NEET(National Eligibility Entrance Test) is a medical entrance exam, and each year about 1 -1.5 million students attempt it to get a seat in medical colleges across the country.

FREE NEET Coaching

Most of the students depend on coaching to clear this exam, yet 70-80 % of students do coaching for a year or more to get close to the cut-off marks.

But as we all know, education is not so cheap in India, and for that, students need to pay lakhs of rupees to a coaching institute for coaching.

But here in this post, I will discuss some of the platforms you can use to get Free Neet Coaching, so read till the end to clear all your doubts.

Should You Take A Year Gap For NEET Exam?

What are free Neet coaching platforms?

Well, as we all know, people are now more inclined towards digital platforms to do most of the things and among them, getting an education is on top priority.

Now for preparation for Neet exams, you have to do these things.

  • Study NECRT books deeply.
  • Study some refenece books.
  • Watch video lectures.
  • Solve MCQ question as many you can.
  • Revision at least three times.

I have gathered some free platforms that might help you get free neet materials to do all these things.

Requirements for Neet examSources.
NCERT free booksClick Here
Reference booksLink -1
Link -2
Link -3
Video LecturesYoutube Channels
LearnoHub | Exam Fear channel
Etoos Education
Vedantu Biotonic for NEET
Neet MCQ’sClick Here
Revision Click Here
free Neet coaching materials and platform.

The links provided above are all from external sources and provide free materials you people require for Neet coaching.

Does Government Provide Free Study Materials For NEET?

Talking about the government, yes, they provide free neet coaching to students who have eligibility.

  • Students those who belong economic weaker seactions.
  • Students who belong to tribal areas or reserved catogories.
  • Students who have got scholarships or good in acedamics.

Various state governments have made several programs that offer free coaching to students, but most students do not know about it due to a lack of awareness.

To get a scholarship or free coaching in your area, you can visit the nearby district education office and ask if the government is running programs of free coaching or not.

Other than that, you can also use online modes such as visiting your district government website. Most of them publish news related to free scholarships and coaching, or visiting state education websites might also help you out.

For the district website, you need to type –

Besides all this, the government agency that conducts NEET and other exams across the country also provides free study materials. You can have a look using this link.

These are free lectures that NTA provides with the collaboration of highly qualified teachers and professors from various IITs in India.

Is Free Neet Coaching Better Than Paid One?

It does not matter where you study, but the thing matter is how you learn. So as per my opinion, whether coaching is free or paid, if the resources and your preparation are reasonable, you can crack any exam.

On average, if you join any reputed coaching for NEET, it will cost you about 1.5 – 2 lakhs INR per year. Here I have excluded other expenses such as hostel, food, and additional accommodation costs.

So if you want don’t want to join any paid coaching classes, you can learn it from the internet quickly.

Things You Need To Spend Money On.

Free materials include.

  • PDF.
  • Video Lectures.
  • Mock Test.
  • Refrence books.

These are all digital products but talking about free materials such as hardcover books, paper for making notes and other stationery products which can cost about 5000-7000 INR.

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