Are you looking forward to learning digital marketing on google garage?

If you are, then before starting that, you must know about the digital marketing course review from my side?

But if you don’t know anything about google garage and digital marketing, read this full article.

Google garage is a free online marketing training platform for people to become digital experts online. There are 125 courses on the platform that you can go for.

This course review will tell you about the digital marketing course, why you should learn it, and its advantages and disadvantages. So let’s begin…

Digital Marketing Course Review

Google fundamentals of digital marketing is a free course where people can learn the basics of digital marketing. As per the course review, this course is good for those people who want to grow their business digitally. You should definitely go for this if you are a shop owner or a student.

digital marketing Course Review

Let’s talk in more detail about what these courses offer you

  • There are 26 modules or lessons in this course.
  • The average time to complete this course is 40 hrs as per google. But I completed this course in less than 1 day.
  • This course is only for beginners not for those who have advance knowledge about the website, Seo, and other stuff.
  • Once you completed the course you will get a certification in the PDF format.

So now you know about the general information related to the fundamentals of digital marketing. But there are some cons and pros when you do this course.

Structure of this course

The structure of fundamental digital marketing courses is distributed in modules, and under that, there are short lessons. Once you complete each module, you have to answer certain questions only after you can move ahead.


Modules are nothing but the units which contain various topics about digital marketing. There are 26 modules. Some contain 4-6 lessons.


There is a total of 106 lessons in 26 modules. In each lesson, you will see a video, and once you complete watching the video, you have to answer related to them.

Final Exam

The last stage of this course is the final exam. Once you completed all the lessons, you have to give the exam. The exam has MCQs questions, and there is 40 question total asked in the exam.

Out of that 40 questions, you have to give 32 correct answers to pass the exam and get a certificate.

What happens when if you give wrong answers?

Everyone makes mistakes. I also did not clear this exam on the first attempt. If you gave the wrong answers, don’t worry. You can attempt the exam again, but the questions may be changed if you do so.

Cons and Pros of Google digital unlocked course.

Remember, after completing a module, you have to give answers as well.

So let’s see what the cons and pros of this course in detail are.


Google’s Fundamentals of digital marketing course have some cons. It’s better if you know them before going thru it.

  • These courses are not made to get you a job.
  • You will not get a certificate to deliver to the home.
  • You have to give 32 answers correctly.
  • Only available in English.


Now let’s see the pros of doing this course.

  • This course is free of cost you don’t have to pay for anything not for the certification also.
  • As soon as you give the final exam and get passed you will get your certification.
  • You can make your CV/Resume Stronger by doing this course.
  • You can help others in digital marketing if you get deep into this.
  • This course will enhance your digital skills and you can be more confident to move your business online.

Things to keep in mind while you learn about digital unlocked certification.

Don’t search for the answers.

While learning this course while giving answers, do not lose hope when it goes incorrect. At the same time, I was doing this course. I never try to cheat on this exam, so I request you not to do the same.

Many people are searching for the answers to the questions asked in the final exams because after a long session of 26 modules; you have to give an exam. To get their certificate fas people try to pass easily by searching for the answers in other sites.

If any answer you give is incorrect, don’t worry. You will get an unlimited number of chances to do it right.

Language of this course

This course is only available in various languages worldwide like Africans, Spanish, Turkish, etc. But not in native languages like Hindi, Tamil, or Telugu.

But still, if you don’t want any certificate, you can use youtube as a learning platform to learn about digital marketing in the native languages. Still, you won’t get a certificate there.

Are there any other certifications like Google’s Fundamentals of digital marketing?

The answer is No; there are no other certification courses that google garage offers on their platform. But remember I said certification courses, you can still about multiple courses in this.


Thousands of people have done this course and learned about various ways to make their business online. Now it’s up to you whether you want to learn about this course or not. I hope that this digital marketing course review would help you.

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