So I purchased my first laptop when I graduated from high school. Back then, I no nothing about earning money online. During that time, I also didn’t have a proper internet connection.

Earn money with laptop

But as I spent more and more time on my pc, I learned about amazing ideas that you can earn money with a laptop and internet connection.

So if you are a student or jobless guy looking for a job, you can do these things. But make sure you have a decent laptop atlest

To earn money with a laptop and internet connection, you have to do various things listed below.

  1. Logo Designing
  2. Video Editing.
  3. Music Production
  4. Web Designing.
  5. Sell Affiliate Products.
  6. Blogging.
  7. Lead Generation On Social Media.
  8. Sell Digital Products.

Those are some amazing ideas from where you can earn money with a laptop and internet connection. To know more about this topic let’s see some detailed information.

Here are 7 ways from where you can earn money with your laptop.

1. Logo Designing

earn money with laptop

Designing a logo is an easy job if you have some knowledge about designing Applications such as Photoshop, Corel Draw, Or Illustrator. There is some software also which is only made for creating logos. You have to drag and drop some icons and text to make logos.

How to Earn money with logo designing

  • First, you need to buy software or an application like photoshop, illustrator, Indesign. Don’t download a crack version because it may cause some damage to your laptop.
  • Secondly, If you know only basics you can learn advanced things from youtube a ton of free videos is available there.
  • Lastly, once you become a pro and if you can design the logo’s very easily then sell it to them on platforms like Fiverr and Freelancer.
  • You can also make an Insta or Fb page to sell your logos . Some promotion with 100-500rs will gain you costomers.

2. Video Editing

earn money with laptop

We watch many videos on youtube daily but do you know half of the videos are edited by the paid method. Not every youtube creator edits their videos. They hire an agency or a freelancer to edit their videos.

If you how videos on youtube are edited, you can make money easy with your laptop and internet. The best thing about editing youtube videos is that they are short and mostly require any high-end editing.

You can also take big projects once you have collected and a good amount of money. But to deal with those you have purchased some high-end computers and need a staff to do that.

How to Earn money with Video Editing

  • You need some software for video editing also you should have a laptop with least 4 GB ram and a dedicated graphics card. Below this specification, you cannot jump into this field.
  • Once you got your PC now it’s time to install some software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Filmora. Filmora is the best for editing youtube videos. And if you got MacBook then you get preinstalled apps already for video editing.
  • You can advertise your service either with the website or directly asking the person with email. Most people share their email details in their videos. Or you can find them in the about the section in youtube.

3. Music Production

earn money with laptop

People with a passion for music can earn money with their laptops and the internet to make music. You can produce music and can sell them on various platforms to earn your pocket money.

Later if you want, you can make this hobby your business. But it takes time to make your brand and authority in the market.

You can make music and upload it on youtube to get some publicity. Also, if you want to take credit, then you can mention it there on youtube. If you create good music, you can sell them later to other people.

How to earn money with Audio Production

  • Buy an audio production software first if you are in this filed then you probably know about FL Studio, Abelton Live, and Logic Pro. These are the top three music-making software. Get any one of them and start making music.
  • As I told you can upload your music on youtube and SoundCloud to share it with others. Once your music gets popular then you can go for paid work.
  • There are many platforms where you can sell your music after getting popularity. Platforms like:- Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play are the best.

4. Web Designing

earn money with laptop

You have learned web designing; then you can earn money online. I don’t have toare many ideas with those in the field of this because they all know how to make money online if they know about the websites.

But to give you a general idea, if you are new to this field, you can look at my ideas.

How to earn money with web designing.

  • For Web Designing, you can use WordPress and elementor to make great websites. It’s easy to use and more than 35 % website runs on it globally.

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  • A person who knows how to design a website can promote the service on his own website itself. You can mention on your website what service you provide to people.
  • Other than that there are other services such as hosting and domain names that you can sell separately.
  • If you design a website for clients then you can leave your name below the website of a cleint. If someone visits their site the they can see you name and hire you for their projects.

5. Sell Affiliate Products

earn money with laptop

Selling products with the exchange of links is possible. If you have many followers and friends on your social media, you can share the links of affiliate products to earn money.

You can sell affiliate products in your Fb group or Insta group, or even your social media page if you have any. Just remember one thing sells only those products which have some relevance to your post or niche.

Because simply copy-pasting the link from one place to another will not work for you to make money online with your laptop. Considering one thing that in this many people are working, so competition is also there.

How to Make Money with Selling Affiliate products.

  • To become an affiliate and sell products online you just have to search If the site appears and says you to signup or login then you can join any website.
  • Write some quality content in your blogs about the product you are selling. Also, ry to give your honest review of the product to be fake because people will spot you.
  • You can also give links to your products in your youtube channel in the description of the video.

6. Blogging

earn money with laptop

I have been blogging for 3 years now. I had to face many challenges when I started it. Back then, I was not aware of blogging, how this works, and how to earn money from it.

But as I started writing articles, I watched many videos on youtube regarding blogging, SEO, and rankings. Now I have been earning quite well for some time.

But for those who don’t know anything about it, you can watch several videos on youtube and ready to go and start with the scratch.

How to Make Money with Blogging.

  • To start blogging you need to choose a platform Blogger or WordPress. Choose WordPress to get the best experience. WordPress is one of the best open-source free Content management system. I personally use this to.
  • Now you need only two things to start your own blog the first thing is domain name and second is a hosting.
  • Then Choose a niche(Topic) to write an article on. Make sure to choose a low competitive niche when you start your first blog.
  • Now Write some blog posts on your blog. Once you have written 20-30 blogpost you can monetize it with Adsense and other affiliate links.

7. Lead Generation

earn money with laptop

To earn money with the laptop, you can do lead generation. In this, you have to identify the customers and promote the products based upon their interests.

With this method of earning, you can earn a lot, but this technique also needs some amount of investment. To get the potential consumers for any leads, you need to do a lot of hard work.

With this method, you can earn a huge amount of money if you implement all the ideas correctly.

How to earn money with lead generation.

  • You can earn a decent amount of money with lead generation. First of all, choose a platform. It could be anything like a blog, social media page, or even a youtube channel.
  • Try to give nonprofit services during the initial phase. You can design a free website and refer your clients to buy hosting from your links this way you will get money.
  • Write the blogs to help other to get leads. This is the best working way to get leads as people will search it on the web.

Investment To Earn money with laptop

You need to spend some amount of money to earn with your laptop. Expenses can be on anything such as:

  • The software you need for designs
  • Internet services.
  • Advertisement money
  • Hosting Charges.
  • Domain registration charges and much more.

other than that, there may be several things that can cost you very to person to person.

If you are a student, I don’t think it’s good to invest more than 5000 Rs on these things. Later if you get work to do, you can manage all things properly.

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