Difference between private and regular students

If you have just cleared your 12th grade or 12th class and most probably thinking of taking admission in any college.

But confused about whether you should take regular or private courses and don’t know about this topic, then read this blog post until the end, and your every doubt will be cleared?

First, here, you will get to know about the difference between private and regular students. You will read further many other things related to this topic.

What Is private course?

In the private courses, students don’t have to visit the college every day. They have to pay exam fees and study thru distance mode with the help of any tutor thru online modes or offline mode using study materials. Private courses are also known as ” correspondence” or “distance” courses.

What Is regular course?

As per the name itself in regular courses, students have to go to college every day and follow the rules and regulations of the college or affiliated university.

Difference between private and regular students?

Private Courses StudentsRegular Courses Students
Students can take admissions thru online or distance mode.Students need to appear in the college for verification.
No attendance limit is there for private students. Directly they have to appear during exams.Students need to appear in classes with 75-80% attendance to sit in exams.
Students have to pay fewer fees or exam fees only. Students have to fees as per the college fee structure.
In practical exams, students get fewer marks.Regular students get more marks because they are in touch with teachers all time.
Private students cannot take courses that have practical and seminars such as technical courses.Regular students can take any courses they want according to their stream.
Difference between private and regular students

Why students do private courses?

There are certain reasons why a student chooses to do a private course. Below I have mentioned some of them.

  • If students has got less marks in previous class and they are below the eligibilty creteria of admission then they choose to do a private coarse.
  • If a student name is not came in merit list due to high cutoff of maks.
  • If someone want to get promotions thru their higher studies they can give exam as a private student.
  • If a candidate want to increase their marks or percentage with out coming to college or school.
  • If results are pending due to some unsual circukstances caused student (some medical reasons).
  • Students who have passed class 10th or 12th but placed in compartment.

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Who can give exams as a private student?

There are some rules for people who want to give school exams to a private student you can read them here. CBSE.

Other than that, there are no certain rules for people who want to give college or university exams.

People who got fewer marks in previous classes, working professionals, government employees, and students who had gaps for some years can attempt to give exams as private students.

Which type of courses private students can do?

The biggest disadvantage that private students have is they can not take courses that include practices exams or mostly technical courses.

Common Courses that private students can take after class 12th are:-

  • BA(Bachelor of Arts)
  • B.Com(Bachelor of commerce)
  • B.Sc.(Bachelor of Science)

Courses that private students can take after graduation:-

  • M.A
  • M.Com

Courses that private students cannot take after class 12th are:

  • BBA
  • BCA
  • DCA
  • LLB

Note:- Course that includes practicals, assignments, and fieldwork cannot be done for private students because, in such courses, students have to visit the college several times.

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Do regular students have an advantage over private students?

Regular students have definitely had a great advantage over private students in several things such as.

  • Knowledge – Regular students visits college everyday and read new things or be in touch with their book frequnetly. But private students if they do a job or anything else do read or study frequently or they have less knowledge about the subject.
  • Results – Private students always get less marks compared to regular students. Be it in practial or theory exam they have disadvantage. This is due not to be in touch with the teachers or time to time revisions done by regular students. Which reflect in the marksheets.
  • Jobs – There are some job vacancies that requires degree holders who were regular students in the college. This requirements are asked by multinational compaies, jobs that have technical works an etc.

Can private students give competitive and other exams?

Suppose you passed 12th or done college as a private student. You can give any competitive exams for entrance in the college or for either getting a government job such as civil services, banking and all.

Can private students get a government job?

Private students who have graduated in BA, B.com, B.Sc or any other subject can take any competitive exam in India and get a government job.

You can also apply for direct recruitment jobs; these jobs are given as merit-based results from your past education degrees and certificates. Make sure you have got enough marks to get on the list.

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