Writing an essay is not an easy job. To write a perfect essay, you need to see many aspects such as language, tense, research on the topic, maintaining handwriting, writing to the point, and a lot more.

How Long Does It Take To Write An Essay

Also, in most cases, people cannot write a good essay in the given time, so in this post, you will know how long it takes to write an essay with perfection?

An average time for writing an essay of 800 – 1000 words is between 1.00 hours – 1.5 hours. This time duration includes topic selection, research or thinking of points, writing with minor grammatical errors. But if you practice, the speed of writing can be increased to write much faster.

To know about the timing more precisely, you can read further. Below, you will get detailed information about various word limit essays and how long it takes to write them in the form of a table. Moreover, there are other important things that you should know to make your essays better.

Now the information that you will read is the average estimation. Some people might do better after reading this, and some people will take time for practice.

Avarage time to write an essay with various word limit.

Essay word limit Average time to complete the essay
400-800 words20 minutes – 50 minutes
800-1000 words 50 minutes – 75 minutes
1000-1200 words 75 minutes – 90 minutes
1000-1500 words 80 minutes – 120 minutes
1500-2500 words 100 minutes – 160 minutes
2500* plus words160 minutes – 240 minutes
Average time for writing an essay with a suitable word limit.

400 – 800 words essay writing time.

The given word limit can easily be written in 30-35 minutes as students only have to write general things about the topic, and it takes only 4-5 pages. Mostly in schools, these types of essay questions are asked.

Structure with time duration.

  • Short introduction(100-150 words) – 10 minutes
  • Body of essay (250-300 words) – 20 -30 minutes
  • Conclusion(100-200 words) – 10 minutes

800- 1000 words essay writing time

This 1000 words essay long format essay may take some time to write down these essays, but you can easily do it in under an hour. Higher school students and college students are these types of essays to write.

Structure with time duration

  • Introduction(200-250 words) – 15 minutes
  • Body of essay (400-500 words) – 25-40 minutes
  • Conclusion(200-250 words) – 10-15 minutes

1000 – 1200 words essay writing time.

1000-1200 words essay is generally asked in competitive exams for government jobs. To make your essay better, you need to practice because writing these essays decides your marks in the exams.

Structure with time duration

  • Introduction(300-350 words) – 20 minutes
  • Body of essay (500-700 words) – 30-50minutes
  • Conclusion(200-300 words) – 15-20 minutes

1000 – 1500 words essay writing time.

Essays up to 1500 words are complex to write. You may need time to think out the points and include a lot more stuff, such as data, facts, current affairs if required. These types of essays are asked for top-class government jobs.

  • Introduction(400-450 words) – 25- 30 minutes
  • Body of essay (600-800 words) – 50-70 minutes
  • Conclusion(300-350 words) – 20-25 minutes

1500 – 2500 words essay writing time.

Writing this word limit essay is not an easy task. You have to keep patience while writing 2000 words. Because you may get diverted from the topic, also you have to include a lot of references, data, and information to reach up to 2500 words.

  • Introduction(500 -600 words) – 30-40 minutes
  • Body of essay (1000- 1200 words) – 60-70 minutes
  • Conclusion(400-500 words) – 20- 30 minutes

2500* words essay writing time

Anyone will rarely write a 2500* plus words essay because it can take hours to do it. Most importantly, one should have tremendous deep knowledge about a topic to write this big essay. This type of essay is written commonly for competitions.

  • Introduction(600-800 words) – 60-70 minutes
  • Body of essay (1500-2000 words) – 80-120 minutes
  • Conclusion(700-800) – 40-60 minutes

Things to include in your essays.

How Long Does It Take To Write An Essay

There are certain things that you must include in your essays to get the highest marks possible. You can have a look below to implement them in your essays.

  • Include quotes or saying by famous people and that should be relevent to the topic.
  • You must include data, and other relevent information that should give a proof that you have a very good knowledge about a topic.
  • If you are writing an essay in exam must include the government publised data and make infrographic to make your work impactful.
  • Always write in present tense as if your are making a conversation with the reader. This will engage the them to read further.
  • Make sure don’t overwrite or cancel the wrong words on essay because it will make the overall apppreacnce bad.

For more information about essay writing, you can read this post about essay length and how you can increase them easily.

How to write essays quickly?

To write an essay quickly, you need to do only one thing, and that is practice. There’s a common saying that ” practice makes perfect,” and that is correct.

To write your essay fast than others with perfection, here’s what you have to do.

  • Read newpapers and watch news as more as possible because majority of essays are asked from the current topics. And doing do you have all the information you need to put in your essays.
  • Start practicing writing with small topics as an essay first you can write a 500 words essay. But don’t worry about the time rather then focus on the writing your content.
  • Read toppers essays as they are easily available on the internet just download their pdf and analayse them how they have written it include tense, information and others factors as well.
  • Watch youtube videos for getting some knowledge on essay writing as their are thousands of videos available on the internet and all of them are free to watch.

What to do if there’s no word limit given on the essay type questions?

If there’s no word limit given on the essay-type question, you can see the marks and write accordingly to that.

In the table below, I have mentioned how many words you have to write to get the highest marks in the asked essay.

Essay word limit Maximum marks given
400-800 words8-10 marks
800-1000 words 20-25 marks
1000-1200 words 30-50 marks
1000-1500 words 35-60 marks
1500-2500 words 70-100 marks
2500* plus words100* plus marks
Average words to write on the essay if the word limit is not given.

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