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Once you receive passing certificates from your college, it’s time to get your degree certificate from the university. Most students receive their degrees in convocation ceremonies. Still, those who have pursued their education thru distance mode or did not receive their certificates due to any reason can apply to get their degree certificates.

To get your degree certificate, you have to apply thru your university websites by filling an online or offline form. You have to upload all the previous educational documents and pay a small number of fees. Then it will take 10-15 days to get your documents verified and your degree through the postal service.

Let’s see a step-by-step procedure to get your degree certificate if this is your first time. I will start with the documents here.

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Documents you need to get your degree certificate.

Generally, many universities ask you to upload the previous year’s mark sheets of the course you studied in that university. But here are some essential documents that you might need to submit.

  • All semester or previous years pass certificates.
  • ID proof.
  • Photo.
  • Signature.
Note:- Some universities also ask high school certificates and higher secondary to verify age and name.

How to apply online?

Follow these steps to get your degree certificate online.

  • Visit the university or college website.
  • Do registration.
  • Pay the fees.
  • Upload all important documents.
  • Wait for the confirmation mail.

How to apply offline?

If your college website is not working or under maintenance, you can also fill out forms available in colleges and universities. Just do as mentioned in the state, and get your degree.

However, after digitization, most colleges have formed to give students a degree. In that case, you can write a letter for your degree certificate.

Visit this site to know how you can write a letter for your degree certificate.

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How much time it takes to get your degree certificate?

Most students think that getting a degree certificate is the same as getting your passing certificate, but there are many differences between the two.

It takes 6-8 months for students to get their original degree in their hands.

The main reason is that degree certificates are only published once the university has conducted all the examinations of a particular session consisting of re-examination, back exams, re-totaling, supplementary, and other students’ exams.

And students who all fail in a particular session are excluded from getting the degree.

Now students who are eligible to get their degree certificate apply, and after 10-15 days, they get their degree certificate thru the postal mail.

What procedure does university follow to send the degree certificates to students?

Steps that a university follows to provide or send you the degrees.

  • When you apply for the degree certificate online or offline it goes to the department in 2-3 day.
  • Then they varify the details and match them with details stored in their database.
  • As the detail get matched the degree is publised in your name it goes to chancellor or vice chancellor for the final approval and they sign it.
  • Then university send degree by post to your given address.
  • It takes 10-15 days because they send it thru normal post.
Note: However if you are in urgency you can get your degree certificate by paying some extra fees. Most universities provide this facility. 

What to do if you have not received your degree certificate?

After applying, if you haven’t received the degree certificate in 20-30 days, you can contact the university.

You can write a letter or visit the university with an application copy that you have submitted for your degree.

In most cases, if the students have given wrong or incorrect details, the degree certificate is returned to the university, which leads to pending for this procedure.

Why university send degree certificate thru postal services?

The biggest reason would be to maintain the students’ privacy as the degree is one of the most important documents for a student.

And postal service is one of the best ways to send essential documents for any organization. That’s why they send it thru postal services.

Frequently asked questions

Can you get a duplicate degree certificate?

By writing a simple letter for a duplicate degree certificate you can get it in 10-15 days.

What is written on the degree certificate?

Student name, division, and college name are written on the degree certificate.

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