UPSC and every civil service have the last stage named the “Personal Interview” after clearing this stage only the aspirants can clear the full exam. In the personal interview, there is no syllabus and due to that, the only thing that matters is your appearance and awareness.

Here in this article you will get to know about how should you get dressed for your UPSC interview. These tips will also work for those who all are appearing in any state board exam or any private sectors job interview.

So what should be the dress code for Civil Services and UPSC Interview?

A Person who is giving an interview should wear clean ironed clothes with no stains and pattern on them. Male should wear formal light shirts with dark-colored pants and a tie. Females can go for a plain saree or kurta of a light color with no embroidery on it.

Now you may have got a general idea about the dress code for UPSC and civil services exams. To know more in detail you can read further this article.

So I have collected some information on this topic from various other articles, forums and groups on the internet.

Dress Code For Men In Interview

As I’ve told you in the above few lines, men’s dress code should be a light color formal shirt with dark color pant and tie.

You can also use suits if you want to look more professional, but we all know that suits are quite expensive if it’s fits in your budget you have water. Let’s look at some of the dress colors that you can choose if your interview is near.


Wearing suits in the interview is completely optional however it gives you extra confidence during the interview and makes you look more professional but it is completely optional for you to buy.

suits for civil services and upsc

I did not find any good brand on amazon for the suit so if you want to buy an online readymade suit you can buy from Flipkart from here.


  • Light Blue Formal Shirt
blue shirts for civil services and upsc
Raymond Light Blue Short For Interview

This shirt is from Raymond and this brand is one of the finest and most popular in India you can buy this shirt from amazon and also can see other options as well.

But as far the light blue color is concerned it is most popular among the aspirants who give exams and it is most wore formal shirts by people.

  • Light Red Formal Shirt
red shirt for civil services and upsc
Light Red Shirts For Interview

The other option you can opt for is a light red shirt however most people do not choose it because the color of the shirt kind of leans towards pink. But you can look different from others if you wear this shirt on your interview.

This shirt is from Raymond the same as the first one you can buy from amazon.


No doubt that with white or light shirts you should always carry a dark pant. And here are some best brands of pants that you can pick up for your interviews.

  • Navy Color Formal Pants
navy pant for civil services and upsc
Navy pants for Interviews

Navy color pants are a classic and universal choice for most people who wear formal clothes very likely. I have personally seen it in my home because my elder brothers are in government jobs and buy navy color pants.

Other than that you can wear these pants with any other light color shirt you want. But always buy branded clothes as it has good quality clothes also the fabric does not fade much quicker than the cheaper ones.

There are many brands that you can buy pants but the most popular and best ones are Louis Philippe, Van Heusen, Park Avenue, and Peter England.

  • Black Formal Pants
black pants for civil services and upsc

Black is the one of the most bought cloth fabric as this fabric is best for every occasion and taking about the pants it is commonly bought color by people.

Just like the navy color you can match this pants with every shirt color and also it is best for day to day wear.

These pants can be seen on amazon if you are interested you can buy these ones from here.

So I have discussed about 2 pants and 2 shirts colors above there are others choices as well that you can buy from online and offline market but make sure to buy decent colors for your interview.

However, the clothes we buy from the market are loose either in some areas such as waste, shoulders or legs to get it foxed we have to go to the tailor to make the right fit.


Your tie should also not contains patterns such flowers and eye catching big patter you can use tie of black or dark blue color.

tie for civil services and upsc

Dress Code For Women In Interview

As a boy, I don’t know much about clothes that girls choose but as per UPSC Rules and information from the web here’s what I got.


Girls can choose traditional wear for giving interviews and if you have some doubts here are some choices for you that I asked some friends and my sister.

The first outfit you can wear in any interview as a girl is a plain saree. See I don’t have any type of knowledge related to sarees but your outfit should be a of plain material and should not have any embroidery on it.

Here are some sarees that you can buy for your interview.

saree for civil services and upsc
Sarees for interview.

There are many options for saree that you can buy online from eCommerce sites such as Myntra, FlipKart, ad Amazon.

Salwar kurta

Suits are the commonly wore outfit for girls after sarees. There is no problem if you wear these instead of sarees but as I told you your clothes should look admirable avoid party wear suits for your interviews.

kurta for civil services and upsc
Kurta Suit Martials for Interview

Does Looks Matter In An Interview?

You should no be concern about your looks while giving UPSC or any interview as the interview board will check your knowledge and how your personality is. They will never judge you on basis of your color , height, race or caste.

However you can work on your physical appearance such as clothes, Hair, Nails and shoes.

There are some extraordinary people who have become IAS And IPS Officers in the past.

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Things To Remember While Going For Interview.

For Males

  • Shave Before Interview and never go with a beard in an interview unless you belong to a religious community such as Sikhs.
  • Keep your clothes washed and ironed before one day of your interview.
  • Don’t wear tight clothes if you bought ready-made clothes make them loose with a help of a tailor.
  • Don’t use too much deodorant or perfume.
  • Get a simple haircut, not a stylish one.
  • Wear Well-polished shoes avoid chappals and sandals.
  • Don’t wear any accessories on your hands or necks such as lockets unless it is related to any religion.
  • Cover your tattoos well or remove them if possible.
  • Avoid sports and digital watches use a decent analog watch.
  • Always keep a pen with you.
  • Keep a napkin with you.

For Females

  • Use less makeup or no makeup.
  • Avoid coloring your hairs with bright colors keep them natural before the interview.
  • Don’t wear any golden or flashy jewelry.
  • Avoid Heels use chappals or office sandals.

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