This is the most common yet most important question for students and people preparing for any exam. Well, I am not an expert to tell you that you should study for these many hours to succeed in the exam you all are preparing for.

How Many Hours To Study

But I personally was finding out for this answer and did not find any solid platform that could clear my doubts. So due to that, I had to read many sources and saw a couple of videos on the internet.

So I combined everything that I have read and saw in this blog post to clear your doubts about “How Many Hours To Study For Any Exam”?

As a student, if you all are preparing for any exam, you need to give at least 3 months to prepare for your exams, which includes reading the topics, solving the questions, clearing the doubts, making notes, and most importantly, revising. If you give 2-3 hours of reading daily and 1 hour for revising for 6-8 months you can easily clear any exam.

How many hours to study on a normal school and college days?

  • For school students – school students have kind of hectic schedule as they spend over half of their day in school or going to tuition classes. In that case it is very hard to take out time and study. however you can do revisions for 1-2 hour daily not new topic but revising the thing that you have learned in the school.
  • For college students – College students have to study about 50-60% of the topics by their own as professors in collegs only their to clarify the doubts. In that case 2-3 hours is sufficeint daily for students to study on daily basis if you want to see you as a tooper of your college.
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How many hours to study for competitive exams?

Competitive exams are conducted to check the eligibility of an aspirant whether they are suitable to do a job or not thru a written test. And as we know,w the current employment rate. There are millions of people who give exams for few hundred posts.

Competitive exams are hard to crack not because of the difficult questions and vast syllabus but because of competition. One mark more or less can make or break anyone’s future.

There are over 8-10 subjects that you have to prepare for competitive exams. Most people study for 8-10 hours a day to complete the syllabus.

But if you are in the early phase,e you can start reading 1-2 hours a day and then increase the frequency of the timing each week to adjust to studying.

So to crack any competitive exams here, how many hours do you need to study. Also, read some important tips to implement to get better results.

To crack any competitive exams like UPSC, State Service Exams, etc. You need to make a strategy and then work accordingly to it. Remember it does not matter how much you have spent on studying but depends on how much you have gained the knowledge.

How many hours to study for entrance exams?

Entrance exams are conducted to get admission into any institutions for higher studies. If you compare it to competitive exams for jobs, it is easy in terms of the syllabus you have to cover.

Suppose you are preparing for any entrance exams such as MAT, CAT, SAT, ILTES, NEET, JEE-IIT, etc. These exams have 3-5 subjects.

So if you are currently in any school or college and preparing for the entrance exam,s you study about 3-4 hours a day, this would be good for you if you study consistently.

But for those who all have taken the gap year have a better opportunity to secure good marks as they have a full year to dedicate themselves to study.

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General strategies to clear any exam.

Most students are confused after years of preparation they are unable to clear the exams. This is why because you have not made a good strategy to clear the exams.

Let’s see some of the best strategies that most students followed before they topped the exams.

Understand the syllabus

The syllabus is the most important part students, while preparing, ignore it. And they either forget some topics to study or leave the most important one.

The first thing you need to do before preparing for any exam. Download the syllabus, print it out, and study the topics according to it.

Read the topic

Reading is an essential part of the strategy, but that thing is also something that most students don’t know.

To complete particular chapters, you have to read them at least 2 times. Let’s see how you gonna do that.

  • First reading – When the first time you read any new chapter just go thru the topics give them a reading and see which parts of the chapters are difficult for you to understand. Remeber read the book in detail so that you don’t miss a topic. This will take you about 50-60 minutes to compelete and 8-10 pages chapter or may be it depends on the chapeters length.
  • Second reading – Before you go for second reading make sure you have clearfy your doubts.You can take the help from teachers, elders or search in the internet. Just make sure do it before the seacond reading. Now if you read the chapter second time you may feel its easy for you understand the topics. In second reading you may take less time but don’t be overconfident about it.

Make notes

Now it’s time for the main part of your strategy, and that is making notes. This is the most time-consuming thing, but you may get a habit after you make few notes.

After the second reading, you did then you have to make notes. Most people avoid it, and the majority of them don’t even know to make good notes.

So here’s how you can make your perfect notes for exams.

Notes making can take 1-2 hours of an average chapter which has 8-10 pages. However, making notes also depends on your writing speed, language use, and attention towards the chapter.

  • Use blank paper to make notes and leave some space in top and bottom of the page to add some updates.
  • Notes should be concise and shorter than the topics given in the book, write it in your own words and don’t use bookish language.
  • Use diagrams and infographics if possible and you feel it will be easier for you to revise things.


Once you have made your notes, it will be super helpful for you during exams. Remember don’t use books during exams. Instead, make use of your handwritten notes, and this way, you can recall things better.

Minimum time to prepare for any competative exam.

If you are planning to prepare for any competitive exam which has three stages.

  • Prelims.
  • Mains
  • Interview

Minimum it takes at least 6 months and you have to study 4-5 hours daily to prepare for any competitive exam. Other than that preparation also depends on other factors such as your attention towards a topic, syllabus.

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