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To become a doctor in India, you need to clear the all-India level exam called NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test ), Right! But most of the students get confused about whether they should take a gap for neet or sit in the exam in the particular year after the 12th exams.

So Should You Take A Year Gap For Neet Exam? Yes, If you want to clear the neet exam with a high cutoff to get your preferred college, you should take a year gap. Every year millions of students in India give this entrance exam.

But some students might have thought taking a gap year is risky!

No it’s not if you study well there’s very less possibility of that you will not crack the exam.

Let’s see some of the main points that you should know about if you are taking a year gap for NEET exam.

Why Should You Take A One Year Gap For NEET Exam?

You should take one year gap for NEET exam because doing so can increase your chances to get better rank and you can choose to study in among of the top most medical colleges in India.

Considering the NEET exam syllabus, it is vast, and only a few students who all are constant in their studies throughout the year can pass this exam.

Generally students fill form in their 12th STD and we all know the importance of class 12th. Along with that if you study for cracking NEET it will require much handwork from you.

So taking a one-year gap for preparing for this exam is justified. And I think 6 months is enough to crack any exam.

If you have not cleared the exam in your first attempt, don’t lose hope as most students don’t clear on their first try, but later on, I have seen many of them have cleared with 1st rank.

What Should You Do If You Have Taken Gap For NEET Exam?

If you have taken a gap now it’s time to do several things.

  • Join any coaching institute for a year.
  • Take Unacademy’s online subscription if you don’t want to join offline classes.
  • Read the syllabus carefully and analyze the topics which you think are hard.
  • Make small targets and achieve them.
  • Do revision of each topic after reading and before starting the new one.
  • Solve as many questions as you can after studying.
  • Give mock test.

Can You Take Gap For NEET for more than 1 year?

Yes, you can take a gap for NEET for more than one year if you didn’t pass the exam on your first attempt. Most students go join any coaching institutes after completing the 10th class so that they can get an extra 1 year for the preparation.

In those 2 years, their primary focus is to prepare for the NEET, not to study for the 12th class. However, 12th class results are important to sit in this exam, so they do their schooling privately or say using correspondence course.

Things that most people ask.

How many time can I give NEET exam?

As per the ministry of education and NEET, you can give the NEET entrance exam three times. Till the age of 25, if you belong to general and OBC and for the unreserved category can give this exam till 30 years of age.

How much should be the 12th percentage for giving NEET exam?

For general category – 50%
For ST/SC/OBC – 40%

But the percentage is only calculated of four subjects Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and English.

Can You Give NEET Exam After 5-7 years of Gap?

Yes, you can give this exam if all three attempts are not expired, but if you belong to the general category, make sure to give this exam before 25 years of age, and the unserved category can give till 30 years of age.

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