Documents Required For College Admission

If you have recently passed or graduated from high school, you will probably find a college admission. So to get admission to any college, either you have to give entrance exams or directly get admissions thru paid seats.

But before applying or getting admission to any college, you need to gather some important documents that a student should have to get admission.

It does not matter either if you get admission thru entrance exams or directly. You must submit these pieces of paper to enter inside any institution or university.

So in this post, I have mentioned all documents required for college admission to make any mistakes when taking admission to the college.

What are all documents required for college admission?

The several important documents that a university demands to grant admission are as follows:-

  • A high school or higher seconadry school passing certificate.
  • Entrance exam test scores(SAT, ACT, MAT, GRE and GMAT)
  • Id proof or citizenship proof (such as social security number ).
  • Recent photograph.
  • Driving licence.
  • Medical certificate.
  • Character certificate.
  • Transfer certificate.
  • Migration Certificate(optional)
  • Parents Income proof(optional)

Lets’s take a look at each of the documents in detail and know what importance they have.

High school and higher secondary certificate

Higher secondary school certificates are vital to get admission to colleges. Without this, you won’t start your college life.

Marks in the 12th grade decide your fate about the college as top colleges worldwide prefer students who have secured good marks percentage above 70% percentage.

That’s why one needs to get good marks in the 12th grade.

You should read this post if you got fewer marks in your 12th grade to increase your percentile.

Entrance exam test score ( SAT, ACT, MAT, GRE, and GMAT )

Several exams like SAT, CAT, MAT, GRE, and GMAT CAAT are taken by various international colleges and universities to take students from various countries. You don’t have to give this exam if you belong to the Indian subcontinent.

If you want to get into Harvard or Oxford university, you need to give several exams and secure good marks.

To get into the topmost colleges globally, you need to work hard on these exams and get the highest marks as the acceptance rate is too low.

Other than that, if you are an Indian here and get into top colleges, students need to sit in exams like NEET, IIT-JEE, CAT, etc.

ID proof or social security number

Id proof has to be submitted while taking admissions as it tells about the nationality of a person. Also, it has vital information, which includes biometrics and other personal details. Using ID proof, universities can verify a person.

Recent photographs

Here the recent photograph means your photo should be at least 2-3 months old before getting college admission.

When I was in college, most students use to submit their old photos don’t do this. Because the photo you will submit will be printed on the various certificates published by the university.

Driving licence

It is not compulsory to provide a driving license to college, but in lack of other ID proof, you can submit this as a driving license also have important details including your blood, group, address, and all.

Medical certificate

Medical certification is not that important if you are not suffering from any critical disease such as blood sugar or cancer. Universities may ask you to submit these documents if you are physically disabled or have a serious disease.

Character certificate

A character certificate is an important piece of document, and many universities ask for this certificate to submit it during the time of admission.

By using this document, they will know about your character in the previous school if it was bad or good and according to that they will grant you admission.

Transfer certificate

Transfer certificate is also known by TC and is it given when you are passed out from higher secondary or if you want to take admission in any new school or college.

It is provided only once, so keep this document carefully with you; otherwise, you won’t get admission without this.

Migration certificate

A migration certificate is used when you move from school to college or from one board of education to another board of education. This document is also submitted originally.

Parents income certificate

If you have got a scholarship or your financial background is not good the to reduce some percentage of fees, you may be asked to submit the proof of income of your parents. In that case, you need to show the income certificate.

Do you need to submit original documents?

Talking about the original documents, you need to submit these documents as the original.

  • Transfer creditficate.
  • Migration certificate.
  • Medical certificate.
  • Photograph.

These documents are to be submitted as original because they verify your identity, and the university may ask them during the first time of admission.

On the other hand, there are other documents that universities or colleges will ask for, as xerox copies include.

  • 12th grade marksheet.
  • Id card.
  • Entrance exam result.
  • Driving licence.

These documents are important, and you have to submit their copies during the time of admission.

Note:– During the time of admission, you need to take all the original documents with you as college authorities verify before them during the paperwork.

What are all documents required for college admission in Foreign countries?

If you want to study in foreign countries such UK, USA, CANADA, you have first given the entrance exam of that particular country. The arrange these below documents to study abroad.

  • Passport.
  • Students Visa.
  • International students card.
  • Internation certificate for vacations.
  • Entrance exam or eligibility exam taken by a perticular country.
  • Student loan documents (optional)
  • Income Certifcate of gaurdian.
  • Medical certificate.
  • Language certificate (English).
  • Previous year marksheets,degree or certificates.

These are documents that a student needs to study in any country in the world.

How much money will it cost to gather all the documents?

Students who want to study in their own country have no expenditure to gather the documents; however, it varies in which college you want to take admission.

But if you want to competitive exams and make other documents such as medical and income certificate it can cost you around $100 – $200 in some cases can go on the higher side.

What if you lost your documents before college admission?

If you have lost your documents before college admission, you may be in a lot of trouble because you have to do many things.

  • File a missing document FIR in police station.
  • Write an application to your school authories to provide you a duplicate set of documents.
  • Apply online to get duplicate results.

These things can help you to get your documents quickly if you want to know about the full procedure the click here to read about getting your lost college certificate easily.

Is a character certificate important to get admission to any college?

Character certificate tells about the students behaviors with their previous teachers. If you submit this to a college, the chances are more for you to get admission to the college.

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