are looking for a good laptop even if it is second-hand it should be worth buying. I personally feel the main reason is the increase in online jobs and platforms for earning online.

Even if you are not working in any MNC’s, there is a need for computers, smartphones, and laptops.

So, in my opinion, it will be worth it for you if you get a good deal for a used laptop.

But make sure to try a laptop with a good system configuration even if you want to use it for light work and general purposes.

What does good system cofiguration mean in second hand laptop?

A good system configuration in a laptop should consist, as per the present usage is an i5 processor, 8 Gb Ram, 1 TB HDD or SDD(recommended), and a decent graphic card. This is what you should look for if you are buying a second-hand laptop.

Other than that laptop with i3 processors and 4 Gb ram can be used, but don’t expect to run applications used for editing and gaming. It will be a failure for you.

Things to look before buying a second hand laptop and how does it effect the cost.

Before buying any new or old laptop, you need to look at certain things and spend your money.

Down below, you can read about certain things about a laptop that can determine the cost of the laptops.


Suppose you buy anything for a third person; first of all, check if they got any paperwork or not because who knows if you buy a stolen laptop.

Also, don’t buy a laptop if you get it at a meager price if the configuration is high without any paperwork or legit purchase bill.

Nowadays, too many online frauds are done using a computer, and no wonder the person who is selling these products may have done wrong like this.

So, first, see the purchase bill or invoice, and if somehow the owner has lost it, go ask him to bring that with him. They can also download the invoice online if they ordered it thru the internet.

Purchase bill or invoice consists of many important details such as:

  • Laptops model number.
  • It’s system configuration.
  • Year of purchase.
  • Ans most important it’s oiriginal cost.

Based on that, you set a price and negotiate with the buyer with a laptop.

Processor type and generation

There are a lot of processors in the market nowadays of two main brands

So if you want to buy any laptop or computer, these two brands manufacture processors for multiple types of uses.

However, Intel processors are much dominant and have more market cap all over the world. So if you go in the market, 2 out of three laptops will consist the intel processors.

If you want to buy a second-hand laptop, buy an i5 processor with the latest generation, like the 5th or 6th generation, because these laptops were introduced in 2015 – 2016.

Other than that, older laptops will not run smoothly with that much efficiency.

To check any computer or laptop configuration, you can use CPU-Z’s program before buying a second-hand laptop.


Check if a laptop has a good DDR technology ram because people can often scam you and install a higher capacity ram with low DDR technology.

Lower DDR rams like DDR-2 and DDR-3 are cheaper, and they were used in the old laptops and PCs, so check this before buying a laptop.

Nowadays, new laptops have DDR-4 rams that are much more efficient to handle the programs on PC.

Note:- A 4 Gb ram of DDR4 Technology performs better than an 8 Gb ram of DDR2 Technology.


Check all the ports, including USD or thunderbolt, mic, 3.5 mm jack ethernet, and most importantly, charging ports, before paying money.

Also, make sure that these ports should not be loose because they can easily get damaged.


Speakers or soundbar in the laptop people don’t focus on them much. Before buying a second-hand laptop, they are also important to play a video or sound file in loud or full sound.

If you feel any speaker crackling sound, it may be damaged internally or have some circuit problems.


There is a difference between Hd and Full Hd laptops, so check if a laptop has an HD screen or a full Hd screen. Just check it using these steps.

  • Just search for the display settings.
  • Then in the display settings look for the display resolution.
  • If display resolution is between 1366 x 768 then the display is HD.
  • If the display resolution is 1920 x 1080 then the display is FULL HD.

Don’t get fooled by the seller if they tell you that their laptop is of full resolution. If they don’t let you see the laptop, you can also google it by asking the laptop’s model number.


Battery and charger are two important accessories of the laptop. You can use software like Batteryinfoview to know about batteries health.

Normally a laptop battery lasts for 2 and luckily 3 years. So if the laptop is more than three years old, it is 80% – 90% possible that its battery has been changed.

So if anyone using compatible batteries on a laptop and sells, the price can go down to $100.

Read this: If you are using your laptop without a battery.

Operating system

Commonly people use two operation systems, macOS and windows, and among both of them, windows are the most used ones.

If you are buying a second-hand windows laptop, make sure to have activated windows or ask the seller to upgrade the operating system to the latest Windows version.

At the end

My views about buying second-hand laptops are my own and some of the ideas and suggestions I have asked my friends.

Buying a second-hand laptop is a good option if you get the right deal otherwise, you can buy a new one.

For more content related to students and please revisit this blog!

Which second-hand laptop is best?

HP, Dell, and Lenovo are these three brands that sell most laptops all over the world. You can buy any one of them.

Is it safe to buy a second-hand laptop?

Yes, if the seller has proper documents and invoices for the laptop, you can buy them easily.

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