Hello to all those people who are preparing for the CGPSC exam for the next year. In this article, I have listed the important points and ideas to share with you about preparing for the CGPSC exam in just one year.

prepare for cgpsc exam

Now, many people will think that the syllabus is too vast to cover and all those coaching institutions and many people say that it takes about 2 years or 1 and half years to cover all the things, including the revision.

Not only CGPSC but also in every competitive exam if any board rolls out the advertisement each year to cover the vacant posts. It means that the preparation can be done in 1 year or less.

But many aspirants have confused that they cannot cover all the topics and study in a year for this exam. Let’s see what you need to do to prepare for cgpsc.

To prepare for the cgpsc exam, you need to be disciplined, follow a particular routine, make your own strategy, revise after completing any topic, and improve your personality with positive thinking. These are the quality is that CGPSC board is looking for in any person.

Before moving further, I want to clarify that these tips will work on any CGPSC exams and other exams such as UPSC, GATE, SSC, etc. Because most of the exam has a similar pattern with the various syllabus, the recruitment process is the same.

So don’t be confused that these tips will not work on any exam.

8 Must-Follow Tips to prepare for cgpsc exam

1.Don’t wait for the notification

The notification of the cgpsc exam is generally published in October or November. Instead of waiting for the notification, you can start preparing for the exam if you have made your mind to clear it.

For example, the final students and graduated students give this exam for the first time. Just download the old syllabus, purchase study materials, and prepare if you have made your mind.

Most final year students get their results in August, so don’t wait for the official notification. Instead, if you cover any one of the subjects, the burden will be less for you. Also, if there is a change in the syllabus, it will be minor. For the major changes in the syllabus, the CGPSC will inform you months before.

CGPSC Official Website Notification

2. Read The Syllabus Carefully

Before you study anything, please look at the official notification or syllabus carefully. In the syllabus, all the topics are given points-wise, so study only those asked for the exam.

The CGPSC Board take various class A and B exams, so there is are a lot of difference among each exam syllabus. Mostly General Studies syllabus is the same as every exam; Paper 1 and Paper 2 can be related to the post you choose.

Also, no book source is mentioned in the notification, so you have to get the best and authentic book sources to get to the top. You can take the help of toppers as they have shared the book info in several blogs and youtube videos.

Cgpsc Syllabus Page

3. Get The Best Books

To prepare for the CGPSC exam, almost 5-6 books are available in the market for each subject. Many aspirants get confused while purchasing a book with some other book and their friend a different book for the same subject.

Don’t worry about the exam if you have a Vrihad Sandarbh book, and if your friend has Samagra Chattisgarh Book, it does not mean that one is better than the other. The book has nice content and information in it and doesn’t mean that it will affect your result or something.

The main thing here is to stick to any one book and read it through till the end. Never go for mixing up two of the book because rather than making your doubts clear, it will confuse you more.

Get Details Of All The Booklist For CGPSC exam.

4. Download the Surveys

The data from various surveys done by the government are most important to prepare for cgpsc exam. The MCQ type paper has a lot of factual questions asked directly from the economic survey.

Many aspirants don’t focus on reading all those surveys and due that they find giving very hard. The economic survey and other surveys like a forest, agriculture, etc., are critical to reading.

You can either download them from the website or buy them from any government library. In many books, some time and important data are given incorrect, so to cross-check, you can use surveys to verify your answer.

Download Important Surveys

Name Of SurveyDownload Links
Economic Survey 2020-2021Download
Economic Survey 2019-2020Download
Chhattisgarh Budget 2019-2020Download
Cg Labour Child SurveyDownload

5. Make Notes And Try To Make Shorter.

While you prepare for cgpsc exam, making notes is an important step to make things easier. As per my point of view, you cannot clear any exam without making your own notes.

Notes help us in many ways, such as it clears the doubts, helps us while we revise anything, saves our time when we start making notes and doesn’t worry about the handwriting and presentation because only you will read them.

Also, make your notes on blank pages or A4 pages and leave some space to update it if you found anything new to a particular topic. You can also shorten your notes if you feel you know about several things.

6. Make A Plan And Stick To It.

Many people will say that you have to study for long hours, like 9-10 hours daily, to clear any competitive exam. But to prepare for a cgpsc exam or any exam, it’s up to an individual how quickly they understand a topic.

Many of us take hours to clear particular topics, and for some, we only take 15-20 minutes to clear. Every individual has a different mindset, and their catching power also varies from each other.

So that’s why to make a plan to clear your topic rather than study for long hours. You may study 3 subjects daily but not more than that. Also, make shorter aims to read during the starting of your preparation. Later you can increase your study hours.

7. Get Old Question Papers

If you have started preparing for the cgpsc exam, don’t miss getting the old question papers. The previous year’s question papers help a lot while you prepare for the exams.

The old question papers help us to get ideas about the questions that were asked in the exam. Also, Solving some model question papers will help you during the exams to solve them accurately.

Before a month or two, you should also give mock tests to improve your efficiency. With the mock test, you will gain confidence and solve questions without any problems in the main exam.

8. Revision

The most important part is to prepare for the CGPSC exam. As soon as you read any topic, first of all, revise the day or 1 hour later after you have completed that particular topic.

Later onwards you should revise that topic after one day, then one week and lastly after one month. If you follow this strategy, I bet you there is no way that you will forget anything during the exam.

During the revision, never use your books. Always take the help of your notes to cover the topics easily.

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